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ea-builderEA Builder is a new Forex solution dedicated to creating indicators, strategies and automated Forex robots. The purpose of this tool is to help every day traders build indicators and automate trading strategies so that they are more successful in their Forex trading.

Today I’ll be providing a brief analysis and reviewing every single thing that this software delivers.

EA Builder Review

The EA builder concept is strong. Let traders take their current strategies build on them an automate them. If you have a manual trading strategy and you think that it would work very well as an indicator or a Forex robot then you would be able to use this system to turn it into one. Let me go over a few of the important features of this software and then I’ll give you my impressions after.

  • Custom Arrows and Alerts
  • Automated Trading System
  • MT4 & MT5 Supported
  • Tradestation Supported
  • Create Unlimited Free Indicators

The only issue I have with the concept is that I don’t believe the ea builder is going to work for the average trader. Yes, they claim this is simple and that there are video tutorials so traders can use this software without any programming knowledge. Yet, in my experience in the Forex market I am aware that most traders are not very computer savvy. It is my belief that creating a strategy with any software is a difficult task. I have extremely easy tutorials on my website on how to install meta-trader 4 for the first time in I get tons of emails from people who are making basic mistakes. What I’m trying to say here is that if you are not very good with computers then I suggest that you stay away from the software.

I believe that the EA builder has the potential to really help traders who have a strong knowledge of computers. At this point I can’t give a recommendation because I’ve yet to try the software but this does seem like something I would have fun playing around with. There is a free trial or free access so if you are planning on getting involved with the software try it out for free and see if you run into any troubles there. If it’s easy for you then continue on and use the full version. I hope that this review has helped you and that you leave your comments and concerns below the article right now.

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