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Robot Review: On Control EA

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex expert advisor, the claims to be the premier system for live account traders, On Control EA. Priced at 2999 Euro, this one of the most expensive trading systems available on the marketplace, so it’s important that we do our due diligence, and ensure that the system is truly a viable investment. It is unknown …

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Social Trading Review: AlpsSocial

Today I’m reviewing a Forex social trading network that’s quite a bit different from the other networks I’ve reviewed thus far, AlpsSocial. My first take, is that this network is still in the growth phase, but does have some potential, which makes it worth analyzing in order to predict its future potential. Established in 2014, the Alps Networks company is …

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EA Review: CCI Scalper

Today I’m providing a brief analysis of new automated Forex expert advisor based on trading the Commodity Channel Index, CCI Scalper. This software is relatively new to the market, being published in late April 2018. Despite being brand-new, it’s garnering quite a bit of attention, so I feel it’s important that we take a closer look today and inform the …

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EA Review: Forex Pepper Bot

Today I’m looking at a new automated trading software developed by the Anna Forex Monti group, Forex Pepper Bot. According to Anna, this is the spiciest automated trading system on the market. I don’t know about you, but that has to be one of the cheesiest taglines I’ve ever heard for a product that’s supposed to be taken seriously as …

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Broker Review: KayaFX

Today I’m looking at a new Forex and CFD brokerage that wants to make trading accessible to everyone, KayaFX. They claim to provide traders with professional help from experienced traders and powerful tools, “which are designed to meet and even surpassed the requirements for high–profile trading.” It’s clear that they want to make traders feel comfortable, and confident in their …

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Robot Review: FX Splitter EA

Today I’m reviewing an expert advisor that utilizes a unique basket trading strategy built to increase profits at a steady rate, FX Splitter EA. The developers of the system believe that by playing their trades against other major currencies, that they’ll be able to provide a safe trading experience, while still maintaining overall account growth. The creator, Dmitri Zaitsev, also …

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EA Review: Aqua Forex Trading

Today I’m looking at a new Forex expert advisor promising to help traders stuff their trading accounts with unlimited profits, Aqua Forex Trading. The sales page for this EA is one of the worst I’ve seen in quite a few years, as it has little to no information about the software, or the developers. They expect traders to shell out …

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Indicator Review: Forex Magic Scalper

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex indicator the promises traders the capability of 150 pips on a daily basis in 100% scalping mode, Forex Magic Scalper. The strategy is built to provide traders with accurate signals, and chart tips to make sure that it is as user-friendly as possible. Relying on an Asian trading approach, the developers believe that their …

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Robot Review: Big Ben Time EA

Today I’m providing a review for new Forex robot built with a focus on high performance, while keeping the risk levels low, BigBen Time EA. Unlike most systems in the market, this robot keeps trades open for long periods of time. The developers provide the community with a couple different trading accounts, some back tests, and I’ll make sure to …

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Software Review: Forex Tester 3

Today I’m reviewing a unique Forex software built to simulate trading the Forex market, and provide the most accurate back tests available, Forex Tester 3. The purpose of this system, is to allow traders to test and improve upon their current trading strategies. The developers of the software believe that these tests will help you “become an experienced and successful …

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