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EA Review: FXHelix

FXHelix is a new Forex EA utilizing a grid / trend strategy in order to earn “stable profit every day without long drawdowns.” The team believes in putting forth a minimum effort while still achieving maximum results on the AUDUSD pair. We will provide you with a full review and analysis, so you know whether or not this is the …

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Signals Review: Forex Trade Forecast

Forex Trade Forecast ( is promising 90% accurate Forex trading signals for traders trading in the US and Europe market sessions. They believe that they are able to provide such a high level of accuracy, because they double check on every single signal they sent to their clients. There is a specific process in which every signal has to be …

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Signals Review: Blue Mind FX

Blue Mind FX is a Forex signal provider that promises to average 300-500 net pips per week. Along with the signal service, members get access to an exclusive group chat where traders share “ideas, charts, analysis, education and so much more.” Today will be providing a full analysis, and letting you know if the vendor is living up to their …

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Robot Review: Expert Advisor Company (exaco)

Expert Advisor Company (exaco) is the creator of a MT4 robot that’s built to trade the EURUSD or GBPUSD on complete autopilot. They claim that their software is currently “the best investment for yielding a return of your capital.” In our review today, we will sort through all of the information provided, and conclude whether or not this is a …

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EA Review: Algopound

Algopound is a new Forex expert advisor which looks to solidify an average return of 3% to 6% per month while keeping the drawdown below 15%. They feel that with these numbers, traders get easily grow their trading accounts on a consistent basis in the Forex marketplace. In this review, we will be analyzing these numbers, the trading results provided …

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Indicator Review: Fibo Quantum Scalper

Fibo Quantum Scalper is a new Forex indicator that promises fast profits, with power and accuracy. Built to work on the M1 and M5 timeframes, this product is supposed to the so easy to use that “even a baby can do it.” Today, we will provide a full overview, and let you know if the service is a viable opportunity, …

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Robot Review: Forex EA Trader

Forex EA Trader is an automated robot that’s been on the market for going on 2 years. During this time it hasn’t accrued much of a reputation, but they claim their clients are part of the 4% of Forex traders that are succeeding in the market, so we will provide further analysis. The vendor provides no information about their whereabouts, …

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Signals Review: Golden Option Trading

Golden Option Trading is advertised as a VIP Forex signal service, where all traders need to do is “copy, paste and profit.” It’s a catchy little tagline, and it’s accompanied by an emoji of a smiley face with money in his eyes, so you know it must be serious. Okay, all jokes aside, today we will provide you with a …

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Signals Review: FXStrikes

FXStrikes is a Forex signal provider that offers trading services to both retail and institutional clients. They feel that through transparency, clarity and simplicity that they are able to assist the market in a way that other providers have failed to the past. They claim to “work every hour on the hour to make your trading life easier and to …

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Robot Review: Pro FX EA

Pro FX EA is an automated Forex robot built with the intention of providing the best possible entry and exit points, so traders can win more profits in the markets. The system is built for the MT4 platform, and comes with the default settings that the vendor claims of the perfect for long-term stability and power. As it stands, we …

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