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Arbitron EA Review (LeapFX)

Arbitron is a new Forex expert advisor promising to provide traders with “easy arbitrage trading.” The vendors me extremely aggressive claims telling the public that the software easily and repeatedly gained “over 21,000% profit month to month all with complete automation. When we see claims like these, the first thing we think is that this is a scam, which makes the start to this review much more skeptical than other products we’ve reviewed in recent times.

The creator of the software is LeapFX, a well-known developer in the Forex marketplace that is behind a multitude of different products and services. They’ve recently released the LeapFX Trading Academy, Star Trader EA, and Power Trader software. Many in the community believe they are releasing too many products, which makes it hard to believe they are providing ample support for each, but this isn’t a substantiated belief.

LeapFX was founded in 2012, and can be contacted for support via


Arbitron EA Review

The creators of the Arbitron EA believe that arbitrage trading is the perfect method for an automated trading program. They compare their trading approach to stock market insider trading except instead of trying to predict future market movement, there are actually trying to identify their the market will go based on the price feeds of competing brokerages. In order for an approach like this to work, the execution speed and latency generally have to be incredibly fast or else it won’t work.

The developers actually make note of many of the issues with arbitrage trading, and claim that they are all myths.

These are the reasons they’ve highlighted, and as far as we’re concerned some of them do hold weight:

  • No speed delay between brokers
  • Difficult to find fast price feeds
  • Brokers don’t allow it
  • It’s illegal
  • MT4 isn’t suitable


The strategy behind the Arbitron EA is simple, but many developers have attempted arbitrage trading in the expert advisor arena and failed. The entire concept is that the robot uses a special software that compares a fast price feed the with a slow price feed broker, and then place very fast trades based on already knowing the future price.

Is a novel idea, but there is yet to be a best Forex robot that his use this strategy in the history of the markets. LeapFX feels they can be that outlier.

Unlike most arbitrage EA’s we’ve seen in the past, the Arbitron robot does provide images of their price feeding software, and also shows us how it looks specifically on the chart. This is definitely a positive aspect, because many product developers in the past have just promised this trading strategy, without actually following through with it.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $799
  • Strategy: Arbitrage
  • Timeframe: M1

There are 2 ways for traders to purchase the Arbitron EA. There is a 3 month payment plan which costs $347 per month, or a one time payment of $799. All of these products come with lifetime licenses, the software, updates and support. This price point is really quite high compared to the rest of the marketplace, and $500 more than the number one rated product. You can see in our recent reviews of WinScalper, and Velocity Expert Advisor, that the average price point in this marketplace is much lower.


LeapFX provides us with 3 Arbitron robot Myfxbook accounts. All 3 of these accounts show ridiculous gains ranging from 300% to 11500%, but it’s very difficult to trust this information because almost every single time we’ve seen account like this in the past, the robot is unable to reproduce the results for actual clients. If these are actually truthful results, then this will be a must buy software, but we aren’t sure if they are.

One red flag is the fact that they are hiding just about every important aspect of the software. We have no access to their open trades, history, that’s trade, worst trade, lots, commissions, balance, equity, deposits, withdrawals and more.

We would really like to know why so much information is being hided? Is it because the developers are doing something shady? That’s really what we would like to know.


We really won’t be on board with the Arbitron EA until we see some real client trading accounts, and community feedback proving that the software works for average traders. Obviously, we prefer to avoid any sort of distrust, but with the results being provided here have to be skeptical for the sake of the Forex robot nation readers.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Arbitron EA $799
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Arbitron EA is a Forex robot that relies on incredibly fast trading conditions to be successful.

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A new approach to arbitrage Provides price feed bot


High price tag Shady looking results

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  1. I am planning to buy this EA because I read good result on myfxbook. After reading all the comments here I changed my mind. Thanks guys.

  2. They have come out with a new EA called Auto Arbitron using the approach of trading two accounts – a fast and a slow broker. I am evaluating.

  3. I saw some reviews saying that Arbitron EA works well with FBS. Not sure whether it’s true or not.

  4. anyone else tried recently or can provide an update.

    • I’ve had mine running for about 7 months – initially. it was quite spectacular in demo mode. In live mode, I have a small loss. Still hoping to make a profit by 2021!! This EA I think is dependent a lot of variables such as your broker, conditions, the differential between the two signals they use. So, some VPN’s may be better than others. The support is excellent. But, it is pricey,

  5. RealResultsArbitron

    Arbitron does not work.
    It’s a scam.
    They don’t give back money.
    6 times they made me setup and no results.
    I got 2 bills to zero.
    The third account went down as well but I stopped it.
    Unreliable firm.
    Expensive and malfunctioning product …

  6. If you guys haven’t got Arbitron to work its because you aren’t managing it. No EA will ever be plug in and turn loose. For instance I dont let it trade during NFP. It does good with most announcements and is driven by volatility. After a couple weeks I had mine tuned and making good profit for December. All you can expect this month anyway. Spend a little time, open and fx blue. Get rid of pairs that have a bad win rate and see how you do. Dont be lazy.

