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Everex Elite

everex eliteEverex elite is a Forex robot with an adaptive stop loss and a variety of features that have traders discussing it frequently. The software is backtested and optimized since 2007 and the development team have 7 years of experience in algorithmic trading.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this system and letting the Forex Robot Nation community understand my position.

Everex Elite Review

The Everex elite software is being sold at a heavy price of $349 so hopefully the system has what it takes and delivers the goods. When I try to click learn more on the front page there seems to be a handful of broken links. I know this system was most popular in 2014 so I’ll have to do more research to find out if it is still relevant or not. They do have an active myfxbook account which is always a good sign as to whether or not the product is till actively being supported. This account is demo and shows that the software has gained over +1300% since June 24. Despite being on demo, this is still a pretty impressive track record taking a $5,000 account to over $70,000.


The Everex elite trade approximately 2-3 times per day. The strategy is built to work on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs on the H1 timeframe. The best trade the system ever had was a gain of 52 pips which just happened a couple days ago and the worst loss they have had was only 11 pips so it has a nice risk to reward ratio.


I’m interested to learn more about Everex elite. At $349 I don’t see myself jumping in the water immediately so I’d like to ask the Forex Robot Nation community. Please let me know your thoughts on this system, and if you’ve used it I would really appreciate you informing me and the rest of our readers here. I hope this review has helped you despite not coming to a clear conclusion. I will however decide on this in the coming weeks as I gather information and most importantly hear from the readers.

Have a wonderful day and get some winners.

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