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EA Review: Velocity Expert Advisor

Velocity Expert Advisor is a Forex robot that puts trader safety first with dozens of different protective measures. They feel that if traders are able to let their software run 24 hours a day with all of these measures in place, that it will certainly grow accounts at a steady pace. Today we will be providing a full review and …

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Indicator Review: Trader On Chart

Trader On Chart is a Forex indicator built for manual traders that are looking to calculate lot size and open trades quickly in their MT4 platform. The main purpose of the software is to assist traders with their pre-trade calculations in order to limit mistakes and take home more profits. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting …

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EA Review: FX Shooter (

FX Shooter is a new Forex robot promising to provide brilliant automated trading. The creators claim to be experienced Forex traders “that can make stable long-term profits” that aren’t affected by fluctuating market conditions. Today we will provide a full analysis and review the system, and let you know if it is a viable trading product that is worth the …

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Myfxbook’s Outlook Indicator Review

Outlook Indicator is a new Forex product developed by the Myfxbook team. This is well outside the normal scope of the Myfxbook services, and essentially their first foray into the Forex product marketplace. Up until this point, this website has been dedicated to helping traders host and share their trading statements. They also offer different auto trading options, reviews, contests …

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VPS Forex Trader Review (

VPS Forex Trader is a Lithuanian Forex VPS provider that promises fast servers built specifically for foreign exchange trading. They believe that it’s very important to specialize in one area, which is what sets them apart from many of their competitors that offers servers for many different reasons. In providing just Forex virtual private servers, they have an expertise that …

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Indicator Review: Pips Station (

Pips Station is a Forex indicator and trading system provider that aims to provide accurate trading signals that result in consistent profits. They currently have two products for sale, the Vortex Sniper Forex System and the FX Venom Pro Trading System. Both of these products are affordable, and promise reliable gains. In today’s review we will look at both of …

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Signals Review: Forex Specs (

Forex Specs is a signal service, with a 200 pip monthly guarantee “with high success rate and big reward ratios.” The creator of the service, Vasil Burlyanov believes that skill and confidence are the key aspects in turning a failed trader, into a successful one. Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if these signals are …

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Signals Review: Pipster FX

Pipster FX is a new service promising “profitable signals you need.” The offer has some pretty aggressive claims, saying they’ve had 100% profitable months, with a guarantee of 300 pips per week. In fact, they promise that if they don’t make 300 pips in a week, or 500 pips in 3 weeks, then they will extend your membership free of …

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AIMS Stress Free Trading Review (

AIMS stress free trading or I trade aims is a Forex service provider that offers trading signals, indicators, strategies, forums, chat rooms and more. They believe that it’s “possible to create $100,000 per year” trading Forex. By limiting trader emotion, and offering a good profitable trading system, they feel that they have the perfect solution for every level of Forex …

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VPS Review: BeeksFX (Beeks Financial Cloud)

BeeksFX (Beeks Financial Cloud) is a Forex VPS provider offering solutions for both retail traders and financial institutions. They have many different services including hybrid cloud management, cryptocurrency hosting, cme connect and of course, Forex hosting. Today we will focus our review on their Forex services, and let you know how they stack up against their competitors. Beeks Financial Cloud …

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