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Binary Prestige

Binary prestige is a new trading service by Brian Nguyen. The main features of this product is Brian’s trading methods, price action, support and resistance, trendlines, two hour trading sessions and bonus trading hours.

Today I will review this new binary product and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

binary prestige

Binary Prestige Review

Immediately there is a red flag that pops out at me about this binary prestige service and that is the price. Brian is charging $75 a week for this service. That is $300 a month and $3600 a year. That being said Brian hasn’t provided us with any results and as far as I’m concerned I have no idea who he is so he really doesn’t have the name recognition to charge that type of money.

For results there is only one price action example trade and I will show you the screenshot of that now.

binary prestige trade

We can see in this binary prestige example trade how this system set up a put option and 12 minutes later that option expired. I am a little confused here because most people don’t trade 12 minutes options they trade 1530 or one hour expiry times so I’m not sure exactly the goal of Brian here.

I also have concern with the fact that this is purely a meta-trader and the meta-trader quotes are not always lined up with the quotes of the binary options broker. I’ll have to look into this little more and update the review as I get more information maybe from Brian himself.

Binary Prestige Conclusion

At the price of this service there is no way that I could recommend anybody purchasing binary prestige. $75 a week is just too much for any service. The systems I use generally cost a one time fee of anywhere between 75 $250 and I do great with the systems. I’m not looking to overpay for someone I’ve never heard of who has no reputation.

If you have something you would like to add to my binary prestige review I would appreciate it if you leave some comments below.

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