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Forex MultiRobot

Forex MultiRobot is a new Rita Lasker product that is soon to hit the market. She has been releasing various systems actively for over a year now and comes out with a new system every few weeks.

I will provide a full review of this software when more information comes available. I expect to expand on the review on October 29th, the release date of the software.

forex multirobot

Forex MultiRobot Review

There is little information about the Forex MultiRobot so far but they do claim to be introducing a new technology called the unique “4cores” trading technology. Rita believes this will lead to 4 times more profit and faster performance.

They claim they will be providing full details of this software will be released on October 24th.

If you have anything you would like to add about Rita Lasker or the potential of her newest product leave your comments and remarks below. Look forward to providing you with more information on this one moving forward.

At this point I wouldn’t give the Forex multibot a recommendation or a positive outlook based on the past performance of her systems. I did like the Forex fish robot she came out with as her first software because it had a few strong months but since then I haven’t been able to string together winners with any of her robots. Hopefully this time she comes through with the new release of Forex multi robot.

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  1. Rita Lasker/Karl Dittman – automatically ignore and avoid.

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