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Xautoprofits is a new automated trading software that claims to be the number one expert advisor on the market. This is a pretty aggressive claim considering they are just starting to get their feet wet, and it’s definitely something we won’t forget during the review process. The vendor also mentioned something about how their software gives traders access to “$826,619 daily profits in Forex trades only,” but we aren’t exactly sure if this is a promise about their software, or an analysis of the market in general. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if this is the type of software you should be adding to your trade account.

The creators of the software failed to provide any information about their trading history, whereabouts or experience in the Forex market. This lack of transparency is concerning, especially when we are dealing with a system that has only been on the market for a few weeks. We hope that they read our critiques and provide more transparency, because as it stands the lack of information makes the company come across as quite unprofessional.


Xautoprofits Review

The Xautoprofits website provides very little detail about the service, with only a few hundred words of content. Even still, they manage to confuse with explanations that make the software seem like an indicator and even promises of life-changing secrets in a “trading Forex Ebook.” This is quite strange, as there is no other mention of the Ebook anywhere on the website, including the purchase page.

Another concern we have, has to do with the awards section of the sales page. According to this section, the software has won three awards, deeming the robot, the “Best EA of 2019.” The problem with these awards, is that they have not actually been awarded. The expert advisor wasn’t even available in 2019, as this website was launched midway through January 2020. Also, if you go to the Global Forex Awards website, they have full list of their award winners, and Xautoprofits is nowhere to be found. In fact, they don’t even provide an award for automated trading systems.

Furthermore, the World Forex Award team commented below proving that they have never given any award to this company.

Obviously, this type of blatant deception isn’t a good sign, as all of the best Forex robots in this market need to be honest and transparent.


The robot uses a “reliable grid trading strategy” that utilizes artificial intelligence to collect data and analyze past market movements in order to find trading patterns. They feel that their grid trading approach in conjunction with a collection of no lag indicators sets the Xautoprofits robot apart from their competitors.

The software is compatible with all Forex pairs and crypto currencies. It uses take profits, tight stop losses and built in money management to secure profits. The system also includes optimized settings, free updates, ECN support, and multiple filters.

The vendors tell us that there are 12 strategies to choose from, but they don’t give specific details about each of them. This analysis is better than what we’ve seen in recent reviews of Celestial Trading Tools, Forex Fastron and the Grandmaster Expert Advisor.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $154
  • Strategy: Grid
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: All Pairs & Cryptocurrencies

Traders interested in the Xautoprofits EA can purchase it for $154. With the purchase comes access to the robot, free updates, a members only forum all delivered directly via email. There is no mention of licenses, so we really don’t know how many accounts the software is built to work on. We would have to assume that this means traders get access to a single account license.

Trading Results

Despite making a 236% ROI promise, the Xautoprofits robot doesn’t provide any verified trading results. Without a Myfxbook account, there is no way that this robot can be considered the “No #1 Automated Trading Software.”

The vendor provides multiple YouTube videos where they scroll through the different trades that the software is placing in their MT4 terminal. The problem with this type of results is that it is not accurate, or proven in any way. Vendors can easily manipulate videos in order to show only the positive results, and ignore any losses.

The creators of the system desperately need to upgrade their trading results if they want to compete in this marketplace.


The best part of the Xautoprofits presentation was the analysis they provided of their strategy, but outside of this, they ticked very few boxes. The expert advisor fails to provide any verified trading results, doesn’t give us any details of their background, and even uses fake awards which really makes them come across as a dishonest company. Thus, at this point we will not be able to recommend this automated trading program.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Xautoprofits $154
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Xautoprofits is a Forex robot promising a 236% return on investment.

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Automated software
Low price
236% ROI promise


No verified results
No strategy insight
Fake awards

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  1. Its a cone. This ea is rubbish. I purchased it in the beginning of the year. Tested it for almost 2 months.The ea blew a 10k demo account. The owner stopped responding to my emails when i requested for a refund. I would not recommend it unless you want to waste your money.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    You are using our logo on your page and informing that you have recieved awards from us. You have never recieved awards from World Forex Award, you even haven’t been nominated. Please delete our logo from your website immadiately or we will start legal actions from March 20, 2020.


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