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Robot Review: Forex Cyborg

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot by a company the claims we’ve seen the rest and now it’s time that we see the best, Forex Cyborg. The developers of the system advertise it as “the most innovative multicurrency Forex trading robot on the market.” It is built to work with 14 currency pairs simultaneously on 15 minute charts. It’s …

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VPS Review: FXVM

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FXVM is one of the most popular Forex VPS providers in the marketplace, and is frequently the top recommendation for many different Forex trading blogs. The service is built specifically with Forex traders in mind, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why this provider is touted as the top option by so many traders. They believe that every …

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Ultimate Forex Signals Review & Analysis

Ultimate Forex Signals is a new provider that claims their service only requires 5 minutes of your day, and will give you the ability to trade as a professional. They send out one email a day, at 12PM London time (7AM EST), with two trade alerts including entry price, take profit price and stoploss level that you need to set. …

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Signals Review: Forex Lens

Forex Lens is a Forex signal service and innovative trading room with managed account possibilities as well. This development team believes that their group of experienced professionals understand which trading strategies are most profitable. They want the community to know that they can stop analyzing charts today, because they are team “will find high probable trade setups and send them …

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Robot Review: Dragon Expert

Dragon Expert is a new Forex robot guaranteeing 60-100% profit per month. They believe that they are able to achieve these aggressive claims because their software utilizes “the most advanced real-time algorithm code,” in conjunction with a correlation pairs strategy. This guarantee is very hard to believe, and at first bluff comes across as mildly asinine. In this review, we …

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Signals Review: LeapFX’s Power Trader

Power Trader is a new Forex signal service promising low risk, accurate trading signals that will bring profits in both the short and long-term. Each signal takes into account the key principles of price action, volatility and short-term trending strategies. The signal service is owned by Lance Hunter, the creator of LeapFX, a Forex trading group that generally focuses on …

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Review: Traders Academy Club by Vladimir Ribakov

The Traders Academy Club is a Forex educational service with live trading webinars, signals, guest traders, daily market analytics, videos, downloads and trading career opportunities. It’s an all encompassing product that goes for $197 per year, and looks to help turn regular community members into real traders. Owned and operated by Vladimir Ribakov, this long time trader has been a …

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Review: Zero to Hero Forex Signals

Promising a commitment to success, today’s review analyzes a provider that wants to help traders reach their potential, Zero to Hero Forex Signals. This group believes that through their comprehensive trading experience, outstanding test performance, and a member recommendations that they are the most reliable signal provider in the marketplace. The service is relatively new, with the website being registered …

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Signals Review: Signalator

Signalator is a Forex signal provider that claims to have been serving traders with trade alerts for over 15 years. The service offers trading signals sent by professional human traders via SMS and E-mail. They also offer the automated execution of trades for any of their clients utilizing the MT4 platform. They understand that it’s difficult to devote time to …

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Signals Review: Steady Capture FX

Today I’m reviewing a service that focuses on trading signals and private account management, Steady Capture FX. The service is based on a Forex trading strategy that is “built on the principles of consistency and professionalism.” The name has been in the market for some time, so I figured it’s time that I take a closer look and give traders …

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