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Forex Sensation

Forex Sensation is a new Forex trading competition. If you have been in this market for a while you would have heard of the original FRWC (the Forex Robot World Cup).

Today I will review this competition and the potential this may have to offer.

forex sensation

Forex Competition History

In the FRWC the developers tested a bunch of systems and then at the end they claimed to give prizes to the winners. Then they combined all the systems together into one software and sold it for $1000 a copy. This combined expert advisor was very unsuccessful and was deemed a scam, hopefully Forex Sensation isn’t following the same mold.

The main goal for these competitions is to drive traffic and interest and then sell something. Let’s just hope that whatever Forex Sensation plans to sell is worth our time in buying.

Now I will take a look at the current Forex sensation results and discuss it in more detail.

Forex Sensation Review

The developers behind the Forex sensation competition claim their main goal is to find the best Forex robot with full transparency. They are not using a third party resource to host the results. They are holding all the results locally.

There are about 29 robots in the competition. The top five are currently:

forex sensation oleg zadoreckiOleg Zadorecki’s Forex Cash Printer
Yegor Volniy’s Y-combination
Ed Adamson’s Solomon
Jefferson Clay’s Trader’s Slave
Fu Zhang’s Dynamic

The Forex sensation team tally the total profit generated for these 5 systems totals nearly fifty thousand dollars.

There are video interviews of some of the system developers.

Forex Sensation Conclusion

I plan on adding more information to this review as the Forex sensation competition comes to an end.

If you have something you would like to add please leave your comments below. Please be careful with Forex sensation, competitions in the past have been proven to provide unworthy results.

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