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Dynamic Trend Trader Review (Forex Indicator)

Dynamic Trend Trader is a Forex indicator and complete trading system built for all types of traders. The system is compatible with daytraders, scalpers, swing traders and position traders of all experience levels. The vendor feels that their system is the only tool traders will ever need, which is why they advertise it as complete. Today we will be providing …

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FX Price Signals Review (VIP Trades)

FX Price Signals is a VIP Forex trading signal provider that promises a minimum of 1000 pips per month with an 85% to 90% win rate. They claim to have over 6 years of experience, over 900 trades per year, over 100 profitable months and over 400 happy customers. With numbers like these is very important that we analyze this …

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FX Scalpers Scalping Academy Review

FX Scalpers Premier Scalping Academy is a Forex trading course built to teach traders how to “scalp the FDX market with confidence and consistency.” They aim to have an average trade length of 56 minutes on any pair, with an average monthly gain of 8.4%. Today we will be providing a detailed review and letting you know if you should …

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FRT: Pterodactyl Forex Robot Review

Pterodactyl Forex Robot is another automated system by the Forex Robot Trader team. They claim that it utilizes next level intelligence to monitor the market while finding easy trends to take advantage of using fractals and retracements. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if this is the type of automated trading solution that you …

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Jet Trader Pro Review (LeapFX)

Jet Trader Pro is an automated Forex robot that claims to be able to gain 1,939% on a $500 investment “in just 16 months.” These are extremely high numbers, so it’s important that we provide a full review of this system and let the community know if the numbers are substantiated and verified in any way. This area will also …

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Forex Avia Robot Review (Rita Lasker)

Forex Avia Robot is the newest automated expert advisor developed by Rita Lasker and the Green Forex Group. This time around, Rita claims that she is put together an automated trading product that can help traders profit up to $500 every single day. We’ve reviewed many different products by this vendor over the years, and while we appreciate the amount …

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ThatFXTrader Review (

ThatFXTrader ( is a Forex trading group that provides trading signals, online courses, group sessions, one-on-one sessions and different trading videos to help clients achieve their goals. They claim to be “an FX trading system with ongoing care and support designed for everyone.” Today we will provide a full review, look at each of the service is that they are …

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FRT: HAS MTF Forex Robot Review

HAS MTF Forex Robot is the original EA developed by the Forex Robot Trader team. They referred to as “the original automated killer,” that “locates huge trend trades by monitoring all the time frames at once.” According to the sales page, this system has generated over $600,000 just this year, so it’s important that we analyze the statistics and let …

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Metagrid Trademanager for MT4 Review

Metagrid Trademanager is a Forex indicator built to lower your risk when trades immediately go in the wrong direction, while increasing profits when they go in the right direction. It accomplishes this by providing built-in money management alongside other features and “flexible settings” that “allow tailoring to match your trading style.” The software is owned by IT + Median and …

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KTFRX Review (Trading Signals)

KTFRX is a Forex signal service and trade copier provider that aims to gain 5% per week for their clients. The team believes the traders need to experience losses in order to know how, and they’ve gone through that process and now have perfected trading methods they want to share community. They feel that taking advantage of experience expert traders …

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