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EA Review: FX News 999

Today I’m looking at a new automated expert advisor with a very expensive price tag, FX News 999. The creators of this robot believe the price movements are too unpredictable but they have the answer to that conundrum. The software utilizes a primary data feed from the IQFeed company to monitor different prices and take advantage of price shifts that …

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Indicator Review: Newgen Trades

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex indicator developed by a team that claims their software is so amazing, that even an 8-year-old kid could use it, Newgen Trades. This company currently offers 2 different trading systems, a binary options indicator called Korvo, and the main focus of this review, which is the Korex, Forex indicator. Traders can immediately receive a …

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Signal Start Review

Signal start is a new service connected with Myfxbook. This service is being advertised as a professional one-stop shop signal service for both followers and signal providers. The service fee is $25 per month to gain access to a network full of signal providers, subscriptions to the providers are additional. Today I’ll be providing a review and taking a closer …

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EA Review: FX Street Robot

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex expert advisor the claims to the perfectly automated algorithmic trading system, FX Street Robot. This developer knows that 95% of traders lose their money, and they believe it’s because traders don’t have access to a solid tested trading strategy. They feel that this is something that they can offer the community, with their Forex …

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Robot Review: Econ Power Trader

Today I’m analyzing a Forex robot from a bank trader who claims that he can turn losing trades into winning trades, Econ Power Trader. According to the sales page, the creator of the software “made over 70%, 1700%, and 1469% profit trading Forex in just a few months without placing a single trade.” To me, this sounds like obvious sales …

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EA Review: ForexBot28

In today’s review, I’m analyzing a new Forex expert advisor that focuses on reliability and stability above all else, ForexBot28. Named after its ability to trade over 28 different currency pairs, the developers believe that their robot sets itself apart from the pack due to their three-year trading history. The developer provides us with no information regarding their trading history, …

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Robot Review: TradeRobo EA

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot designed specifically for traders looking to achieve slow, consistent, long-term profits, TradeRobo EA. The robot uses a mean reverting affect which is part of their algorithmic trading approach that allows the system to sustain “it’s long-term success thanks to the constantly repeating price movement waves in the Forex market.” The software is produced …

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Signals Review: One Billion Signals

One Billion Signals is a new trade alert provider that sends Forex signals through email and their mobile application that is compatible with both Apple and Android. Their app is built to help Forex traders win more trades through their Forex signals and market news updates. It’s important to note, that while the developers market their application is a free …

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EA Review: Forex Anti Robot

Today I’m reviewing the latest Forex expert advisor by Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group, Forex Anti Robot. With a name like this, you would think that the developers are against automated trading, but that’s certainly not the case. Rita claims that the reason for this name is because she’s developed a product specifically “to protect your deposit.” Yet, …

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FX Ekspert Moving Average EA Review

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot that claims to be the best in the market because of their unique trading algorithm, FX Ekspert Moving Average EA. One of the unique aspects of the software, is that the system allows traders to choose between multiple risk profiles, so that they can modify the risk reward ratio to suit their personal …

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