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FX Vortex Indicator Review

FX Vortex is a Forex Indicator developed specifically for the MT4 platform. The creators of the service promise a “new revolutionary signals generating technology” that will ensure traders consistent and reliable profits. Today we will be providing a full review to see if they live up to their self-driven hype.

There is no information about the vendors, their location, or the type of trading history they have in the Forex market. This team should really consider providing details about each of these aspects if they want to create a more trustworthy relationship with the community. In every case, we always want to know who’s behind the software or system we are using.

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FX Vortex Indicator Review

The FX Vortex Indicator team provide 6 reasons why traders should consider their system, over their competitors. Here are those reasons:

  1. Easy to follow – the system provides exact take profit and stop loss levels.
  2. No guessing – traders don’t have to influence trades with their own knowledge.
  3. No repainting – after a signal is generated on the chart, it will not modify.
  4. Trade alerts – you will be alerted every time you receive a signal, via MT4, e-mail and mobile push notifications.
  5. Free updates – the team is “constantly hard at work developing improvements and updating trade techniques.
  6. Newbie friendly – very easy to use for all levels of traders

While many of these reasons are simple, or common in other indicators, it does give us some insight into what they feel is important.


The FX Vortex is a trend-following indicator, but that’s really all that’s provided about the strategy. The development team doesn’t go into any detail about their methodologies, and really leaves us guessing. If they want to be taken seriously, or considered for best Forex Indicator status, they will need to be much more transparent about their trade approach.

Instead of strategy, they tend to focus on instructions, so traders know how to use the software, appealing to less experienced traders. They show different examples where a grey rectangle is spanning the chart, before a signal is provided with 3 take profit points. Each take profit and stop loss level is provided, and connected to a specific color box directly on your chart.

The indicator does appear easy to use, but doesn’t provide the amount of strategy insight we look for in 2020.

Indicator Analysis

  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $27
  • Strategy: Trend-following
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

For traders interested in the FX Vortex Indicator, it is priced very low at just $27, down from the original price of $137. We are unsure why there has been such a significant dip in price, but we assume that the business isn’t very active, so they are doing whatever they can to renew interest.

Client Feedback

There is very little client feedback available for the FX Vortex indicator. The only real reviews we found seem to be for a different trading system, called the Vortex Trader Pro.

It seems that this indicator isn’t very popular to this point, but hopefully our review can give traders a place to leave their feedback.

Trading Results

Much like most other Forex indicators developers, the FX Vortex team fails to provide any real trading results. They have a short video with trade examples, and a handful of screenshots on the website, but nothing significant.

Considering the indicator has been on the market for over a year, there is really no excuse as to why there are no trading results. The vendor should be trading the indicator at least a few times a month, every month to show the community that it’s viable.

While it isn’t common place for indicator developers to provide Myfxbook accounts, we do believe it’s the direction this market should be going in. In 2020, there is no reason for traders to purchase a product that the vendor can’t prove works. We aren’t asking for something outlandish here, just a few trades a month on a verified account. We expect the same from our most recent indicator reviews of the Velocity Finder Neural Trader, Strike Trader Elite and Megalodon Trading.


The FX Vortex Indicator shows average promise. We like how the system looks on the charts, but that’s about it. Based on the lack of information provided by the vendor, they score quite poorly on strategy and trading results, which happen to be the two most important ratings. Hopefully they can resolve these issues and continue to provide a cheap indicator.

If you have anything you want to add to the review, now would be the time.

FX Vortex $27
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


FX Vortex is a non-repainting Forex indicator that provides trading signals and comes with free updates for the first two years.

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Free updates (2 years)
No repainting
Built-in alerts


No strategy insight
No trading results

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  1. Just bought this and yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh, set it all up on mt4 etc and within a minute or so I could see going back over previous signals that this would certainly cost me lot of money….many losses, some very big ones too…. so yeah, as stand alone product it does not look promising….but might look to combine it with some other indicators and try and filter out the losses a bit might be an option because it also did record a few wins too…

  2. very very worst indicator in this world .

    pls dont do like this

    totally waste indicator in this world

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