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Forex Review: Freevestor

Today I’m reviewing an interesting service that’s focused on reducing risk and increasing Forex profits by utilizing managed Forex portfolios, Freevestor. This service is a hands-on approach to Forex trading that includes client consultations, strategy diversification, automated trading, quarterly business calls and managed Forex sourcing. The developers are promising a lot to the community, so there’s quite a bit for us to decipher here.

The company is owned and operated by Freevestor LLC, located at P.O. Box 8014, Hicksville, NY 11802. Traders can get in touch with support via phone, 1-904-300-0187, or email Before signing up with this service, I certainly recommend the traders get in touch with the development team, to get a clearer understanding of what they have to offer. Obviously, I will be analyzing the service in full with this review, but there are some convoluted aspects that would likely be better clarified by their team.


Freevestor Review

The Freevestor development team positions themselves as a professional Forex solution built for both daytraders and corporate accounts. While they offer a multitude of services, they don’t do the best job at outlining each of those services, and providing in-depth detail, or examples. It’s also quite difficult to navigate the website, because there is a consistent influx of pop-ups and advertisements that have to be dodged every time you scroll down a to read more on every single page.

From the little information provided, I’ve gathered that this service is consultation based. Traders are consulted on which strategies they should be utilizing in order to create their portfolio, which makes up their daily trading routine. This can consist of “PAMMs, LAMMs, MAMs, Copy Trading Signals or even include the client’s self-made algorithm.”

The developers also discussed automated trading, but it does seem that the majority of the program is focused more on the Social Trading Network side of things. Obviously, it’s different than most of the other networks, as there is no real discussion on fees, or who the traders are that are providing the signals, and these are hopefully questions that we get answers to at some point in time.

Enterprise Solutions

Not only does the Freevestor services support day traders, but also Forex corporate accounts as well. They believe that companies shouldn’t limit themselves to just one type of investment, and that they should look to take advantage of all trading markets available, including Forex. There are 4 main aspects they look to achieve when building customized portfolios for enterprise clients.

  • Custom Portfolio Creation
  • Higher Returns With Reduced Risk With Excess Cash
  • Consistent And Automated Signals
  • Monthly Distributions

The majority of the sales jargon on this page, is consistent with the information provided to daytraders. They promise to build and manage portfolios “in accordance with each client’s objectives.” In order to do this, they are relying on automated trading signals, and different funds to diversify these accounts. As for monthly distributions, this is only available for corporate clients, and refers to the withdrawal of monthly returns.

Trading Results

There doesn’t seem to be an easily accessible, and dedicated page for trading results on the Freevestor website. There are multiple references to live trading results and verified third-party accounts, but I’ve been unable to find this information.

I have been able to find one page though, which is titled “Comparing Freevestor Portfolios to Mutual Funds and Time Deposits.” On this page, the developers show that their “sample signal portfolio” is returning nearly 70% from March 1st 2017, to February 28, 2018. This is a much larger return that the comparisons that they make 2 different currency mutual funds, equity indices, and equity mutual funds.

The only issue with these results, is that there is really no way to verify their legitimacy. We cannot click on any of these portfolios, to verify their existence, or analyze their trades. Maybe there is another page with much more transparency, but I’ve been unable to come across it.

Hopefully, this is something that the developers can help with in the near future.


I appreciate the presentation of the Freevestor services, as the website comes across as professional and matter-of-factly. Yet, there are some elements missing, in terms of depth of detail, and trading results. I hope that the vendors can point us in the direction of the verified trading results that they discuss, or at least add to their transparency over time. If they are able to accomplish a couple of these tasks, I will consider recommending this service to the Forex Robot Nation readers.

Thank you for reading the review, and please add your comments or questions below the article now.

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