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  1. I would like to open up a managed account , Please help get started . Thank you

  2. I opened my account in August 2018 with 10k sterling and a month later I opened another account for my daughter, investing 13000 euro, my account stands at 20,364. euro with no withdrawals and my daughters 19,680 euro, that’s after she withdrew 2500 for a holiday, I get 50% of the commission she pays direct in to my account each month, the worse month they have returned 7.89%, i’d be delighted to get that at a bank.

    • Hi,
      You also had this “substantial drawdown” as they call it? My account is under zero. 🙁

      • Yes, Both my accounts are negative balance now, I’m not a trader, but whats the point of trashing the accounts to – zero, I can’t see this as a scam, maybe malicious hacking, but what’s worrying is the lack of comment from BT and automated email response, maybe I’m just naive Michael

        • I agree George, this looks like a hack. My account is also negative. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Not impressed with the communication. The response to my last email suggested that they were waiting for an update from ONYX capital.

          • Pretty sure this is a scam. A Ponzi scheme. There are a lot of people who have lost a lot of money. I have been very lucky and only lost 20% of my investment.

  3. I started investing September /2018 with Blue Trading and the results are amazing. Every step is very clear and easy to take to start. I have withdraw twice No problem, This month we decided to invest more money in our account. The customer service is good and you can watch your account anytime. i believe that Risk in any business you start
    so do not worry, trust yourself and God. your hard working money No one will take, just trust God.

  4. HI
    I’m A CLIENT
    I joined after a friend recommended it he is a few thousand up after a few months of investing he has also made withdrawal’s of more than he invested to hi wirex card
    I’m in profit but will be happier when I have my initial investment back
    after that I’m not bothered what happens

  5. I am a member for some months. Withdrawals are fast by BTC, answering E-Mails also very fast.

    I just wonder one thing:
    The trade results show just the final profit, not the open and close levels. When I asked for this by E-Mail, they answered that the traders don’t want to provide because the trades would be too easy to copy then. This is an argument, but so it is still possible it may be just a pyramid selling (snowball system). Could someone check if the trades are for real and not just fake? On the other hand the systematic trades provided through myfxbook seem to be authentic and profitable. That’s why I got my money still in. If this is all for real, it is the best automatic or managed trading I found in the last 10 years!

    • I am the real ‘Jan’.. What your read is fake and probably produced by Blue Trading. Yes, I mentioned that trade results do not show the details…. But my conclusion is that the myfxbook results are fake… I do not trade with Blue Trading because my conclusion is that it is a Ponzi scheme… 15-20% a month… You must be kidding…

      • So there is only one guy named Jan in the world, are You ok?! This first. Second: I am a German guy and real customer at Blue Trading. Why do You write nothing and don’t just react at my mentioned points. The myfxbook-trades are marked as proof. So it is necessary to grant an investor password so real trades must be followed. If this is possible to fake, that would be really bad. But that’s why if someone independent could check if the trades done for investors are for real or not would be great. Finally 10-20% per months is absolutely not impossible with a good forex trading strategy. The goal for a good EA should be e. g. 100% per year. Just the question is how long it works this way.

        • Hi Jan, Actually a list of things is wrong with Blue Trading. But I am getting tired of stating them time after time… ‘Fat Furby’ made a good list of these. But his comments on including the review all the comments were deleted.

          But in a nut shell:
          500-800% a year? Wake up!
          Not registered anywhere? Some fake IFMRRC?
          Address of the accountant in South Africa does not exist…
          An accountant in a hoody (see youtube)?
          Why taking an accountant in a country 20.000 km away from Japan? Not very usual.
          What is their legal status?
          Ask for their balance sheets, Profit & Loss statement, Q2 and Q3? You will never get it…
          Who is the CEO?
          What is their VAT number?
          Where are they offically registered and pay tax?
          It is easy to manupulate fx mybook statements… See this youtube:
          Someone called to the building in Japan and Blue Trading was unknown.
          Think twice before you wire your hard earned money to a German bank account… On Hauptstraße 134, Köln also another fake scam company is there VillaLux… they swindeld with holiday appartments which did not exist…
          And according to German files stronIT, is a company with only a shareholder capital of €25.000,- and existing less than a year. Think twice before you had your money over to those people…. But everyone has the right to make mistakes…

