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Client Reviews: HQ Broker

Today I’m taking a closer look at a new Forex brokerage that getting quite a bit of attention from the community, HQ Broker. Their goal is to provide traders with reliable trading solutions, with a focus on low latency performance to make sure that their clients are one step ahead of the competition. I will be looking at their trading conditions, but a lot of my focus will be on the current climate and client reviews, so we get an insider’s look at what they have to offer.

The broker is owned and operated by Hokkaido Investments Sp. Located at Pilsudskiego 3, 00-078, Warsaw Poland. They claim to be regulated, but they don’t tell us there regulation number or what governing body is regulating them. In order to get in touch with support, traders can either email or phone 852-5808-4980.


HQ Broker Review

THe HQ Broker the team believe that their utilization of cutting-edge technologies is the main reason why traders should sign up with their services. As mentioned above, they are making a determined effort to provide traders with the best trade execution time in the market. This way, when traders place a trade, it is immediately reflected at the price in which they place the order act, and trades are less susceptible to slippage and other broker side issues that can impact performance.

Another focus of theirs, is security. They believe that traders should feel 100% secure that their investment is safely deposited “in trustworthy financial firms of the highest global standard.” They don’t tell us exactly where these funds are deposited, but this would go a long way in providing us with more confidence in their services.

They are utilizing the meta-trader 4 platform, which is a requirement for any broker that I’m considering signing up with. They offer leverage up to 1:400, competitive spreads, a copy trading service, and more than 200 instruments are available to trade. Most recent brokers I’ve reviewed offer the same, like Capital88 and VideForex.


  • Type: Forex Broker
  • Founded: Undisclosed
  • Location: Poland
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Platform: MT4
  • Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

Despite my efforts, I’ve been unable to find much clarity regarding when this company was founded. From what I’m seeing in terms of reviews, and general information the HQ Broker is brand-new, and was likely founded in 2017.

They currently require a minimum deposit of $250, and as I mentioned above they do utilize the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is vital to Forex robot trading.

Account Types

There are currently 5 different account types available for traders looking to sign up with the HQ Broker. The starter package which requires a $250 minimum deposit, the silver package which requires a $5000 minimum deposit, the Golden package which requires a $20,000 minimum deposit, the platinum package which requires a $50,000 minimum deposit and the investor package which requires a $100,000 minimum deposit.

Depending on how much you deposit, you could gain access to mobile trading capabilities, daily analysis, account management, 24 hour support, a free VPS, and free bank wires. The only way to gain access to the free VPS, or 24 hour support is to sign up with the investor package. Mobile trading, and account management is available on all packages, but account management isn’t something I ever recommend.

I really don’t see the purpose in investing a large amount of money with this broker, because none of the additional features are really necessary as far as I’m concerned.

Client Reviews

In doing research on the HQ Broker, I haven’t been overly impressed with a lot of the client feedback. There seems to be a considerable amount of people claiming that this broker is calling them, without consent or ever signing up for a phone call. Multiple traders have mentioned that the broker has called them and told them that they’ve “signed up with or or you were referred by a successful client who wants you to make more money.” There are a handful of quotes like these on the reddit discussion.

Another complaint I read, was from a man who claimed he let the management team trade his account, and they lost the entire account in 2 days. This is a very scary thought.


While the platform, and general approach of the HQ Broker comes across as professional and technologically savvy, there are some underlying issues. It is difficult for me to sign up with a broker, that is receiving negative feedback from clients, over such a small period of time. If a product or a broker has been around for years, it is common to see both negative and positive reviews, because you can’t keep everyone happy. Yet, when a broker has just been on the market for a few months and it’s already getting negative reviews, we have to weigh them a little more heavily.

Please let me know what you think about this broker by leaving your reviews and comments below the article now.

HQ Broker Deposit
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  • Account Types
  • Trustworthiness
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HQ Broker is a Forex broker with a fair amount of negative client feedback.

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Multiple account types
MT4 compatible


Bad client feedback
Negative comments here

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  1. I requested for termination of my account last June and until now not yet resolve. They have disabled my MT4 account which still has around US$11.3K..they don’t respond or call you to update on the status. I lost trust with the company since they keep on cancelling my withdrawal request.

    • Hi David. As much as we want to address your concern immediately, we will not be able to determine your account based on the details that you provided on your review. Please fill up the details below and send it to, for us to check the current situation on your account and do the neccesary action needed.
      Account Number:
      Website: Forex Robot Nation

      • Hi HQ Broker,

        I already sent an email. You advise to make a withdrawal, but how i can i?

