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EA Review: WinScalper (

WinScalper ( is a Forex robot built to eliminate stress and make consistent profits. The vendor claims that this expert advisor has taken a $200 deposit and turned it into “more than $183,535,877.38.” This really sounds like an outlandish claim, which gives us even more reason to provide this review today and let you know if this is a trustworthy vendor, or one that is simply selling unattainable dreams.

The developer of the software is Cepi Suryadi, a trader located in Indonesia. The product first hit the market 154 days ago, on 2019-03-26. None of this information is provided to us by the vendor, but we did a WHOIS search, and that’s where Cepi’s identity came to light. We would much rather prefer the vendor provides this information themselves, because that means they are much more transparent in general. The only other page we found that is associated with Cepi, is his MQL5 profile where he provided a signal service that hit a complete -100% loss.

In order to get in touch with support traders can email


WinScalper Review

It’s clear that the WinScalper website is put together by someone with little experience using the English language. This is not a major concern, but we do believe that the vendor should be reaching out to copy writers and other industry professionals to help the with this aspect of the presentation. It would be much more impressive, if the vendor could realize where he lacks, and pay someone to make up for the shortcomings. Instead, is trying to do it on his own and the website comes across as quite unprofessional.

Do we want to invest in a vendor that isn’t effective at weighing his own faults? Probably not.


The vendor provides no information about the WinScalper trading strategy. This immediately disqualifies the service from being in the running for best Forex robot status.

The only thing we are told, is that the software utilizes “smart code, minimizing trader losses” while keeping the maximum drawdown to less than 10%.

This new elaborated on in much more detail if the vendor wants us to take their product seriously.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $495
  • Strategy: Scalping
  • Timeframe: M5

Traders interested in the robot can purchase WinScalper a few different ways. There is a 3 month plan that costs $51, a six-month plan costs $75, and 12 month plan costs $120. For lifetime access, traders can purchase the software outright for $495, or unlimited account version that can be resold for $9500.

The vendor also provides specific recommendations for broker and Forex VPS, that they feel are imperative to having success with the software.

Trading Results

There are a bunch of WinScalper videos on the sales page that provide us with live recordings of different back tests. In 2019, back tests are such a deprecated technology, and not something that we can rely on with most of the best Forex robots in the marketplace are all using live data that can’t be reproduced in back tests. While it can still be helpful to strategy tested and optimized from time to time, it isn’t enough information to provide a detailed report of the trading strategy.

The vendor provides no demo, or live trading accounts on Myfxbook or any other statement sharing service.

This is clearly a flaw, and something that needs to be rectified by the vendor they want to be charging $495 per license.

Client Feedback

There are no third-party reviews, just a couple of testimonials on the sales page. We attempted to verify the images, to see if they are real people, but sadly the image being used for “Sam’s” is a stock photo that’s being used on hundreds of different websites.

This doesn’t help the vendors case.


As it stands, we see very little reason to sign up with the WinScalper expert advisor this point in time. The vendor provides us with no strategy, no verified results and still somehow charging nearly $500 per license. Suryadi needs to make the necessary adjustments so that is offering is on par with the other trading robots that are offering their services in 2019. We provided many different recommendations, and we hope that he will follow all of them. If he does, we will revisit this review and let you know if the program will qualify the best Forex robot category or not.

If you have anything you like to add, please leave your comments below the article now.

WinScalper $495
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WinScalper is a Forex robot with some client feedback I’m not so sure about.

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  1. I already register the free winscalper ea package by using the owner ib code. its already 24hrs and got nothing from them. I suspect scam/ fraud in this website, which is they want to all their prospect register under their link and they will get profit from their ib link.

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