          • Thanks for Your long feedback. I agree that there are some thins suspicious about them. The accountant in South Africa maybe fake. But e. g. if they pay taxes and that they are not regulated I do not really care. I care about the trades they do and if I get my money back when I need it. And both – until now – has been absolutely great. So I think when someone starts new with them and doesn’t trust them 100 % he may payout his money after it doubled. And this should be after 6 to 8 months. Lateron he can just leave what he gained of them. Greetings

          • I’d like to reply regading StronIT.
            This is not exacly a fake company but it is a “shelf company” run by a law firm (you can get who is the executive director of StronIT here, and you can easily find the relevant law firm he works for).
            These kind of company are used to shield the real people who get the money and provide a privacy layer, i.e. StronIT is a fiduciary company.
            Bluetrading has used other fiduciaries before StronIT.
            Bluetrading is controlled by an offshore company registered in Mauritius, so I’m not so surprised that they use such ‘chinese boxes’ to hide themselves but I think it is legal.

  6. It is incredible how negative some of the people can be who have made so much profit from this company and still find things to complain about! I have had my acocunt open over a year and have nothing but praise for them.

    – The Commission / FCA thing means nothing. There are thousands of companies on these “lists” for no reason other than they aren’t registered IN that country. The Financial Commission has kicked out half their members… so I really don’t care too much.

    – My account has done around 15%+ every single month (that’s net).

    – Withdrawals by Bitcoin are instant, same day. The bank wires are slow but I really don’t think that’s by Blue Trading’s fault. Bank regulations are VERY annoying these days and that’s why many of us use BTC.

    There’s nothing significant to complain about this company.

    • I’t impossible you have an account from over an year because they started the website on December 2017.

    • Not yet, just wait till they send you an email with a similar message (see below) that i2 investments send their investers…. But never mind just see it as learning money…. Just do your ‘due diligence’… And for other ‘investers’ get out asap…


      It is with extreme sorrow that we notify the closure of our fund due to a significant trading drawdown loss experienced late 31 August (early 1 Sep in Asia). We are absolutely devastated.

      The Bitcoin (BTC Spot) trading strategy implemented caused a large and immediate downward shift of several thousand Points/Pips that our strategy could not recover from due to being designed for Spot FX trading on four digit (much lower volatility) instruments. Therefore not even triggering emergency stop losses used for Spot trading. As a small, aggressive offshore alternative investment project, we were able to avoid all significant DD for over three years, but inherent risk was always associated with this type of trading that cannot be denied. For this we are extremely devastated.

      As of today, we will no longer be accepting any new clients and all current clients must submit withdrawal requests to facilitate the closure of their account(s).

      If your account was being traded via a Social Trading Platform with one of our traders/partners directly, please utilize these platforms for further support queries. It should be noted that non-BTC accounts on these platforms would not have been affected.

      To facilitate your withdrawal immediately, please download the respective brokerage form’s from your platform and submit it as instructed on the form. Be sure you have submitted your KYC – Passport/Utility Bill for broker verification.

      Any pending deposits not yet credited will be available for immediate withdrawal as soon as the funds clear your account.

      It was a privilege to serve you through very good trading years, and we are genuinely shocked by the turn of our BTC strategy’s trading algorithm. Please use the appropriate withdrawal form at your earliest convenience to expedite the closure process. We will try to keep this website live for the next 30 days. Please remember we are inundated with messages right now and doing our best to reply as fast as possible.

      • Hey Jan,
        I can’t understand your purposes. I think that everyone who has a minimun of critical sense doesn’t trust Bluetrading at 100%. So is very likely that everyone that is running the Bluetrading account for more than 4/5 months has already withdrawn the initial sum (like me for instance). Surely no one will risk to leave too much money on the account at least until the things will become more clear.