        The balance on my MT4 account is US$11351.63 before it was disabled when i requested for Termination of my account. I have no open trades with you.

        I made a withdrawal request equivalent of what was stated on my MT4 account but it was cancelled. Now they advise me again to make new withdrawal request and i found out that i can’t enter the previous amount. When i check my HQ Broker account, it now only show US$501. Huge huge difference and this is not acceptable.

        What happened? Isn’t it that my MT4 account balance should be same as my HQ Broker account? The difference is so huge and i am wondering since i don’t have any open position when my MT4 was disabled. Upto now it is showing US11,351.63 as my balance. No trade were performed as far as i know since my account is disable.

        Please explain and let us resolve this issue the soonest.

        • Hi David, your account was now put under investigation and marked as a priority. Expect a call from our representative regarding the final result of the investigation. We will not be able to provide a specific day or time that our representative will call, but rest assured that we will make a follow-up on your concern if the result was not yet finish within 72 hours.

    • HQBroker is a SCAM.

      They use MT4 as a platform which they can control from the background so they make you lose to lock you under credit. Check this video

      Also you can see how they lost me 75000$ with some of their tricks

      • Thanks Alexandre. Though my case is quite different since i requested for termination of account.

        My MT4 was disabled still having US$11K+ remaining balance. I then requested for withdrawal with same amount but they cancelled.

        After several followups they finally told me to withdraw but can’t since myateriously my HQ balance now only showUS$ 501.00 but MT4 remains the same.

        Still waiting for some explaination but still havent receive any calls. Not sure maybe they are not willing to give back the money.

  2. it has been almost 2 weeks since i place an withdrawal order with HQbroker.
    They keep on delaying to process the request. Call the support almost everyday and all they can do is open a ticket to the relevant team for processing, but no update received. my Broker is useless and not helping in any way. Regret to put my trust in them. Keep away from this company..

    • Hi Faizal, we communicated with your broker and with the relevant departments. They told us that you are now in talks with your broker regarding this matter. If you have more concern, please email us at

      • Yes, im talking with my broker but this did not resolve my issue. I’m in need to withdraw the money due to a financial reason and my broker is not getting my withdrawal request approved. I need the withdrawal request to be approved and it has been almost 3 weeks and no update. I have been calling the support number almost everyday and they were not helping. I need this to be expedited. Please help to escalate the issue as this involved my hard earn money which is im witdrawing not the profit from the trade.

        • We will make a follow-up with your broker regarding this issue. Do you mind sending us an email of the complete discussion between you and your broker regarding your withdrawal? This was to verify if an investigation is needed for this issue. Please send the email to using the format below to be prioritized.
          Email: Account Number:
          Website: Trust Pilot
          Subject: (e.g. Withdrawal, Blocked Account)

          • Hi HQ Broker Rep,

            I have send an email to using the format that you have given. If you want to place an investigation i suggest that you forsee that my withdrawal request has been expedited and approved first. after the approval then do the investigation. i don’t want the investigation to delay my withdrawal request as i have been waiting forever to get back my hard earn money.

          • Hi HQ Broker Rep,

            it has been a week after sending an email to support. No respond received from the support team. Nobody get back to me on this matter. How long should i wait to get my withdrawal? Seem like no respond received and the issue is not being escalated. my issue has been ongoing for almost a month and HQ Broker just not doing anything..

      • HQBroker Rep,

        emailing did nothing.. no respond received from them either. is someone from HQbroker looking into this matter? When can i expect an update? Seem like nobody in HQbroker is doing their job.

  3. I made several request for withdrawal and it had been a month and still no one replying me. What is this?Your support team email is like no one attending. I don’t get a single reply

    • The Support Team had informed us that they are trying to ring you whenever you are sending an email to them, but that your mobile phone cannot be reach. Please make sure that you have a connection and expect a call either from the Support Team or your Broker, today or tomorrow.

      • This is absolutely not true! My broker can reach me anytime and I have no problem taking call AT ALL. There was one night I waited all day long after your support team asked me to wait for their call. Despite I waited all night, no one rings me that night. Just an excuse from your side.

        • Hi Marcus, we have talked with the department overlooking the withdrawals and they told us that they are now in the process of your withdrawal. We will update you regarding the status of the withdrawal in this email thread.

