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FX Sensation Pro Review

fx-sensation-proFX sensation Pro is a new Forex trading strategy by Rick Clayton. Clayton tells us that we can win over 90% of our trades by copying a never before revealed strategy of a renegade trader who pulls in anywhere between $4000-$20,000 a day on a regular basis.

Today I’ll be reviewing this Forex strategy and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand if it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Price: $39.00
Type: Forex Indicator
Results: Images
Pairs: All Pairs
Timeframe: All Timeframes

FX Sensation Pro Review

The FX sensation Pro is a new indicator that provides entry and exit signals displayed visually on meta-trader 4 chart. Clayton promises us that there is no analysis required and that no experience is needed in order for us to make a fortune.

Rick Clayton was fed up with the endless cycle of winning a little only to lose it all in his next trade. He was tired of poorly designed systems and spending hours trying to become a better trader. His wife was getting frustrated with him and he was about to stop trading Forex altogether then one day completely out of the blue.. I would finish the sentence but it looks like the developer forgot to.

The FX sensation Pro story continues on for a while but it doesn’t really interest me because it’s just a story and none of it can be verified. The only thing we really have to look at on this page are the results. Sadly, we are only shown screenshots of trades on meta-trader 4 charts alongside my FX book screenshots but never access to an actual my FX book account. There is just not enough trading proof for us to go on here. While we are told that the system has an 89.74% accuracy rate this is not backed up by anything at all.

At this point I can’t recommend the FX sensation Pro. I feel like Rick Clayton is releasing the software 2 months early. Rick should get back to the drawing board, and start actually testing the software before he tries to sell it to the public. This is another Forex indicator that works on all currency pairs and time frames which means we have to figure out the strategy and I’m just not interested in doing that today. If there’s anything you would like to add to this review please leave a comment below. If you are interested in Forex robots I suggest you check out the best Forex robot page to see what’s working for the community here.

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