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TWP VIP Signal: Monthly Report July 23

Hey guys! The trading month of July comes to an end, at the start of this month I said I’m aiming for a 10% return and we did it in the Forex VIP room with some of huge wins and overall consistent performance. My strategy worked great as I was expecting and we ended the month with a sweet +10.07%  gain. Here I break it down week by week how I did it and what were the thought process behind some of my best trades.


First Week of Forex Signals

Started the first week and the month on a bang with a huge win in CHF/JPY that made +3% within a few hours. I used a simple supply/demand strategy with the help of higher timeframe trend to call that trade. I was looking closely at the chart and the support level of 160.439 was holding strong with multiple rejections. I saw a huge push from that area which became my demand zone and then a pullback to that zone gave me the buy signal.

Watch here to learn in detail how i traded it:

Got a quick +2R win in NZD/USD the next day that made me over $2500 personally. Price took out a level of 0.61450 and faced rejection from the demand zone, I called a Buy Market order with TP2 set at a recent swing high and it was an awesome win.

Had a couple more wins for the week in some of my favorite Japanese Yen pairs NZD/JPY, CHF/JPY that I won with the help of long-term bearish bias in the Yen. Overall a great week with a gain of +6.57% for VIP members.

Week 2 of Forex Signals

I did my start-of-the-week analysis, marked my zones and levels, and set my alerts. I had a bearish bias for the US Dollar that i called in VIP room Monday morning and i planned my trades around that bias.  

With two huge wins in NZD/USD and USD/CAD I made +4% for the day of Tuesday securing over 60 pips using simple supply/demand strategy that i taught on my YouTube for FREE. Watch here how i traded these setups:

With the help of a bearish bias on the US Dollar, i created a medium-term bullish bias in this pair and marked my levels. 0.61590 was a strong support level and the price pushed aggressively from there creating a demand zone. I waited for a pullback and called a Buy Stop order as soon as my entry zone was validated. 

Similarly, with the help of US Dollar bias, i called this short trade in USD/CAD after it took out a resistance level of 1.32860 and faced aggressive selling there. I sent a  Sell Limit order and in my Forex signal room with over 1550 members. This trade banked a quick +2R TP that was set at a recent swing low.

Had another banger of a trade in EUR/CAD where we made 42 pips for a Risk: Reward of 1:2 A bullish bias in the Canadian dollar helped create a bullish bias for this pair and i looked at higher timeframe chart for further confirmation. For entry, i looked at key level and a liquidity grab just below that level pushed the trade all the way to my TP within hours.

Concluded the week with another quick win in GBP/USD on Friday that i called using my bearish USD bias and target at a recent swing high for an easy win. Closed the week on a positive note with a total gain of +6.00% and a 12.57% for the month helping VIP members make nice bank and pass prop firm challenges.

Week 3 of Forex Signals

The third week started slow for me with a couple of trades that didn’t fill my entry on Monday and then a couple losses in the midweek. After an incredible run in the last two weeks some of the pairs were showing signs of reversal and some were just consolidating. I usually avoid trading such charts but still had a beauty win of +1.5% in USD/CHF, I saw a key level of 0.86065 being taken out before the price got pushed down hard. This was a classic liquidity grab strategy and worked so well:

This week started slow and with i didn’t see much opportunity a few days of the week. Overall a losing week but i capped it at a small loss of -1.5% still being up over +11% for the month.

Week 4 of Forex Signals

The last week of the month started on a bang with two huge trades on Monday basically bullying the Japanese Yen. I had my eyes on AUD/JPY and CAD/JPY for long entry and higher timeframe gave me a clear green signal to go ahead that is when i market my levels and waited for pullbacks.

The AUD/JPY pair had strong support at 94.851 and the price pushed aggressively from there creating a demand zone that became my entry, price came back to the zone i called a Buy Stop order and it shot right to my TP for a sweet win of +2%

I also gave you this trade free of cost in the FREE signal room.

Similar to the last trade i had a clear bullish bias in CAD/JPY and i saw it take down a key level of 106.800 and grab liquidity before it pushed higher. I went long as soon as it entered my entry zone and the price never retraced back to DD. A successful trade banking us +2%

Watch here for a detailed explanation on the trade

Heading into the week i still maintained a bearish bias on Yen and traded the same strategy but ended up giving back some of my wins. No strategy can win 100% of trades but in my post-trade analysis, i found out i could’ve been a little more selective with the trades and should have avoided sluggish markets. But again capped the losses small and closed the final week with a loss of -1% 


I started the month with the aim of making 10% and kept on it pushed hard on some trades and biases secured some huge wins had some losses as well but made +10.07% for the month. Every strategy has good and bad days and when there is a winning streak we juice as much as possible from the market which is what i did the first half of the month. I’m happy with the result, my team is happy, and the VIP members are happy. 

Watch my viral video on supply/demand strategy that I posted recently on my channel:

Going ahead in the August month I am already planning my trades, my biases are set, have implemented some improvements and I expect an even better result. Come join us as we keep crushing the market.

Much love!

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. hi, i’m really interested in join the VIP. i asked MFF that they don’t allow trades from signals. can your signals pass these circumstances?

  2. As a new VIP member great to see the monthly recap!

    Thank you

  3. Have you ever had a bad month ?

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