          • Hi Marcus, upon deliberate communication with different departments to solve your concern, they informed that your withdrawals have been successful. Thus, we are marking your concern as case closed.

          • my withdrawal wasnt successful. I have not received any fund after my last withdrawal request. My case is not closed, until i get back all my money either by chargeback or you return it to me.

          • Hi Tiang Kit Foo, we cascaded your concern to your broker, but he told us that you are not reachable with your default number, to explain the details regarding the successful withdrawal. Please provide us an alternative number and 3 different time and date that your broker can call you. Please send it to using the format below.
            Account Number:
            Subject: Schedule a call with my broker
            Concern: (Please include the alternative number, and 3 different time and date that you will be available)

  4. I would describe most of the forex company as scam trading sites, trading scams who would commit stock fraud by their scam broker. I have been trading for roughly 7 years now and I have jumped from company to company on the scammer list in hopes of finding a forex company that I can trust. I guess everyone here does that’s why you’re here. And just like you, I was fooled. These idiots will take your money away.

    Right now I am working with HQ Broker. So far so good. It’s just that I felt that having a small balance has a disadvantage on traders like me. My friend, who had been trading before with foreign currency scams or currency trading scams, referred me to this company. He has 6-digit capital. With my experience with scam broker, I never saw a withdrawal that my friend had. 75% of his capital are from the profit that he made. This was the reason why I decided to start again. They have a strategy on where they didn’t focus on making profit but rather on building their portfolio. Just completely strange to me, like why are you trading if you will not focus on money. This was something new to me who has spent more than 5 years trading with trading scams, scam broker, scam trading sites, whatsoever.

    On my stay with HQ Broker for 1 year and 2 months I can say that this company was not one of the scam trading sites run by scam broker though I just made 167% on top of my capital (too small I guess given the time that I have been with them) compared to the profit of my friend. I even hate the fact that I can’t trade on other instruments because my broker told me that it was risky. But I guess its better compared with other scam trading sites and that I had been with. During the years that I had been with HQ Broker, I also tried to trade with other foreign currency scams or currency trading scams. I made a big profit on my first month just to lose it when I told my broker that I don’t have money and that I wanted to withdraw my profit, just scam broker being scam broker. So I guess I’ll just settle with small and consistent profit with HQ Broker.

    I RECOMMEND HQ BROKER since I was able to make and withdraw my profit. If you want to make 4 to 5-digit profit every week, you should have at least 6-digit capital, which I don’t have currently after losing it to other scam trading sites. Brokers take my account personally which I really like. My losing trades means a money losing with them. I guess they’re just being cautious by not trading with bigger assets which proves me that they’re not trading scams.

    Now, since I eased your search in finding a legit broker. Please do me a favor. Share my post and let my broker SEAN know that I need more money LOL.

  5. I have trusted HQBROKER for the last 3 months and believe me; I regret it more than everything. This company lied to me and manipulated me slyly for the sole purpose of destroying part of my life, stealing my time and ALL MY MONEY.
    They convinced me to always put more money into bigger profits, until I tell them no. That’s when they decided to steal all my money, more than CAN $ 16,000, and not counting the USD $ 8,000 profit made during these 3 months on various contracts.
    In truth, HQBROKER is a FRAUDULENT company made up of MALICIOUS PEOPLE who destroys lives and families all over the world. DO NEVER TRUST ANY OF THEIR SHIT TALKS, they have no moral value and no more humanity, they deserve nothing.
    Now they are asking me to pay a USD $ 5,000 deductible for “insurance” to give me back some of the stolen money (lie to get more and more and more).

    PLEASE, I still have contact with them, if you can help me out of this nightmare without more damage or if you have an idea of how to get some of my money back or advice to hurt them the most possible, write to me…

    • Hi Etienne Boivin,
      I have forwarded your issue to the management and we will need your cooperation for the investigation to proceed. We will need a detailed information about the issue that you are raising. Please follow the format below to be prioritized and send it to

      Account Number:
      Website: Forex Robot Nation
      Subject: (e.g. Withdrawal, Blocked Account)

      Meanwhile, I checked your account and as I can see you didn’t trade on a daily basis, but your broker was able to make big profit for you on which some of it had been withdrawn successfully. Also, your account was on positive and higher compared to the total amount that you have deposited, which contradicts your statement that our company stole it. Everything was transparent and on your software, you will be able to see all the transactions that had been made on your account including deposits, withdrawals, and trades. You can also email us if you want some help on how you can find it in the software.

