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Dynamic Trend Trader Review (Forex Indicator)

Dynamic Trend Trader is a Forex indicator and complete trading system built for all types of traders. The system is compatible with daytraders, scalpers, swing traders and position traders of all experience levels. The vendor feels that their system is the only tool traders will ever need, which is why they advertise it as complete. Today we will be providing review and letting you know if this indicator meet our expectations and contains all of the pertinent information required to be considered for best Forex indicator status.

The creators of the service don’t introduce themselves, share their location or tell us the type of trading experience they have in the Forex markets. This lack of transparency is common in the Forex marketplace, but it never sits well with us. In order to be confident in a trading product that we are going to use our real money investing with, we expect the vendor to be much more forthwright. Hopefully after reading our review, they make these adjustments.


Dynamic Trend Trader Review

The sales page consists of a short video showing the Dynamic Trend Trader in action, a handful of screenshots, and some details about each feature included with the product. The first thing they tell us is that the “powerful set of indicators will work on just about any symbol and chart so that you can capture either small moves, or large moves.” They really push the concept that the MT4 indicator they provide is completely compatible with all types of assets and market conditions. Generally, vendors to utilize this approach haven’t drilled down a specific strategy, and want the clients to test the software on their own to find their own strategy. This is all well and good, but you do have to expect to put in a fair amount of work in order to find an approach this going to provide profits for you.

In order to qualify as a best Forex indicator, the vendor has to provide any specific strategic approach that we can utilize directly out-of-the-box.


The Dynamic Trend Trader strategy is vague and doesn’t really materialize on the sales page. They focus more on discussing the different features they provide, then the trading logic the Forex indicator is built on. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the features provided:

  • Trend direction – the indicator will clearly map trend direction with either blue or red lines depending on the direction the trend is going.
  • Dynamic exit signals and stop loss zones – the software will provide identifiable yellow dots every time an exit is available so that traders can use thse exits or trust their own thought process as to how long the trade will remain positive or negative.

The purpose of the indicator is to help traders understand the current trend, the trend strength, and use that information to take advantage and other trend based opportunities.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $97
  • Strategy: Trend
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs
  • Creators: Undisclosed

According to the sales page, the Dynamic Trend Trader “was originally to be priced at $1495.00 like other systems of its quality.” Yet, out of the goodness of their hearts and wanting to make it available to everyone they thought it was better to make it more affordable at $97. This is clearly a simple marketing method, so don’t take it very seriously.

Trading Results

The vendors do not provide any trading results, just a few screenshots of the Dynamic Trend Trader on the MT4 charts. We can see in these screenshots that the software can work, but they certainly aren’t indicative of future results. Most Forex indicator providers do not provide any trading results, rely on trading screenshots as you can see in our recent reviews of the Omega Trend Indicator and Forex Gump.

However, just because most Forex indicators don’t provide trading results, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or can’t. If indicator providers want to be successful and compete with the best Forex robots in the marketplace, they need to reconsider their approach.

Honestly, we would be happy with Forex indicator providers if they simply took a single trade every week on Myfxbook show that they are actively using the system, and that it works in current market conditions. Essentially, we want to see the vendor win with their software over an extended period of time before we consider buying it.


For the most part, we like what we see from the Dynamic Trend Trader, and is in line with many of the other top indicators we’ve reviewed in this marketplace. That being said, we want to see more transparency when it comes to their strategy, their trading results and who they are. Until we get this information, we won’t be able to provide a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Dynamic Trend Trader $97
  • Price
  • Strategy
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Dynamic Trend Trader is a Forex indicator that provides frequent trade alerts with clear entry signals.

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Clear entry signals
Dynamic exit signals
Trade alerts


No trading results
Limited strategy insight

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