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Forex Enigma Review

Forex Enigma is a new trading system by Karl Dittman. I’m a couple weeks late on this but that gives me a chance to see how it’s been performing since release. This scalper system is built to provide fast signals and generate 200 pips every day. Today I’ll analyze the claims and review the potential of this system. Price: $87 …

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RayBot Forex EA Review

RayBot is a new Forex EA built to work on the Metatrader 4 platform. The developers believe that their strategy is profitable and safe. They believe that within a few weeks traders can see amazing results due to their revolutionary software. Sounds like a pushy sales pitch but regardless I’ll be reviewing this expert advisor for the Forex community and …

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Tycoon Forex Robot Review

Tycoon Forex Robot is a new expert advisor that claims to provide over 97.5% trading accuracy. The website isn’t very professional and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen their exact logo used for another product years ago but I’ll try not to let that impair my judgement. Today I’ll be reviewing the software and letting the Forex Robot Nation readers know …

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Forex Take Profiter Robot Review

Forex Take Profiter Robot is a new EA by Den Murakami and the EliteIT4U team. All their systems are based on the Japanese style of Forex and they hit the market every 1-2 months. Today I’ll review this system so the Forex Robot Nation readers know what to expect. Forex Take Profiter Robot Review The Forex Take Profiter Robot uses …

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Secret FX System Review

Secret FX System is a new Forex trading software by Joseph Smith. Joseph claims to give traders the exact step-by-step secrets required to generate an income of up to $3,579 per day. He believes that this is possible with just 1 hour of trading. Today I’ll review this system and let you know if it passes the Forex Robot Nation …

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Max Scalper Review

Max Scalper is a new Forex robot by Doug Price. Doug Price is a late arrival to the expert advisor game and has released quite a few different trading systems. He’s behind Scalp Trader Pro, Swing Trader Pro, Pivot Trader Pro and Rev Trader Pro. I’m sure there’s a few that I’ve missed on this list but you get the …

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Forex Spark Review

Forex Spark is a new trading indicator developed by a relative unknown in this market, Che. This system comes with an indicator and a market scanner. Today I will review this system and let the Forex Robot Nation readers leave their thoughts on it below the article. Price: $47 Type: Forex indicator Results: N/A Pairs: All Pairs Timeframe: All Timeframes Forex Spark Review The Forex …

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Forex Apollo EA Review

Forex Apollo EA is a new robot by Dave Barner who believes in the God’s of Forex trading. He tells us that he is “here to welcome you to the possibilities of becoming a mighty god of Forex trading.” He shows us that he’s made over $1 million trading. Today I’ll write a review about this expert advisor and get down …

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FX Trend Predictor Review

FX Trend Predictor is a new trading system by Kevin Shaw. Kevin tells us that we will get access to the same technology a top hedge fund trader used to amass nearly $2 million before he was 30. Today I’ll review this new Forex strategy and let you know if we should trust that the system works. Price: $37 Type: Indicator …

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Plug-In Forex EA Review

Plug-In Forex EA is a Forex robot that’s been built to automatically win 90% of its trades every single month. The developers consider their system to be a simple and proven to work Forex trading system that starts sending unlimited profits instantly. Sounds like many sales pitches we’ve heard in the past. Today I’ll be providing a review so that the …

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