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Indicator Review: Newgen Trades

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex indicator developed by a team that claims their software is so amazing, that even an 8-year-old kid could use it, Newgen Trades. This company currently offers 2 different trading systems, a binary options indicator called Korvo, and the main focus of this review, which is the Korex, Forex indicator. Traders can immediately receive a 15% coupon for each of these products, if they subscribe to the newsletter. In this review, I’ll tell you if it’s worthwhile subscribing, or even considering these products at all.

According to the sales page, this company consists “of expert stock traders and programmers with more than 15 years of experience in the financing trading industry.” I do find it a little odd, that a collection of stock traders would dive into the Forex and binary options industry, when their expertise is clearly in stocks. Regardless, there is no information about the location of the company, but I was able to find a phone number in doing some who is research. So, traders can either call 1.4159496022, or email for support.


Newgen Trades Review

The developers give traders 3 reasons why they should sign up with Newgen Trades. They promise that their software is powerful, guaranteed and revolutionary. Below this are a handful of customer testimonials, and some statistics that tell us they have 528 clients worldwide, 15 years experience and 100% customer satisfaction. They have spelled customer satisfaction incorrectly, which is a little unprofessional, considering it is on the front page of their website.

As for the Korex indicator, it is advertised as a system that can “dominate currency pairs in 5 minutes or less.” Just like the original website, the developers give us 3 reasons why this Forex indicator is worth our time. They tell us that the software is sensational, safe and that their 24/7 support team is always available for anything traders might need.

The indicator itself works much like any other Forex indicator you’ve seen in the past. The software is placed on the your MetaTrader 4 chart, and then it provides traders with buy and sell signals with every trading parameter provided. After purchasing, traders get access to the no repaint indicator, the strategy, the template, a video setup guide, a PDF setup guide and free automated updates. This type of access is similar with other indicators I’ve recently reviewed like Forex Magic Scalper, Currensys and APA Zones.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $80
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

Despite having a full sales page, the Newgen Trades vendor is missing a lot of very important information. They do not disclose the trading strategy, the timeframe or the pairs that this indicator trades on. While there are some interesting bonuses, like team viewer installation, Forex beginner guides and 30 day return guarantee, this does not supersede the information we are really interested in finding out.

It’s very difficult to purchase any software, without a basic introduction to the trading strategy, or methodology.

Trading Results

Another misstep, is the lack of trading results provided by the Newgen Trades team for their Korex indicator. There are a couple of screenshots that illustrate how the software works, but there is no long-term trading statement, or use of statement sharing provider.

While the website is certainly professional in most aspects, outside of a few spelling mistakes, they are missing the most important aspects of any trading product. They are not providing us with real insight into their trading approach, and they are not providing us with any trading results whatsoever.

In 2018, every developer should be well aware, that if they want to sell a trading product, that they are going to need to provide trading results. With so many products in this market, it’s hard to consider signing up with one like this, that is clearly behind the times.


In order to consider any of the Newgen Trades products, the development team is going to have to make quite a few adjustments to their sales page. First of all, they’re going to have to tell us what pairs, and time frames they are trying to provide signals for. Secondly, they’re going to have to provide us with a more in-depth insight into their trading approach. Lastly, and the most important of all of these points, the vendor is going to have to provide us with real trading results. They should trade the software for a few months, upload the results to a statement sharing service, and prove to us that the system works. If the vendor can’t provide us with trading results, then I don’t see why we should trust the software with our accounts.

Thank you for reading this review, and please let me know if you have any experience with the Korex or Korvo product line.

Newgen Trades $80
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Newgen Trades is a Forex indicator developer providing software at a reasonable rate.

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  1. Dear Newgentrades,
    First of all pls stop your attractive words to appeal your products. I am the one used your product Bora and Korvo and they are crap. Originally I bought your indicator namely Bora, but after that they update to Korvo indicator and told me I must pay this if I want to use it. They declare that this is machine making money with 77% win rate even though the eleven years old can make profit, but oh dear no it is really shit only 40 to 50% win rate.I asked you why the you told me that I did analyse market to trade. It was big lie. Now I request them a lot to help, but they never reply meanwhile when I bought their indicator they told me it would be lifetime support . It is big rat. Just want to warn someone before dealing to this big scam guy.

  2. just wanted to know whether signals repaint???

  3. Korvo never worked for me as advertised.i even asked for refund.

  4. Apologies for the long delay in response. The site even details this, that when you refresh the signals will repaint. So on initially opening up MT4 or any chart with Korvo activated, it’ll look like the indicator NEVER EVER loses or misses a single chance. All the indicators will be in spots that look like Korvo’s accuracy is 100% But it’s not until it starts working live that you see, this isn’t the case. I’ve seen it even predict 5 incorrect trades in a row wrong. But if you refresh they’ll disappear. I’ll try to upload a picture of what I mean. I tried to take screens of as much as I could before I stopped using KORVO altogether. Also to answer “Ronald’s” reply above me, the site doesn’t specify at all what KORVO uses to predict it’s indicators timing. No in-depth information about how it chooses when to pop up or not. Hopefully I can help some make an informed decision before plunging straight into it. Like I said a couple months ago, this isn’t to slander or go against Newgen Trades, this is just my personal experience with something touted to be “life changing.” “So easy, an 11 year old could do it” I think was the quote on their site. All I’d suggest is that if it doesn’t look like it’s working for you before the 30 days are up, get a refund. Don’t wait, and don’t doubt yourself. You’ll know whether or not if it’s working like it’s being reviewed in their user testimonials. I’ve tried to share my screenshots, but for some reason I get this weird firewall error from the site’s Security itself.

