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EA Review: FX News 999

Today I’m looking at a new automated expert advisor with a very expensive price tag, FX News 999. The creators of this robot believe the price movements are too unpredictable but they have the answer to that conundrum. The software utilizes a primary data feed from the IQFeed company to monitor different prices and take advantage of price shifts that can be found by comparing the data between this feed and your personal brokerage.

It is unknown who the creators of the system are. The Twitter account associated with the sales page is registered to someone named Philip Carnell, who is located in Western Australia. Yet, the website is hosted in Singapore, in the image being used to present Philip to us, is a stock image that was purchased somewhere online. So, at this point we are unsure who has developed the software, and what their intentions are. With that being said, traders can contact support via email at This same address can be used to contact the developers via Skype as well.

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FX News 999 Review

As you can see in the last paragraph, I started to get into the specifics of the FX News 999 trading approach. To simplify what I said, the robot looks for small differentiation’s between price feeds to scalp and pick up easy winners. I’ve seen strategies like these many times in the past, and while the developers frequently show extremely effective trading accounts, the client accounts just as frequently show sharp differences. I‘m not sure if there is some sort of trick, or specific broker and virtual private server combination, but systems that rely on price feeds are normally great for the vendor accounts, and disappointing for those that sign up and want similar results.

I don’t want to totally paint this system with that exact same brush, but I’ve seen this exact sort of strategy and trading approach worked poorly time and time again in the past.


Type: Forex EA
Price: $1,110 + $30/mo
Strategy: Price Feed Scalping
Timeframe: M5

The pricing and payment model for the service is convoluted and overpriced. The developers are doing the weird thing where they are offering the base price of the FX News 999 for $999, and then charging an additional $111 for every additional license. Yet, if traders do not purchase additional licenses with the first purchase, then additional licenses are charged at $333, instead of $111. What I don’t like about this, is that it’s confusing and that it’s a total money grab.

Not only is the vendor charging over $1000, but if you sign up for one license, and then 3 months later you want another license, they’re going to charge you an extra $222. This makes absolutely no sense, and to top it off, they also require that you purchase an IQFeed subscription at $30 a month.

This is really not my cup of tea.

Trading Results

The FX News 999 vendors allow traders to connect to one of their trading accounts using a login and password. Generally, I prefer my FX book, and they do tell us that they provide this as well. Although, on the results page when you click to go to the Philip Carnell page, we are told that it no longer exists.

Luckily, on the front page they have another my FX book account that shows a super Forex system that is gained over 230,000% in just over half a year. I just have a very difficult time believing in the legitimacy of this trading account. It looks extremely impressive, but there’s just something about it I’m not sure I can trust.

It’s possible they are connected with this Super Forex broker, that has a very shady reputation in their own right.

Update / Client Feedback

Since we first wrote this review in 2017, quite a few comments have come to light from the Forex Robot Nation community.

The consensus is that this expert advisor is a scam. There are over 30 comments and all of them are extremely negative. When dealing with this product, or this product producer please use a HIGH level of caution.

This simply isn’t a recommended product.


There’s just way too much under the surface with the FX News 999 EA the challenges my trust. I couldn’t imagine spending over $1000 on a system that I believe is doing something that I just can’t wrap my hands around. I don’t believe that this system can make traders hundreds of thousands of percentage points. I would be neat naive to believe so.

Please let me know you think about this EA, and feel free to challenge any of the points that I’ve made.

FX News 999 $1,110 + $30/mo
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FX News 999 is a Forex trading robot that promises the world but fails to deliver.

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  1. Warning scam site.
    I’ve got to have contacts with these gentlemen. I had an account managed and they burned everything. I bought EA and it does not work. They say it connects to IQfeed but I contacted the manager who confirmed that IQfeed does not work on MT4 platforms.
    I only lost $ 1500.00
    They are real scammers.

  2. Has anyone worked with fxnt999. Com and made money using the EA or their money management?

  3. Hello Everyone,

    The FX news 999 is a big scam and their EA does not work. If you have not bought it yet count yourself lucky. I bought the EA and it has never worked. My friend paid the $555 for setup and still the EA did not work. It is 100% scam and we need to expose the crooks behind this before other people fall victim.

