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Jet Trader Pro Review (LeapFX)

Jet Trader Pro is an automated Forex robot that claims to be able to gain 1,939% on a $500 investment “in just 16 months.” These are extremely high numbers, so it’s important that we provide a full review of this system and let the community know if the numbers are substantiated and verified in any way. This area will also act as a hub for traders to leave comments and have spirited discussion.

The program is developed by Jack McKennon, and sold by the LeapFX team. This group was founded in 2012, and has contributed multiple products to the Forex marketplace including their most recent Arbitron EA, LeapFX Trading Academy, and Star Trader EA. This Forex trading group looks to acquire trading systems and then promote them under their own brand, to their existing client list. Generally, the programs are developed with solid code, and come with a high level of customer support.

The vendor provides no address of the headquarters location, but they can be reached for support via


Jet Trader Pro Review

According to the sales page, the Jet Trader Pro is currently running a 14 month win streak. During this time, the software has gained over 2300 pips in profit, with an overall profit of up to 20% per month while keeping the drawdown low. We will analyze these numbers more depth during the trading results segment of the review, and hopefully they meet our expectations because the vendor is certainly selling us a bit of the dream right out of the gate.

The LeapFX team feel that too many traders are leaving their money to rocking the bank from inflation, and they provide a system that will help you “protect your money and your family’s future by putting it to work making you more money.” This is a great concept, and it’s definitely something we will look back on multiple times throughout review this EA this is a low risk trading system that should be utilized in this way.

Trading Strategy

The Jet Trader Pro team doesn’t provide very much detail about their trading approach. They mention that they use a “dynamic price protection strategy” which helps the robot “accumulate profit even with the trades are supposed lose.” It’s also notable that the system is built specifically for the EURUSD pair, but again, they don’t provide any real detail.

In looking at how the EA trades, and the fact that one of their Myfxbook accounts is labeled “Grid EA,” it’s quite apparent that this system utilizes a grid trading strategy. The vendor doesn’t bring any attention to this fact because grid trading strategies have a reputation for blowing up trading accounts.

We would much rather have the vendor tell us about their grid trading approach, and what differentiates it from other similar methodologies that we’ve seen in the past. The fact that they are giving us any information about the strategy is a bit concerning and is similar to our other recent reviews, like Forex Avia Robot and HAS MTF Forex Robot.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $347
  • Strategy: Grid
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: EURUSD

For traders interested in the Jet Trader Pro EA, it’s going for $347. With this package traders get access to prebuilt settings, hands-on support, lifetime updates and a 30 day moneyback guarantee. The vendor also promises that the robot is “always updated with the most profitable settings,” which we assume means they optimize regularly.

Client Feedback

Considering this product just hit the market, there are no client reviews at this time. Always make sure to check the comments section below our reviews to see if this has changed.

Trading Results

The LeapFX group currently provide two Jet Trader Pro Myfxbook accounts. These accounts are showing overall gains of 147%, and 61% respectively. Neither of these accounts show the 1,939% gain mentioned earlier on the website, so we aren’t exactly sure where they are getting that number from. We also find it strange that one of the trading accounts is hosted by the team, and that they appear to be selling this exact same software for $196, $150 less than LeapFX’s price. We would certainly like to see more information about this, to understand why we should purchase the software for a higher price when it is indeed cheaper from the original developer.

In terms of the trading results, the main account is showing a 61% gain with a 12% drawdown Since November 29th, 2018. During this period the software has traded 266 times with an average trade length of 5 days. When looking at the risk reward ratio, the average win is 33 pips, and the average loss is 80 pips. It’s also worth noting that during this 14 month period that the software has never had a losing month.

The results are impressive, but we do have to remember that this is a grid trader, which is usually a riskier trading method.


We have quite a few questions about the Jet Trader Pro, before we can go any further with our conclusion. We want to know more about the grid trading strategy, and why the software is being sold cheaper from another developer. Once we get to all of these two concerns, we will revisit the review and let you know how to move forward.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and experiences below the article now.

Jet Trader Pro $347
  • Pricing
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  • Client Feedback
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Jet Trader Pro is a Forex Robot by the LeapFX team that comes with plug and play settings.

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Lifetime updates
Out of the box settings
Verified results


Risky grid trading strategy
No client feedback
High price

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