  5. Hello im shaun. I have been using newgen trades indicators for more than a year.
    The first month i made almost any profit with their binary options indicator (which i dont remember the name but it was the previous version of Korvo).
    The second month i started to make some little money. I started to also study more about trading and binary options. I think that helped a lot.
    Now after more than a year, i can say i wouldnt trade without it. I think i found the conditions where korvo works good and with a few hours a day i can make some good money.
    i also bought it for my brother and i helped him with it. he also makes good money.
    Good bye, shaun

  6. When i check testimonials of traders who use their Korvo indicator i see screen shots of trading results of real IQ option broker and other brokers they are good results of 70+ win ratio.Do you think it is possible to manipulate these screen shots

    • It’s always possible to manipulate screen shots, or what screen shots you decide to include. You can easily just cut out trades.

      • Your concern is more than understandable!

        Moreover when you find so many amazingly positive reviews and images with results.

        We have never, ever manipulated a screen shot!

        You can check each one of our clients profile and you will see we are a legit company, as well as more than 100 positive ebay feedback’s (ebay is not manipuable) and more than 10 video reviews from clients!

        Any doubts you might have do not hesitate on contacting us!

        Kind regards

      • Please newgen respond to me I’m a new customer I need my liscence to be activated why no respobse?

  7. I was waiting to read that you bought the product and tested it for yourself. like a review should do. you’re critiquing a product based on its website?!?!

    please give us a fair review next time. we really need it as consumers.

    • Sims, initially it’s the job of the vendor to prove that a product is viable before we have to test it. With thousands of products available, testing them all wouldn’t be the right approach. If any developer can provide transparent, verified trading results, then I will do my own tests.

  8. I’ve used Korvo every single day for about 2 months now and can say it did not work at all for me. I can even share a few screenshots of my results as well if this site permits. Let me just state however, that I tried almost every currency pair possible, timeframe possible, and time of day possible. To be almost certain that my mind would be made up about how I felt. However by the time I wanted a refund, it was too late because I kept getting drawn in by the fact that, maybe it was my fault somehow I was missing something, or maybe there was news I missed that impacted my results. Maybe it was this or that particular currency pair, or the 3 videos Newgen put on their Youtube channel of 3 people with amazing results even though I wasn’t getting the same, even using the same pairs shown on the videos! It always went back to, “I’m doing something wrong” so I kept sticking with it even though I kept losing the majority of the time. I even hooked Korvo up to M2TIQ, a legit connector bot that takes signals even while you’re away. I filtered out High Volatility news to rule out any other unseen possibilities. So while my PC was active I wouldn’t miss a single trade, to truly get a scope of when to and not to trade. Or which conditions and times really worked best. Out of all those days testing, I never once had a profitable day. This isn’t to discourage anyone else from testing it out, or to slander or go against Korvo, Korex or Newgen Trades. I’m sure it probably truly is helping some customers out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. My only advice to you is if you test it out for 30 days and it *doesn’t* look like it’s working for you, get a refund. Take it from me. If anyone has any other REAL questions to ask, just reply.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • According to you what strategy is behind korvo indicator

      • Hello there, I am a Binary Options trader for long time. when I saw the korvo indicator in some videos, I found that there is nothing special in it!
        Don’t get fooled by this. Even I can create the same indicator what they’ve been showing!

        This is Based on Higher High and Lower Lows Strategy.
        It means the Indicator reads few past candlesticks and finds the High and Low Points. When the price reaches that area, you get an Arrow!
        this is just like Supersignals (which repaints)

        But Korvo Made non repaint, which is not making any sense to me!

        I am challenging to Korvo that I can also create the same type of Indicator better than you!

    • Hello Toot

      Sorry to hear this! Achieving profitability is not an easy task.

      Thanks for expressing your concerns, but the problem here seems very clear here.

      To make it short, it seems you were not following the strategy properly. Running every single pair on every single timeframe, expiry and so on will never lead to great results.

      Moreover, using a bot connector, will not either provide amazing results.

      KORVO was thought and designed for manual trading, following certain strict rules.

      You should take your time, understand the system, analyse market conditions and so on.. in other words, following the strategy correctly.

      The videos uploaded of clients who got great results are now over 10 (as well as hundred of others positive reviews), and what I can tell you is that all of them were patient enough, followed the strategy and achieved success.

      Anyways, we are always here for you and will help you out each time you reach for us.

      Take my word that we work as hard as we can on providing the best product and service to our beloved costumers.

      Kindest regards,
      NGT Team.

    • Your comment seems to be genuine but am asking did you see these korvo signals repainting or some of the signals disappearing when you refresh the chart?.thank you for your review about Korvo

    • I have exactly the same problems

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