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FX Tech Strategy Review (Currency Analysis)

FX Tech Strategy is a currency analysis provider, that also offers trading signals with buy/sell entries, stop losses and price targets. The creators of the service claim that their award winning data “will lower your risk & instantly reveal profitable trade ideas.” The service appears professional, but we are unsure they will have the level of proof we require, in …

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Noor FX Managed Fund Review

Noor FX is a fully managed professional currency trading service, that utilizes a performance only commission structure. They promise to be made up of institutional grade professional traders, with the ability to offer exposure to “explosive alternative markets.” A $10,000 investment is required, so this isn’t a quick, and easy decision. Which is why we feel it’s very important for …

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Forex Pro Island Review (MT4 Robot)

Forex Pro Island is an automated trading robot developed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. The creators of the service claim that “90% of FX traders use Forex Robots,” which is a weird claim to make, as it’s false. Automated trading is not as popular as this developer says, and we are unsure why they would put something so blatantly wrong …

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Best FX Tools Review (Robots & Indicators)

Best FX Tools is a new software provider focused on offering both automated Forex robots and Forex indicators. The developers feel that in using the MQL language that they can take advantage of “modern data analysis, interesting presentation of information as well as the possibility of making Forex transactions easily.” They feel that using each of these elements in conjunction …

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Life Changer Bot (EA) Review

Life Changer Bot or EA is an automated trading robot that promises account growth anywhere from 15% to 30% per month. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if they are meeting these lofty goals. The software is developed by Mark Claire, Riba San and Seza Bent. Despite our efforts, we have found little to …

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Price Action Forex LTD Review (Signals)

Price Action Forex LTD is a Forex signal service with the motto, “watch, follow and profit together.” They promise unbeatable accuracy and consistent highly impressive returns coming from low-risk investments. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if they are meeting these lofty expectations. The creators of the service claim to be a team of …

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Forex Enigma EA Review (

Forex Enigma EA is a new automated robot developed exclusively for the MT4 trading platform. The software combines 3 different trading strategies, scalping, trend and half grid, in order to provide trading opportunities. Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if this is a viable expert advisor. The developers of the service do not introduce themselves …

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News Scope EA Pro Review

News Scope EA Pro is a new automated trading robot developed for “traders who prefer to trade during high impact news.” When high impact news events occur, the market will very frequently spike in one or two directions simultaneously. The vendor feels that this creates short term scalping opportunities where their system can pick up anywhere from 20 to 100 …

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Signals Review: ToolsTrades

Today I’m looking at a trading signal provider that just arrived on the market a few months ago, and is starting to get some attention, ToolsTrades. The creators of the service claim to offer “the most accurate trading signals for the Forex, CFD, Stocks and Crypto markets.” They believe that they have an edge over their competition because they stay …

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InstantEA Review (Indicator to Robot Conversion)

InstantEA is a new software developed by the LeapFX team, built to help traders “convert any signal indicator into an automated Forex robot instantly without programming knowledge.” The purpose of turning an indicator into a robot, is that it gives traders the opportunity to backtest thoroughly, modify settings and of course have the system trade on their behalf. The software …

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