      To clarify, Insurance was being used for big trades on which there is a huge fluctuation. This is necessary for your account to be protected in cases where the market goes away from your trades.

      We will be waiting for your email so we can already proceed with the investigation.

  6. SCAM, Stay away. They will not let you withdraw your money, They will start to ask for a volume of trading from 1000 to 1500 and so on… until you lose your time and your money.

    • We don’t have any right to hold our client’s money for any purpose that was not stated in the Terms and Conditions, The reason might be that your account was not verified. Please make sure that your account is already verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents. If you have any concern regarding your trades, please email us at We will help you with your concern and notify your broker regarding this situation to fix it.

      • Yes, you don’t have any right, That’s why you block my account and open a trade with the only purpose to lose all my capital in one single transaction without my authorization. Now no “broker” or “support” is answering my emails…

        • Trades are executed either by the client himself or together with the broker, only if they are communicating during the trades through calls and messages, for the reason that brokers doesn’t have any access to their clients’ account or the ability to figure out what is the password. Account number and password are system generated and produced randomly without duplication, and is being sent after the client activates the account. As we can see in our database, you sent an email last July 24, 2018 with the same problem and has been forwarded to your broker. Please elaborate your explanation as we cannot use any assumption for any details that are missing. I already marked your concern as a priority. Please send an email to and explain briefly the issues that you think have been committed. Kindly use this format to be prioritized. Name:
          Website: Forex Robot Nation
          Subject: (e.g. Withdrawal, Blocked Account)

  7. My Wife signed up with tem. After that, she tried to know if it was a good idea to start trading with them. She saw the negative customers reviews and wanted to close the account before it is too late. They said she have to withdraw her initial deposit , otherwise, her account will not be active, but not deleted. They are asking for her credit card inforamation and her driver licence to withraw her deposit.
    Is it safe to give them those inforlations?
    Is there any issues of credit card fraud with them?

    • I have had a very bad experience with them which resulted in my depressive state. These people are definitely not professional, all they want is your money. They call your cell phone and almost kind of force you to subscribe and open an account. I put 2600 dollars that I have never been able to recuperate. They lost all my deposit in one second ( and I am not even kidding). Their platform is a scam, they are a fraud. Definitely not safe and not recommended !!!

    • The documents that was being asked is needed in verifying your account. This was to make sure that we are only sending the money to the right person. We will need details such as Card details to where we will send the money, any valid ID to verify that you are the same owner of the card to where we will send the money and a proof of billing for your address. This was an added security because we value the hard earned moeny of our client.

  8. Thier whole business model is based on stealing your time, profits and money invested. They utilise deceptive clauses hidden in thier Terms and conditions to tie up your funds indefinitely by utilising volume clauses. DO NOT under any circumstances accept any bonus payments from these thieves and do not sign any documentation they are all to keen to have you sign. Even after terminating my account and fullfilling all thier Terms I am yet to receive my initial investment back. Please avoid these thieves. They may make an initial withdrawal transfer to your account whilst your funds are still relatively small but in time as your account grows they will refuse to allow you any withdrawals. THESE THiEVES are destroying lives ,dreams and families all over the world. Stay away ! They will turn your life into a nightmare.Closed all trades.terminated account and wrote them a legal letter to repatriate investment less profits only and they have still not abided by even thier own terms and conditions.A social media and you tube campaigned to spread the word of thier methods and motives to follow. Please unite to bring these crooks to justice.

  9. Signed up with them. Bad mistake. Yes they made me profit but it will only be profit if I get to see the money. They convinced me to put in huge amount of deposit and now when I try to withdraw, they keep coming up with ways to delay.
    The customer support is useless, well… not so if you are trying to deposit money. There will always be someone who can help you if you are having issues with deposit. Otherwise they are useless. To quote “We are only Live Support we have a limited access that’s why we are not allowed to contact them”. That is the exact response when I try to get them to put me to Finance who controls the withdrawal. Online says the withdrawal process is simple but it cannot be further from the truth.
    I put in a withdrawal request and a pop up message says it will be processed in 48hrs. 48hrs went and I called up only to be told it will take 3-5 working days. 5 working days passed and still nothing. Called them up then was told my broker said I was going to sign some package. I blew up at that point. What package did I agree to sign? And whos account is it? My money or my brokers? What right does he have to stop anything when I did not amend my instructions to withdraw. To anyone thinking of signing up, avoid at all cost.

