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Robot Review: RoFX ( appears to be taken down.

There are many rumors circulating that this is a scam now, and that many lost their funds.

I hope this isn’t the case, but if it is, please be safe, and I wish you all the best.

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RoFX is not a robot, but a Forex robot investment program that allows traders to deposit and withdraw based on their own needs.

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Founded in 2009 Includes company location Unique growth approach


Not a Forex robot

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  1. easy to know it is a scam,more money you invest,more % you get,and to good to be true,only look at myfxbook trade history,it is only pips round number,it is like GNTFX,ANOTHER SCAM

  2. I’ve been with them for over 9 months. Few small withdrawals at the start were ok. Then the last large one they started with AML rubbish. 3 months now and nothing. No replies to my emails and when you call support they ask you to email compliance – which replies with a generic email. Bad support.
    After doing a bit more research I found out their “headquarters” are rented pop up business centres. No one to contact, no one knows the people running this mob and hundreds of different bank accounts to deposit money into- smells like a money laundering scam to me.

    • Ever since the ICO didn’t happen, it’s been a mess.

    • Their site was taken down

      Their site was taken down. lost money with many others

    • I invested with RoFX beginning in March 2020 and was able to withdraw “earnings” monthly until the failed ICO on June 1st. Later in June I was placed on AML investigation. I complied with their requests but was never removed from AML. On 9/17 the owners took down the website and disabled their phones and email support. They placed a message that the website was seized by ICE but that has been verified to NOT be the case. Check Reddit under BRKROFX for more information.

  3. I hear this project is crumbling and looking like a Ponzi scheme. People unable to withdraw funds, and fake FXBook results. What’s the update?

  4. How do you file taxes for this?

  5. is still good?

    • The majority of the feedback here is positive to this point, which is a good sign.

      • look at trade history myfxbook,there are only round pips number,always 11 or 9 or 22 pips there are no 10.3 or 23.5 pips,can you explain to me,it is impossible,and a drawdown with .035 impossible to,it is a scam and you will see later,it like GNTFX more you put money,more you make,big amount,less fee ,it can take years but many peoples will loose everything at the end,not them,remember to good to be true

        • It would be good to see some other Myfxbook trading accounts with other brokers to be safe. Though, I haven’t had anyone come in here commenting, saying it doesn’t work or that they haven’t gotten their withdrawals yet. Which is a good sign, given that this service has been on the market for multiple years.

          • i asked rofx chat,why you have 107 millions with ESTER unregulated broker when you clain to use only regulated broker,why there is no withdrawalmstill waiting for answer,click on fxbook account and why last update always 10 or 20 hours ago,any other account always 5 min or 45 min ago

          • I don’t think it’s something nefarious, but please let me know what they say.

          • myfxbook,why the pips value are the same ROFX eur:usd and gdp:usd 10 usd a lot,histoiric trade,win 10 pips eur usd=100 win gdp usd 10 pips =100 for 1 lot,it does not work like that,pips dont have the same value,open your eyes,something wrong

  6. The have 2fa now to protect your funds from people which is a plus in the security tab

  7. Opened an account and was going to make a deposit as they propose by issuing an invoice which they generated and said to wire money to Notus LLC Grand Island NY at their Key Bank account. Anyone else seen this?

    • Just follow the instructions and youll be fine.Ive wired money to them quite a
      a few times(International wires) before they started offering domestic wires to US customers.Never have had a problem.Ever.

    • I have sent money and it made it and have not had any issues yet i sent to Wealthy Developments LP when i made my deposit
      I live in Australia and sent through commbank

  8. niccolo' taveggia

    can you review 1000 pip climber system and cerberusfx copy trading?

  9. Can I be confident this isn’t a Ponzi scheme?

  10. I have been a account holder at ROFX now for almost 2 years and I have made numerous bank transfers both incoming and outgoing and have had no problems at all. The returns are large enough that you can withdraw all of your deposited funds over time and still allow your accumulated returns to grow and withdraw from them as well. There are AI trading services in the US that actually have larger returns but the management costs are far more and there is no guarantee of initial deposit or accumulated account growth. Look, I wouldn’t tell anyone to put all of your investment capital in this service but it is certainly a great piece to add to your overall investment portfolio.

    • I am curious how the Performance Fees are implemented in regards to monthly returns. If RoFX states that there is an average return of say 6% monthly on a $1000 investment, and their Performance Fee is 60%, does that mean that your return is actually only 2.4%?

      • No. I invested $1000 with ROFX my first trade and made a $54 profit in 1 month on that alone so about 5.4% after they took the 60% performance fee. The more you deposite though the less the performance fee becomes and the more you profit.

  11. Has anyone gone or tried to look them you in the UK. They must be registered in UK?

    • First, I’ve been an ROFX investor since March of 2019. Totally satisfied. In your scenario above, yes, 2.4% would be accurate. But remember, that is per month. A 30 day trading period is about 6 weeks. There are approximately 48 trading weeks in ‭a year when you factor in public holidays. That would equate to about 28.4% net p.a. In your scenario. However, the historical average is closer to 7.75% per month with a 60% fee at entry level you’re looking at netting 3.1% per month or about 4.5% in a 6 week trading period yielding approximately 36% p.a.

      • Seems this site isn’t interested in anything positive regarding ROFX. I’ve experienced exceptional results. Very satisfied!!

