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Forex Quattro Scalper Review

forex-quattro-scalperForex Quattro Scalper is a new 4 in 1 scalping system by Rita Lasker. Rita tells us that this system is based on modern Forex trading technologies and it’s more effective than any other product on the market.

Today I’ll be reviewing Rita’s sales page and letting you know if she’s turned a corner or if this is the same sort of mediocre trading product we’ve grown to expect.

Forex Quattro Scalper Review

The Forex Quattro Scalper website looks just like the other systems Rita’s released except it has a little more shine. There’s lots of movement and shiny buttons but is this just to distract us from the quality? Let’s find out. The goal of this system is to provide traders with up to 50 signals a day which will lead to 250 pips profit. They tell us that their winning percentage is over 75% because of their advanced technology. There is a stage filter indicator built to protect traders from the trend and a Forex GTS technology that “checks the trend.” Rita’s products always claim to be the cutting edge in Forex and tend to confuse me with terms that aren’t often used in this market.

The problem with the Forex Quattro Scalper is the same problem with all Rita Lasker products. She never provides any proof. There is an exorbitant amount of information about the different indicators involved in the process but there’s never any proof that it works. In this day and age, with myfxbook being so easy to use, there’s no excuse for software developers. Outside of one screen shot of a small sample size and a few sentences Rita’s dispersed through her sales page there’s nothing tangible that we can truly trust.

At this point in time I can’t give my recommendation to Forex Quattro Scalper or any other of Rita Lasker’s products. I’ve tried many times to give her advice but she never seems to take it. Rita, give us some myfxbook account results and prove to us at the very least that your systems can work on myfxbook. Please don’t release another system until you can follow these simple instructions. Let me know what you think about Rita and her new Quattro system by leaving a review under this article now. Thanks for coming to Forex Robot Nation and take care.

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  1. Yep, it is not consistant in it’s claims to trade. Sometimes days pass before a trade takes place. I downloaded it, installed it. it did absolute nothing. had to contact her, she send another one through my email, did nothing also. Send her all sorts of screen shots , to no avail. no proper response as yet. nothing. Cost me about 100 bucks$$$$

  2. Purchased it – ran it for several days on about 16 different pairs – absolute crap as always.
    Icons showing to go Long with the blue wave below and the market about to retrace Short – and vice versa.

  3. Thank you for reminding me. You’re absolutely correct. We really do need good evidence of success of this EA, especially when there is SO much hype and sales tactics used to sell it.

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