    • As I can see through your account, you have made successful multiple withdrawal with a total amount of $18,033. Withdrawal might take some days depending on the payment method, the bank that you are with, and the country where you are currently living. Also, please make sure that your account was verified and that all necessary documents have been submitted. We will now mark this concern as solved. If you have any more concerns, please email us at

  10. I have now had my first withdrawal and everything feels great with my broker. They made me a Good profit and give me a great respons and commitment for my own positions.

    Thank you Mike and HQBroker

  11. I received unsolicited call from HQ Brooker several times now first from +44 203 708 9519 and now also receiving from private number. It was a lady with a French accent with alot of noise in the back ground and stating that I had registered interest in trading in the financial market, asking for my age, if I had a full time job, why I work. I clearly stated I have not registered anywhere and not interested in the financial trading and asked where she obtained my name and mobile number from as it is private number and not listed anywhere. She got very aggressive and was saying I called her when I hadn’t, and kept demanding info from me that I said do not call again & hung up.

    • All person/numbers that we are calling are legally obtained through our Referral system or by leaving you information to our website. You might have signed up with one of our advertisement online which talks about making money. If you wish to remove your details on our list, please email us at with your Name, Email and Phone number.

  12. Called me twice. Do you want to make money? Requested an email got nothing. Requested CEO details refused that information.
    But I kept them on the phone for in total 40 minutes. Fun, as I had nothing else to do. Halfway through you are transferred to a well spoken manager wanting to sign you up. Said they were in business since 2008 pork pies to me.

  13. Yes I successfully withdraw my money with them (1555USD) for 24hours.

  14. I have now had my first withdrawal and everything feels great with my broker. They made me a Good profit and give me a great respons and commitment for my own positions.

    Thank you Jaco and HQBroker

  15. Not in defense but partial from experience. It would be unfair to talk only -ve, I happen to open an account with them and have been trading for a couple of months now. so far the experience is good and was able to withdraw some funds aswell. I find their analysts are very good and the trades placed are also very calculated. My broker is friendly and some times not responding, probably I dont have much to trade with. Rest no complaints.

    It would help if, more people from HQ Broker are reachable to us other than the agent.

    If anyone has an effective way or direct line that is reachable, please let me n=know


    • i invest 8000 $ USD in this compagnie in december 2017 i made trade myself and i made a profit of 10089 usd …i did try to wihdraw some of my profit…it never work they only send me my investment back and since then they try to make me signe a agreement that will make me have10% of my profit… after reaching a trading volume of 1000…..

      why would i get only 10% of my profits why would someone signe that kind of aggreement ……

      last week we had a agreement …are agreement was: they send me 5000 usd and i erase everything i put on the web when i have the money in my account….. since last week they keep calling me putting pressur on me to erase everything… i said no !not till half of my profit is in my account ..(5000$USD)..they keep telling me that the money is on its way to my bank account and the transfer could take 5 working days….so i waited……. today mars 14.2018 someone just called me a said to me that i didnt respect the agreement …..that is not true ….and they cancel my money transfert last week because of that ..but just yesterday some called me to assure me that the transfer is done………this is a small part of my nightmare….

    • You can communicate directly with your broker through email, skype and whatsapp. You might not be able to contact your broker through call since you are making an ineternational call and it needs a certain balance on your phone to make a call. You can also send an email at and we will inform your broker to call you at your available time.

  16. I had repeated calls from HQ Broker also stating I had shown an interest, which wasn’t the case? However I decided to part with $100 on the understanding I would be refunded after 14 days if I wasn’t happy or I changed my mind. I did a little more research which I should have done before parting with any money … & read reports HQ Broker was not regulated nor licensed, so I emailed them to ask for proof but they didn’t reply so I requested they return my money. No correspondence at all so I contacted my credit card company who refunded my money. Despite this I received another call today from them & I explained my account was closed and I was not interested. They are extremely persuasive & persistent and I cannot say whether or not they are a scam but the lack of correspondence & non-proof of licensing etc made me very aware. I’d definitekt err on the side of caution!