    We have been dealing with Craig Danielson who seems to be behind the scam.

  4. This EA is a scam!! It’s obvious the creators of this robot have colluded with the three Forex Brokers. They want you to pay for their robot and insist you use these fraudulent brokers so they can rip you off! The robot executes at previous price on the M1 timeframe, therefore giving its trades undue and unrealistic advantage. For instance, let’s say USDCAD is at a sell position at 8:00 AM and it opens at 1.28800 and closes at 1.28720. Naturally, you would expect if a trade is opened 8:01AM, it will open at 1.28720, with a small variation due to spread. However, this robot will open the trade at 1.28800. To the untrained eye, it will appear as though the robot entered the trade at a very strategic time. However, what these scammers are doing is to give themselves a positive spread, meaning the trade opens at +8 pips. They will then use trailing stops to ensure they are at an advantage and close the position at a profit. This is a sophisticated scam, and unless you follow the history of all the trades they execute, you will be misguided and think it’s a holy grail. Go the history of each trade and open the M1 time frame, then confirm if those trades could have realistically been opened at that particular minute. Don’t waste your hard earned money on them!!

  5. This is one of the Scam E.A…I have given my Account for Account management…whatever trades they are showing in their Accounts are different and trades in my account are different…In a single trade they lost me around 30% of my Equity…I just changed the password and asked them the refund…His name is Wayne Gordon….I didn’t get any reply from one month…Total scamm!!!….Simply they are gambling in our account..if trade hits ,It will give us 500%…If it looses our account will become empty…They are not showing any value for our money…

    ****ING cheaters! Lost $1600

  6. I ordered 2 of the EA’s advertised on the page. I received the first one a few days after payment, I asked for help setting up the EA,. (They say they provide unlimited Skype and email support which is not true)). They wanted $555 to setup the EA with the excuse that it was time consuming. I told Matthias Jacklin that I thought this was an unacceptable sum to be charged to set up the EA. I also pointed out that every other company I had bought from were only to happy to help setting up there EA’s. A lot of companies provide set files.

    Matthias Jacklin has a twitter feed where he promotes his EA, his might be getting the results he says he is getting, but its not with he EA he is selling.

    I asked for the settings they were using on the account that is on their webpage 800007 at FXGiants, They refused to supply this.

    I then sent the broker the account details for the second EA and there has been no communication for about 10 days now. he has ample time to reply and sort this out. He clearly has decided to not supply the EA probably because I refused to pay the $555 the setup the existing EA

    What is interesting is that the EA does not match the trades on their webpage. I have no way of knowing if its setup correctly because they don’t provide support unless you pay massive fees.

    Verdict: Do not buy this EA, it very likely they will keep your money and not supply you with the EA. After sales support does not exist. I do not believe the EA they supply in any way is the one they are promoting on their webpage.

  7. I bought this EA, I asked them to help set it up they wanted $500 for a teanviewer session, I then tested the EA myself over the last 3 months. Every setting fails

    I tried to get a refund and never heard from them again

    Do not buy this ea it is totall waste of time

    Related websites

    http: //
    http: //
    http: //
    http: //
    https: //

    I bought for three accounts by watching there accounts. They will promise that we will setup through Team viewer and etc, but they didnt do that, i sent somany mails for installing E.A. NO SUPPORT…2 to 3 days to get reply mail. And finally i setup in my terminals and i used three setting in my three accounts, i got loss.
    I sent so many mails regarding this issue and also requesting for MONEY BACK GUARANTEE..
    Till now no reply…they didnt respond to any mail…If they dont want to give money back, then why they kept Money back…I think these people are not correct..I funded money by taking loan…BUT NOW I LOST…

  9. I bought this E.A. last month for three accounts, and i tried all they given three settings (low, mid, high). I am getting loss. I asked them to setup but no reply, and asking them for Money reply..i sent so many mails, but no reply….I couldn’t know how to get my money back…for them this is very small amount to refund ..but they didn’t give any reply…

