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forex-imbaForex IMBA is a Forex robot that works exclusively on the AUDUSD currency pair. The developers of the system want traders to know that they can start trading with $60 and that their software is simple to install and anyone can use it.

I’ll be taking a closer look at the software and providing you with a full review so you know whether or not this has the potential to increase your trading accounts.

Forex IMBA Review

The Forex IMBA software is an automatic robot that allows traders to get involved in Forex without special knowledge. There is a feature inside of this software that allows traders to choose a segment of their deposit to trade so that there is no risk of losing the entire sum. There are 3 important elements of this Forex robot the creators want us to know about.

  1. There is a fixed lot size with no Martingale strategy.
  2. It includes drawdowns control.
  3. Works with any broker.

The details are above cover the strategy discussed by the Forex IMBA developers, now I’ll take a closer look at the results. We can see 2 different accounts verified by my FX book, one is high risk and the other is medium. Both of these systems are trading with real accounts on the FX open broker. The results are quite impressive by both and the only issue I have is that the open trades for both are kept private. This means that we don’t know if these systems have large drawdowns open or not.

I believe that the Forex IMBA has some potential. With that said, the $340 price tag is probably going to keep me away from the system until I get more feedback from the Forex robot nation community. I believe that this is a software we should be monitoring over the next few months to see how it performs. If you have anything you would like to add please leave your comments below. I would appreciate it if current customers could let me know their experiences and potentially provide me with their results as well. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that this review helps you understand a little more about the software and what the creators are trying to achieve.

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