  17. I’ve seen several banners of HQbroker on a forum I usually interact with. This was during the time I was focused on crypto, so I really had nothing to do with forex. When I decided to diversify my assets to forex and stocks, I had to look for a broker that could offer me both. HQbroker was my first choice because of familiarity and the convenience of providing the 2 services I am looking for. They also offer metals, CFDs, and other assets, which is nice if I ever decide to expand a bit more. I asked for a callback via their Facebook chat and within an hour someone called me and assisted me in creating my account. I was also offered 50% deposit bonus for signing up! Setting up the account was quick and easy. I already funded it but I’m still currently trying out their demo account to familiarize myself first with their platform. Mr. Andrei seems nice as well, offering his help by sending some educational links and signals I could use for my first trade. I still have a few days before my demo account expires, but I do hope that their service continues this well, even after I transfer to my live account.

    • Start small, and see how they are managing your account and how well he shares his signals. From Experience the agents tend to hold back on sharing info if you are not depositing more money in the accounts. Which is a bit annoying. Possibly sales and targets driven. But honestly they should not hold back when sharing signals. Just make sure that your agent is not of the sort. He should share info and also allow you to make trades, also counter check from alternate sources. sometimes they would increase the qualifying criteria for trades that normally doesnt need that much of investment. so be wise…

      Beaware of BOSSY agent.

      • We appreciate your feedback. We want everyone to understand that our Agents cannot share any information regarding the trades that we have. Trades are being done through our Software together with the broker. We also pay a relative amount of money with our Research Analysts and with the maintenance of our Software. We are trading with more than 500 instruments and it will be hard to identify a certain assets that you can make huge profit. You can test this signal by opening a Starter Account for ony $250. If you want to be assisted in activating your account, email us at

    • We appreciate your feedback. If you have any concern just email us at and we will be glad to help you.

  18. UTTER SCAM – Similarly, they claim I created an account. I checked, and made sure that I hadn’t. I asked them to close the account while the scam artist kept talking over me. Eventually, frustrated, he swore (F word) and hung up. Clearly it’s a “boiler room” style scam. Frankly – it brings down the quality that Hong Kong is normally known for.

    • The people/numbers that we are calling are obtained legally through referral or by signing up and leaving your information on the website. If you wish to remove your details from our list, please email us at To make it clear, we do not tolerate this kind of behavior and the actions of our employee doesn’t directly reflect the values of our company and that we are not a Boiler Room.

  19. I´m taking a leap of faith here when I say I truly believe and trust in my personal broker from HQbroker. So far I have only had a good experience with my account and broker. Still waiting to withdraw though but I know it will work.

    Anybody out there that can share if they have sucsessfully withdrawn money from HQbroker

    • Hi, I share your comment and would like to confirm, that I was able to draw money from HQ Broker, My only concern is the one way of communication . You are not able to reach them, but they are able to reach out to you if needed. That too if your broker is informed. selective comments and queries are answered. The company itself has little or no way of getting connected. Or so far I am not able to do it, can any one tell me if they are able to reach them just like we wish to contact any business entity.

      • i lost 60K USD because of their stupid brokers. I think this may be their plan to ask me to invest to secure the deposit which was running in negative

        • Hi Prashant. You didn’t lose 60K because of their stupid brokers. You lose (including me) because they are very smart. Most people are generally not aware that losses on some of their trades will be profitable for the brokers.

        • We check your name on our list and there are 2 different clients appearing under the name Prashant, both account was on positive. We believe that neither one of those account was yours as it doesn’t match with the information that you provided us. Please send us an email at so we can validate your concern. Include your Name, Email and Account Number.

      • You can communicate directly with your broker through email, skype and whatsapp. You might not be able to contact your broker through call since you are making an ineternational call and it needs a certain balance on your phone to make a call. You can also send an email at and we will inform your broker to call you at your available time.

    • Did they ask you for lots of personal id before being able to withdraw? To me this sounds like a scam?

  20. Same experience here: repeated cold calls with the fictitious claim that I had expressed an interest in their service. Attempting to sell high-frequency trading to the general public.

  21. I also received an unsolicited call from this company. The guy claimed I’d registered interest somehow, which is incorrect. I honestly don’t even know what brokers do, so I certainly wouldn’t ask one to call me! When I asked him to remove me from their call list, he got very rude and belligerent. He claimed to be an account manager, but also claimed not to have any control over who he made phone calls to. I reported it as a scam to the ACCC.

    • All person/numbers that we are calling are legally obtained through our Referral system or by leaving your information to our website. You might have signed up with one of our advertisement online which talks about making money. If you wish to remove your details on our list, please email us at with your Name, Email and Phone number.

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