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Velocity Finder Neural Trader Review

Velocity Finder Neural Trader is the second Forex indicator developed by the WeTalkTrade team. This time around, they are looking to provide a premium solution at $2200, that they believe uses all of the “best Forex trading strategies.” They feel that it differs from other indicators available in the market because of its “strong logic and unique analysis to yield better results.” Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if any indicator is worth spending over $2000 to acquire.

The WeTalkTrade development team is located at 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808. They really only came to prominence in the Forex marketplace in the past two to three years, so they are still relatively new. Their approach comes across as very professional as you can see in our reviews of the WeTalkTrade Signals, and PipBreaker indicator products they offer. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email


Velocity Finder Neural Trader Review

The developers tell us that their Velocity Finder Neural Trader is a completely versatile indicator. It provides precise buy/sell indications, based on the processing of a large volume the advanced market data.

They 6 reasons why the indicator is a perfect stress-free way to trade Forex marketplace. These reasons include reliability, accuracy, inclusivity, uniqueness, ease-of-use and expertise. Reliability because the system doesn’t repaint and uses real-time data. Accuracy because the indicator works with a high rate of accuracy. Inclusivity because the indicator is suitable for all market conditions and traders of all skill levels. Uniqueness because of its unique logic and trading strategies. Ease-of-use because it is compatible with both MT4 and MT5. Lastly, experts because the software is formulated by experts. Though, while we have reviewed multiple products from the WeTalkTrade team, we really don’t know who their analysts are, or what type of Forex trading experience they have.


The Velocity Finder Neural Trader sales page mentions that they use the best Forex strategies available on multiple occasions, but they don’t really tell us what those strategies are. Much like their PipBreaker presentation, they fail to provide any real detailed information about their trading approach and methodology.

They make vague references to strategy and strong logic, but fail to explain any of the elements.

If they want to be considered a best Forex indicator by the market, and not just internally, they are going to have to flush out their ideas better.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $2200
  • Strategy: All Strategies
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

At $2200, the Velocity Finder Neural Trader, is the most expensive indicator we’ve ever come across. Most commercially successful indicators cost anywhere from $100 to $200, so it’s a pretty significantly to pay over $2000. There are no upsell or recurring fees, but it’s very difficult to consider spending such a large amount of money for an unproven software.

Client Feedback

In going through our other reviews of WeTalkTrade systems, it’s clear that the client feedback is mostly negative. There is actually a single review of the Velocity Finder indicator as well, from a reade of ours claiming that it’s “totally useless,” which is not a good sign.

We don’t want to completely attack the vendor based on previous client feedback, but it’s worth noting that the majority of our readers haven’t been happy with this company up until this point.

Trading Results

Despite charging $2200, the WeTalkTrade team provide no trading results to prove that the Velocity Finder Neural Trader indicator is profitable. The price point they are charging, this group should certainly be trading this indicator on a daily basis and showing us how successful it is on Myfxbook.

To provide no results at all is disappointing and discouraging.


While the Velocity Finder Neural Trader development team WeTalkTrade come across as professional, and put together, their system needs work. As it stands, we can’t recommend a program that costs over $2000 and doesn’t provide any insight into their methodology or verified trading results. This vendor needs to prove that their software is profitable before anyone pulls out their credit card to make a payment. We still hold out hope that this is a positive system, but won’t recommended it until we see our expectations met.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Velocity Finder Neural Trader $2200
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
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Velocity Finder Neural Trader is an expensive Forex indicator by WeTalkTrade, going for $2200.

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Customize SL and TP levels Instant trade alerts Installation assistance


High price Little strategy insight No trading results

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  1. I bought the indicator for $200 during christmas while they had a special and am very happy with it. It has a very high success rate. I am not sure I would pay $2200 for it but for $200 definately worth the money..sucess rate is probably around 70 percent.

  2. Akinwumi Akinola

    Hello please create a link or website to purchase this indicator …I love the indicator .I want to purchase it

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