        That implies two good things:
        1) for many people the fact that Bluetrading is a scam or not it doesn’t matter anymore because they don’t risk a penny anymore but is all gain.
        2) likely Bluetrading really does trades JUST because all those people that have already withdrawn their money. Ponzi scheme can’t work if the money is withdrawn and I don’t think they have a so large number of new subscribers that is worthing the risk of the jail.

        It is pretty clear that Bluetrading isn’t a real company (i.e. a legally registered one) and sadly they also have an horrible public appearance because of their opacity, weak references and evident fakes.
        They should really make something regarding this issue.

        So Jan, everybody here know the situation and if someone wants to invest 3K in Bluetrading he well knows that things could go very well o really bad like in every risky investment.

        • Hi Pedro, about my purposes: a family member asked me in July this year what my thoughts were about Blue Trading. I was busy at that time and just answered: be carefull. But when I had some time in August I researched Blue Trading and my conclusion was clear… I do not have any financial interest in Blue Trading. It is more altruistic, when I see people giving their hard earned money to a scam, e.g. people from developing countries like India, Pakistan, expecting to become rich, I feel sorry for them… But for people who want to risk their money knowing it is a Ponzi scheme, and just want to make some money at the expence of others, hoping to get out just before Blue Trading goes bust, I do not feel that sorry…
          Regards, Jan

          • Well, maybe you are right maybe not, who knows?
            Anyway, I think that one should not judge something that is unknown and in which is not involved.
            I don’t think it is a Ponzi scheme because I can see which trades they do. You don’t. Maybe is all fake but maybe not.

            So until I’m convinced that BT does do real trading I have no sense of guilt, I pay my commissions to BT and taxes to my country. All the rest is not my business.

            Moreover, Forex and trading in general, is not the best place where to find good Samaritans, we all are part of things we can’t control, we can just adapt.
            I think that if your Pakistan and Indian friends dream to become rich with trading I think they are on the wrong way in any case. You should advise them to risk only what they can bear to lose, otherwise ANY trading investment for them is wrong scam or not scam.

  7. Hi I was considering investing with these guys as the performance only fee was an attractive model until I found this:

    Can you get a statement from them?

  8. What is your opinion on the FC banning them yesterday.

    I guess you won’t authorise this post as you don’t want anything negative on your site that will affect your commission

  9. Hi there I am totally new to this manager Forex trading service I want to ask if this is a scam or is it 100% legitimate and legal? Is it true that we are able to withdraw our monies on time without any Hassle and legal issues or delays, or we can choose to put out monies and compound it for an unlimited time frame? Thanks a lot.

  10. I started investing this year with Blue Trading and the results are amazing. Every step is very clear and easy to take to start. This month we decided to invest more money in our account. The customer service is good and you can watch your account anytime.

    • Hi Osman, I have never invested before. I would really like to know if I calculating the profit correctly. For example, if I invest €3000, I will profit appox €450 (15%) per month minus the €81 (18% fee). So I would end up with €369. Am I correct in my calculations? I would appreciate your advice and thanks in advance

  11. Mitchell Pietersz

    Why won’t this show my comment?

  12. Anyone has any thought for this managed account service? There are not plenty of review I can find.

    • I’m hoping to hear from clients here in my review still as well.

      • I thank forexrobotnation for being not biased. Other websites with reviews on Blue Trading just remove (most) critical comments.

        But I agree that also people with positive messages about Blue Trading have to be encouraged to put their messages on

    • I’ve been using them for 2 months now, so far so good. Never been pressured to invest more, no problems withdrawing my full invested amount. Customer service is fast, but sometimes vague.

      • Dear Osiris,

        I wanted to invest in bluetrading aswell kindly let me know your experience and honest advice share your email id to chat more on this.Have you withdrawn all your invested money within 2 months time as you mentioned.

        • Hi, you can withdraw your money anytime you want. It only takes couple of business days to receive it in your bankaccount.

        • Be aware! You will never know when you will get the email a messeage with: ‘we are sorry, something went wrong’… Most people do not do their due deligence… E.g. the account number changed, the ‘Beneficiary Name’ is now: POSTBANK Dortmund-7, in Düsseldorf before it was: ‘StronIT’ in Köln. That is a bad sign… See my other posts…
          Regards, Jan

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