  10. Wow! I just see this review.
    Just want to tell my experiences working with them. I have joining their Money Management service 3 times. First two of them (FxChoice and FxGiants) were in a good profit while 1 trades (Tickmill) hits 28% DD (well actually my mistakes for close the trades by myself too early when I can be on profit actually if I just follow the EA’s trades) then I decide to stop. Since I get some profit already with them, I then decide to buy the EA and using it for almost 3 months now and Well, minus trades are there as well like 15%-17% in total but I gain 421% of my accounts already and I personally think it’s not a bad income. I just haven’t find they are cheating behind me or scam me since I haven’t loss anything yet. Actually want to buy another two license for my son’s accounts but will see first in another 3 months whether their performance still as good as now. What do you think guys, is 3 months performance can categorized stable and guaranteed?

  11. OK, this is an outright scam – an elaborate one, for sure, but a scam nevertheless.

    It’s is almost a certainty that the brokers being used to tout this EA are in cahoots with the developers – they may even be the source of the scam, who knows? Either way, the brokers are known to scam their clients and there’s a huge warning about them over at

    There is evidence that the results you see are NOT the trades that have occurred. Most of the losing trades are removed by the broker to make the EA appear to be profitable, when it actually isn’t.

    • Hi PaulDV, I am in talks with these guys about managing my trading account through my own broker of IC Markets. Profits are split 50/50 in which I need to pay them at the end. I am not purchasing their EA, so the only way they make money off me is by trading my account to a profit. They even offered me a 99.9% capital return if they lose my account. I am still cautious however and still researching. How sure are you that this a complete scam

      • Hi NT are you already manage acc & can I know the result ?

        • Hi, yes I gave them access on Monday and they were very successful. I am happy to email you the MT4 statement from my IC markets account. I have asked them to trade again, so will be interested to see how they go again. I have paid them their profit and withdrew mine. Can you advise me how you think they are a scam please.

          • Please show me your results with fxnt999 .. Did they manage your accounts? I want to do this too, but I need to know for someone who has already done it. Thank you.

          • Daniel, stay away from them. They cleaned out my account after with ridiculous trading

          • Hi Mark, what happened to your ICMarket account?
            In the comment above, you said it was a success. What happened? please tell me.

          • Did not they refund your money?

          • Hi can you pls show your statement of IC markets which was successful with this EA.

      • They can manage your account sure, but they will never give you a dime if they blow your account. I have fallen victim to them before. Beware

  12. This EA is being marketed from a number of different URLs, with each one attached to a Twitter feed that gives the impression that each page is being curated by a specific person (which may or may not be true).

    The MyFXBook page that they link to has two systems on it; one for FX Giants (Live) the other for Iron FX (Demo), neither of which have had their track record verified by MyFXBook, although the trading privileges have been confirmed.

    I have managed to sign into the FX Giants account using a true MT4 broker link (server is FXGiantsUK-Real8) rather than the decidedly dodgy-looking IP address quoted on the sales page, and I can confiirm that the trades for the past week or so do appear to match those on the MyFXBook account, so there doesn’t seem to be any trade manipulation going on that I can see.

    So, something is generating an impressive return on that account ($5250 to $229000 in 5 months).

    I know I’m trying to convince myself that this is legitimate, but the sales practices are screaming SCAM at me.

  13. Comprei o EA e este aí FX News 999 não funciona. Abre ordens e perdem…. Não se iludam como eu me iludi. Não nos repassam o mesmo EA da conta de demonstração.

    GOLPE!!!! SCAM!!!!

    • Yes , This FX News 999 is very very IDEATE !!!!
      SCAM !!!!
      manage my account lose ALL , Give me FAKE EA , LOSE All money just answer ” I M Sorry “”
      VERY VERY bad IDEATE !!!!!!!

    • Bro , try get rufund


      We offer a 99.9-day Money Back Guarantee if you cannot succeed with the EA and get profits.


      info @

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