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FX Monopoly

fx-monopolyFX Monopoly is a new Forex indicator by a former Forex bank trader. This trader, Joseph Anderson tells us that his software has the potential of making $1.4 million in merely 27 months.

In my review today I’ll be taking a closer look at Joseph and letting the Forex robot nation community understand if I believe the software has what it takes to succeed.

FX Monopoly Review

There is a short video on the front page of the FX Monopoly website that explains the software and the little more detail. In this video Joseph tells us that he’s been using the software to make an average of $1500 a day. The software claims to require though analysis or market studying at all. The sales page does not discussed strategy much and seems to be focused more on telling a story then they are on providing actual results or strategic Forex details.

One thing I will commend the FX Monopoly developer on is the fact that they didn’t use fake my FX book screenshots. I believe that this is the same developer that is been creating multiple Forex indicators over the last couple of years. One staple these producers had on their websites was fake results and because of that I always gave them an extremely hard time. I’m happy now to see that these fake results of been lifted but I’m still a little disappointed that there are no actual results on the page to replace them.

FX Monopoly Judgement

At this point in time I’m not willing to give my judgment on the FX Monopoly software. Since they didn’t provide us with fake my FX book account screenshots I’m going to be a little easier on them that I usually am. I think it would be a good idea if we sat back and waited for the community to test the software for us. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but there is no reason for us to be the guinea pigs who test this software first. If it works then someone will tell us about it. I really don’t need to say any more than that so if you want to leave a comment please write your thoughts below the article. I hope that you also spent some time on Forex robot nation looking at what we have to offer the community and the role we play in helping traders succeed.


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