        • Why do you say that? We gave a 7.9 rating, which is very positive. We have a good relationship with ROFX.

          • From previous comments: “not sure I buy into this account;” “unreliable broker;” “not a forex robot;” “HYIP” … not exactly a stellar endorsement despite the ranking. Why the double talk?

          • I think you can be positive and skeptical at the same time. The results are good, but this isn’t a Forex robot and the results we were discussing at that time were with a broker that doesn’t have a stellar reputation. Is this a Forex robot? Am I mistaken?

  12. I used them one time with an initial $1k deposit on my credit card. After the 30 trading day trial expired I was able to transfer the initial deposit along with the proceeds of around $60 to my bank account with no problem. Since then they have not been allowing me to make another deposit with my credit card. My fear is that credit card companies are willing to resolve these issues and that’s why they’re not allowing credit cards anymore. Using a wire transfer or BTC the transaction is final with no one to help resolve any issues if this turns out to be fraudulent. Still unsure on what to think of this. I fear the $1k deposit is a drop in the bucket in hopes to lure in a larger deposit to runoff with.

  13. Hi Guys. At the time that this review was originally written ROFX didn’t have a Myfxbook page. This was one of the main criticisms. Now they do. Does this provide any reassurance at all?

    • We updated the review recently Piyush. The service isn’t a Forex robot, it’s more of a HYIP or something similar. The Myfxbook account is with an unreliable Forex broker, so we don’t put much stake into it.

      • Ok thanks. Just cos I m a novice, what is an HYIP and how do you know it isn’t a Forex Robot?

        • Hi Piyush, when you purchase a Forex robot or an expert advisor, you are given the software. You then install that software to your MT4 platform and it trades for you. That’s not what ROFX does. It’s more like a managed account service. You pay into it, and they promise specific gains. In no way is that a Forex robot.

      • Any updates since your prior review? Seems to be working quite well for me.


    They won’t pay out, don’t trust anything they say.

  15. I was suspicious too but after I saw all the numbers, it seems legit:

    • Hi Stephane, I’m not sure I buy into this account. It’s with a Forex broker called Ester. This broker is registered offshore, and is barely recognized by anyone as a stable / trustworthy platform. At this point, they are on the edge of the first page of Google for their own brand name.

  16. I have been using RoFX since December, no problems at all so far, support is always fast and kind. I have put in 2k and getting around 4-5% per month.

  17. This one i have place 1k in and am able to withdraw money via bitcoin daily without any problems it will take a long time to get back what you put in but it has support always online and seems stable

    like getting daily interest.

    You can also set to auto reinvest the interest instead also which is good if you want to build the deposit.

    So far am happy but the website needs more security for login as its only a basic password required no text message or app login to protect you investment from someone that can take your investment profit to send to any bitcoin they like which is bad.

    Just my opinion

    Thanks Daniel

  18. I have been using RoFx for about 3 months. I put in 2k and get abut 4 % growth per month. So far, nothing suspicious. They have 3 offices in Miami, UK and Hong Kong. Their trading results are posted and appear legiimite.

  19. This company is very suspicious, in their terms of service they state that if you wish to withdraw the money before the hired period, they discout 30% of the money, and take back all the eventual profit also. In the moment of account or package creation there is no signature of reading/acceptance of this terms…

    Do not put money there.

  20. Hi
    I have been able to withdraw my profits $1000 at a time with out any problems. They have been very helpful I have done this twice.

    • Mary. How long have you been with them?
      What will I get on 2k investment and can i deposit profit to my bank account?

  21. I just signed up for ROFX today and will be depositing $5k for the first time. It’s money I can afford to lose, but I’ll try to remember to come back here to post my results after 70 days.

    Wish me luck!


  22. I don’t know about anyone else but I have had a very positive results with Rofx. I can draw my profits daily or when the trading period is up. No Problem. Not everyone uses Myfxbook. Myself included.

  23. Hi my name is victor chong n i want to cancel my registration thank you

  24. Hi Everyone, Matt here. Quick message here for the whole world to see. I URGE EVERYONE WORLDWIDE NOT TO USE ANY TRADING SYSTEM ONLINE!! EVER!! I once myself signed up for a trading online group called Chase-Saunders in the UK but now they are “In Administration”. Probably will get some money back when I see my bank. I have evidence in my folder explaining what happened to this group and see what I can do to retrieve this money. There are other ways to make money online but trading online is not the way to go. If you sign up for these trading online groups you will not see the light of day with your money and will possibly get no return whatsoever with your hard earned money. PLEASE I AM URGING ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO READS THIS MESSAGE TO TURN AWAY FROM ANY ONLINE TRADING GROUP! DO NOT EVEN FEEL TEMPTED TO SIGN UP FOR ANY TRADING GROUP! AGAIN ONCE YOU SIGN UP! YOUR MONEY IS GONE! LIKE THAT! NOT EVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN! Most trading groups start off with $250 USD. After you start up with a group they will want to put extra money in this account. That’s when things start getting dodgy, then wonder what have I signed up for? Traders make their money’s worth and your hard earned money goes slowly down the drain! This is where I’ve come from regarding online trading. Don’t ever sign up for no trading please!


  25. If this product really works I would like to try to invest so I can help my children and other children to have a better life

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