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200 Pips Daily Profit

200 pips daily profit is the latest mathematical Forex indicator being brought to us by Karl Dittman. The developer claims that this unique mathematical formula knows where the price will go every time enabling any trader with little to no experience to win almost every single trade. Today I’ll be looking at the system a little closer and letting the …

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Mass FX Profits

Mass FX profits is a new Forex trading system by Tommy Jones a man who claims was fired because of professional code violations due to making more than his bosses. Tommy claims that this software is a $1.8 million Forex secret that can predict and profit from explosive currency moves before 99% of other traders. Today I will take a …

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Forex Tetrabot by Anna Forex Monti

Forex tetrabot is a new automated trading system by Anna Forex Monti. She claims that this software is four times better than any other product on the market. This software is based on 4G technology that has earned the development team $13,000 in the past month. Today I will be providing a review and trying to figure out what they …

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Forex Profit Cheetah

Forex profit cheetah is the latest Forex system about to go under review. The developer of this software believes that his system will double a traders money in under 60 days. This is much better than the recent developers I’ve seen claiming to provide $10,000 a week so at the very least I’m happy about that. Today I will be …

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Rev Trader Pro

REV Trader Pro is a new Forex robot that just hit the scene. The developer of this system claims to be a former trader and money manager that used to provide this system only to clients worth over $10 million. Today I’ll be providing a review taking a closer look at this live account that shows over $140,000 profit. Rev …

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Fap Turbo 2.2 Premium with Legacy Scalper

Fap Turbo 2.2 premium with Legacy Scalper was just released this week and is available through their preferred broker’s of FX choice and Tallinex. They have a bit coin version of 2.2 as well but this is going to be released later in October once they’ve finished the beta testing process. Today I will be providing you with information about this …

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Forex Trend Bot

Forex trend bot is a new automated software that claims to have provided over $17,000 for its clients just this past summer. This software operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and does all the opening and closing of trades on its own. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand the …

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Xaaron EA

Xaaron EA is a new automated Forex robot being sold for $149. The system is by an unknown developer claims that his system is going to help traders go from rags to riches. This developer believes that his product is the only one in this market that truly delivers. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know whether …

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FX Pips Raider

FX pips raider is a new Forex strategy that was developed to win 90% of trades and earn between $250 and $1000 a day. These are some pretty high expectations from the developer Michael Swanson a young man it started Forex trading and senior year of his college education. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot …

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FX Bringer

FX bringer is a new automated Forex robot the trades three pairs on three different type of risk profiles. This system focuses on diversifying trades and the developer claims can earn up to 150% per month. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation readers see the potential benefits of this software. FX Bringer Review With …

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