  7. Problem? All DEMO account at a very questionable broker.

  8. Is there any other way to contact the organisation without going through their support? I have sent emails to support and they are not acknowledged at least.

    Anyone who managed to get a refund?

  9. Been trying to get a refund for a week now. theey just keep sending me the same reply over and over. I smell scam.

    • What are they saying to you when you try to get a return?

    • Hello,

      Did you manage to get your refund? I wrote to support and I am not getting any responses so far. The system is not trading at all, first level support tried to look into it and escalated the issue to technicians but i have not heard a thing from them.

  10. I really don’t think alot of the users here have done their homework properly regarding how this Arbitrage trading works or even if their broker supports very high frequency trading . If your using the high risk settings and using just any broker and blaming the software then that’s possibly your fault. Please remember ‘some’ brokers frown on Arbitrage as it can give the trader an edge and do not support it. If you took the time to look at fpa you would see some decent success with their broker.

    • Your comment is very bizarre. People are saying they cannot get a refund and you are stating very bizarre comments. You are referring to scam brokers. Legitimate ECN/STP commission brokers do not care how often you trade even if those trades only last 5 seconds.

  11. I have been using this for over 2 weeks and have asked for help as it’s not making money just loosing small amounts
    I have asked for help and the response has been adjust settings and the other is the system is waiting for the right conditions
    I have asked for a refund as per 30 day no questions asked and it’s not been responded
    Infact I have sent 2 emails 6 hours apart and no response
    They claim that they are their to help but they are not
    I have asked for help and they have said check for errors and there are non
    Then they say their system doesn’t trade every day that’s fine but it’s only traded one good day where it made £3.05 from about 10 trades and since then only losses
    So I’ve had enough and I am waiting for a refund

  12. I have been using Arbitron for about 6 weeks. The feedback and support is excellent. They will login in to your account and check your settings for you. Volatility is good for this EA. I shall keep your posted on my progress.

    • If you have had this 6 weeks (plus 2 since original posting) how are you doing?
      Are you using a REAL account. I suspect this type of software could provide very different results on different platforms (i.e. REAL or DEMO).
      Looking at the account that I saw the results looked staggering but trading .40 to 9.01 lots (needs a big account) and the profits looked like 94% winners with around 11.5 PIPs per trading day (divide by 7 * multiple by 5).

      • I used a demo account first with Forex Choice (recommended by Leap) – the results were fantastic. However, when I switched to a real account – same broker – the results have been dismal. The support at Arbitron is good – they gave me a new set file, which unfortunately also produced dismal results. Apparently, there is a setting in the EA .. the trigger. which one can set – it seems to set the sensitivity for the difference in the Arbitron feed and the broker feed. Arbitron states that volatility if the key for trades. No volatility, no trades. The results that have been posted are not what I experienced. So, overall, the results have been suboptimal. So, I am getting ready to try another broker which Leap recommended. I think this is an EA one has to be patient with and tweak. The concept is great. It is however expensive and thus far, the performance of the EA has not been justified by the cost. The support however, is fast and professional.

        • Many thanks or your detailed update

          • I swtched to GemForex and using a new setfile, provided by specifically for Gemforex, the demo account has been profitable these last 3 weeks.

          • Gemforex unfortunately after a few weeks eventually slowed trading and eventually stopped. I received an email from Gemforex stating that arbitrage was not allowed on their platform. So, I suspect that they have placed some kind of filter that restricts this type of latency trading. So, I am now going to try AAforex. As I read more about this topic, it appears that arbitrage in forex requires finding the right broker and that many brokers enact countermeasures to limit the success of the EA. Leap Fx recommeded Fx Choice -same problem.

      • Appreciate if you could link to my fxbook to understand their trades.

  13. I’m a representative of LeapFX. And to be clear. If your doing poorly ask for help instead of writing false reviews claiming scam. The big scam here is you using Oanda, who slips trades like crazy and steals pips. Arbitrage trading requires specific conditions and if you don’t email us for support we can’t help make sure you have the proper conditions. Throwing the scam word out is highly uncalled for. The broker feed connection issue was resolved a while ago, and updates were released.

  14. I purchased Arbitron EA 3 weeks ago and been running it on my three broker accounts Oanda, FXCM and FXCH.
    So far, this EA is a scam. The EA bearing trades and losses 90% of its trades when it finally does enter the markets. The other problem is the data feeder .exe. Most days it drops the feed and feed data is slower than the feed your broker is getting.

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