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How I made 18780 with a FREE Reddit Forex Trading Strategy In 3 DAYS

There are 279,000 traders in the Reddit Forex community. Today, I will trade a forex trading strategy from them on my live account, and you don’t want to miss what happens. I spend a little time in the Reddit Forex sub, laughing at several videos and sometimes looking at different chart setups. However, I took a deeper dive the other …

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My Results From The 99.3% Win Rate Forex Strategy!

The scalping strategy I’m testing this time is by Trader DNA – a video with over half a million views. This trading strategy has a win rate of 99.3% using two EMAs and one stochastic. Hence, I’ll teach you how to use it to grow your trading account. Then, I’ll show you some live trading examples I took from the …

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FREE AI Forex Trading Strategy (ChatGPT – Part 2)

The last time, I thought outside the box, building a trading strategy with chatGPT. Today, I’m back inside the box using that same AI Forex trading strategy with $50,000 and making it much better for all of us so we can all make some money. It’s only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence (AI) wins and robots take over the world. …

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Best Funded Account Trading Strategy Pass EVERY Challenge

Trading with $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 is much better than using a small account. That’s why today I will teach you a trading strategy that my actual viewers used to pass their challenges to get a funded account and make some real money. About a month ago, I went on Fiverr and bought a swing trading strategy for $45. It was supposed to be a …

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The Easiest Forex Trading Strategy You’ll Ever Use

I don’t care if you’ve never even looked at the charts before; this is the easiest forex trading strategy you’ll ever use! I’ve made over $1,000 daily using it for the past week. I backtested it 100 times for an 801% gain and will show you exactly how I did it so you can do it too.  Just share this article and …

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1 Minute US30 SCALPING Strategy My Forex Factory Test

I’m hunting a US30 scalping strategy to make some money. I will find one, tweak it for the better, and teach it to you. Let’s start the hunt. I won’t hunt on YouTube or Fiverr for this article, but I will dive deeper into the Forex factory forums. There are several different strategies there. I’ve studied many of them to …

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$20379 1 Minute GOLD Scalping Strategy (BEST Volume Indicator!)

It’s disheartening to follow a trading strategy perfectly but still constantly lose trades. I will show you what’s wrong, how to fix it, and how I made $20,379 gold scalping this past week (thanks to volume). If you’re losing too many trades, you should consider adding a volume indicator to reduce some poor entries. Volume is essential because it can tell you …

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EASY Beginner 1 Minute Scalping Forex Strategy Price Action

Life isn’t easy. Women aren’t easy. However, this 1M Forex strategy is so easy that even a beginner can use it to make money. I only use one moving average and a couple of simple patterns to win easy breakout trades like one that made me $2,600. If we go into my verified account, you can see I won 6 out …

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How To Make $12,876 Copy Trading Forex Signals!

I made $12,876 in three days copy trading Forex signals, and this is how to do it: I created a free copy trader that copies signals from my VIP trading room to your trading account some months ago. It opens trades, sets the target profit and stop loss, and I can send a message at any time to place the stop loss to break even or even …

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Forex Scalping Strategy: How To Make $1884 In 1 Minute!

I made $1,884 trading poolside daily on vacation with a one-minute Forex scalping strategy. It’s easy and fast, and I will teach you today. After 100 trades, this one-minute Forex scalping strategy won 427 percent in only five months. That’s why I’m so interested in it, and I will teach you exactly how to use it in this article. You’ll see my …

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