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Celestial Trading Tools Review (Automated)

Celestial Trading Tools is an automated trading provider with global expert advisors, and a copy trading platform built to help traders take control of their future. The creators of the project put a premium on verified trading results which is also very important to us here at Forex Robot Nation. Today we will analyze the automated trading systems, and let you know that they are viable in current market conditions.

Launched just over a year ago, the CTT team “mission is to constantly innovate and adapt, so that we are able to deliver consistent, sustainable and long-term results that our clients come to depend on us for.” While they provide information about their goals in the Forex marketplace, they don’t provide any information about who they are, where they are located, or the type of trading experience they have. We definitely expect a little more transparency in these areas.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email

Update: Our additional research shows that the service is located somewhere in Seychelles, in East Africa. This information is not provided on the sales page.


Celestial Trading Tools Review

The Celestial Trading Tools service is built around innovation, dependable results and adaptability. The creators want to make trading simple and accessible by providing automated copy trading. They appear to advertise their services as an expert advisor, but it’s more of a copy trading robot, than an actual robot. Traders will receive an expert advisor that will follow the trades of another system or trader, and then be copied directly to your account.

So, while an expert advisor is used to relay the trades, this is much more of a MAM/PAMM, managed account service, than it is an expert advisor. We’ve seen this same sort of marketing approach used by ROFX, which is another managed account service after reading as a Forex robot.


According to the sales page, the Celestial Trading Tools service uses “complex mathematical analysis within preset parameters to execute trades.” Sadly, none of the analysis, parameters or general methodology are provided by the creators of the system. Considering this developer mentions transparency multiple times on their website, it’s quite surprising that they provide no information about their “pre-programmed strategies and equations.”

In order to compete in the automated Forex marketplace vendors are required to provide a high level of detail when it comes to trading strategy. Especially in cases like these where the developer is very new to the market, and has little experience trading.

To qualify for best Forex robot status, every aspect of the service needs to be polished and properly explained.


  • Type: Expert Advisor / Copy Trading
  • Price: Broker Deposit
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

Instead of paying for the Celestial Trading Tools, traders are required to deposit at least £1000 GBP with the ICMarkets broker to get access. The broker boss has to be filled with 32787, which is the affiliate account of the vendor, to ensure that they get commission off of every trade that you place. This way, they get payment whilst traders are using their signals, which is a very common approach in the binary options and cryptocurrency markets.

Traders have to select a RAW Spread account, with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Immediately after completing these steps, traders will have to connect their new ICMarkets account to the CTT hosting partner. Once this is completed, traders get access to the members area where they can connect their account, and select their signal provider.

If you cannot signup with ICMarkets, you cannot use this service.

Client Feedback (2021 Update)

The client feedback is no longer positive.

In the past few months their 5 star rating dropped to 2.3, and 49% of their reviews are now 1 star reviews.

The majority of the recent reviews are from clients claiming this is a complete scam now. One clients says that their service lost over 90% for their clients in recent months. This is obviously concerning.

Trading Results

The Celestial Trading Tools team provides us with a single Myfxbook account. This is a bit confusing because the developers mention multiple strategies and signal providers. We would like a clear explanation of why this is, and show us the exact steps of how to re-create their profits, instead of working through the strategies on our own.

The account is showing a 547% gain, and a 31.51% drawdown with ICMarkets over the course of 18 months. During this time, the system has placed nearly 2800 trades with an average trade length of 14 hours and 55 minutes for a gain of over 10600 pips. The risk reward ratio is 1:1 with the average win coming in at 14.21 pips, and the average loss at -13.08 pips.

While many of the numbers are impressive, there is also a lot of hidden data. The vendors high more data than any other expert advisor developer of the market, and they also utilized a custom start date which is an old trick ea providers used to use to cover poor performance periods. We aren’t sure that’s what’s happening here, but that is our experience with this message.


While the majority of the service comes across as professional and impressive, we do have our concerns with the Celestial Trading Tools too. We would like to see more information about their trading strategy, since details about why they didn’t so much data in their Myfxbook account, and more transparency about who is running the company. In addition, the largest concern we have is with the affiliates they choose to have relationships with. We would consider recommending the product now, but we see that this vendor is connected to some very shady people that we simply can’t trust.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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Celestial Trading Tools is a copy trading service with an impressive Myfxbook account.

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Verified myfxbook results Professional service Copy trading


Untrustworthy affiliates No strategy insight Large deposit required

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  1. All started well and I was getting 10% per month on average. But that is when it was AFT. When it became CTT, all seemed well for a few months but their modified Martingale system started to go against them. They seemed to panic and made crazy decisions – selling at lows and buying at highs. Then the called it hedging. The result is blown accounts and lots of people lost a lot of money. They dont respond to questions… they opened up two ‘new’ systems but one of those cracked too. I dont know how the other is faring as I got the hell out of Dodge. Very unprofessional. They dont care as they get a lot of commission off the spreads – it doesnt matter if they win or lose. STAY AWAY

  2. Andrew Griffiths

    Have to say that CTT are very professional, they had a hicup in January this year but since May last year I’m up over 200% on my capital.
    A lot better than some of the other scams in the market place.

  3. After the hiccup at the end of Jan, CTT did honour to not charge the clients until the loss was made back. I don’t imagine many other providers would do such a thing.
    March 2020 – saw varying levels of performance due to slippage with ic market servers, several people making over 1% daily gain whilst others making 5% losses. April and May have recovered really well and most clients have now regained the 20% loss that occurred on Jan 31st.
    I’m happy with the performance so far. Recently heard that the new owners are based in Dubai but that’s all i know.

  4. I am guessing you are talking about 31st January Neil? Everyone lost approx 20% due to a ridiculous sell trade CTT placed on GBPUSD on Brexit Day of all days!!! Up until now CTT have proved very profitable for me. They have always been pretty cautious and good at switching the EA off on specific and highly volatile days such as US NFP and Brexit associated days. However they have had a few personnel changes at the top and recently a rebranding which appears to have taken over their focus. They now trade on such days and lose money on them. They clearly do not trust their own system and have crazy Stop Losses – on 31st Jan they manually closed everyone’s trades off at the 20% losses, without notice, because of the huge drawdown even though the trade got no where near the SL and CTT boast some amazing Hedge Fund no one has ever seen or been able to get details of. However, when trading re-opened after the weekend the trade had reversed and continued to do so, by Monday afternoon everyone would have been in decent profits had the EA been allowed to run its course!!! CTT’s Customer Service is awful also… if you try their live chat you just get told to email support and if you do that you may or may not get a reply and if you do it can take over a week. It is believed that they are simply using the LifeChanger EA with their own settings. As I say they have been very profitable up until 31st January… but that day was a bad day for everyone involved and the response from CTT was terrible.

  5. I’ve just lost 7k with these clowns .DO NOT USE

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