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Premium Trading Signals Review (Real Analysis)

Premium Trading Signals is a new service providing traders with trade opportunities for Forex, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. They believe that they set themselves apart from other companies in this market with their combined 25 years of experience trading, which contributes to “a success rate this is a new standard for the industry.” Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know that this service is truly meeting the expectations and marketing approach of the vendor.

Launched in September 2019, this service is owned and operated by Jason Green and Heather Balck. According to the sales page Jason has been working in finance for over 10 years and started out as a consultant for companies like Citi and Blackstone Group. Heather started out as a receptionist, but work your way to a senior trader position and does work with some blue-chip companies in London in New York as an advisor to trading floor employees. This is all well and good, but we have been unable to verify this information for either trader in our research online.

The service is registered under the Trading Online Limited company, located at Suite 106, Premier Building, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. Company No: C841888. To get in touch with support, traders can email


Premium Trading Signals Review

The vendor relies heavily on the experience of the two creators to promote the Premium Trading Signals service. Yet, at this point we find it difficult to trust the information put forward about these two traders because it is not corroborated by any other source. We expect two traders with experience as detailed and prestigious as they provide would have more of a reputation than just a single LinkedIn page.

The reason we are putting so much of an emphasis on this in our review is because the website provides very little detail about the service itself. Each section of the website contains 1 to 2 sentences at best, which is simply not enough considering their competitors provide much more.

In order to qualify as a best Forex signal provider, they will have to meet more of our standards. Hopefully they read this review, and make the necessary adjustments.


As expected, the Premium Trading Signals team don’t provide us with any detail information about their methodology. They provide a vague statement claiming that their team uses “a combination of complex indicators, computer algorythms and news based analysis.” While this type of explanation is common in the Forex signal market, we expect something a little more in-depth from the developers of the claims to be setting a new standard for the industry.

They also promise to keep a team of analysts and market experts always available to help you when you need it. We would definitely like to see much more vendor terms of strategy, even if it was just a single trade breakdown their mindset going into a trade opportunity.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: £249-349
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 60-400/Week
  • Pairs: Forex, Stock, Commodity & Crypto

Unlike other providers in this market, the Premium Trading Signals team offers their signals for life, with no monthly fee. This is extremely rare in these signal market but something we appreciate as this tiresome they monthly fees for so many different services.

In terms of pricing, there are 2 packages available, these standards and the professional. The standard package goes for £249, and the professional package £349. The standard comes with 60 to 100 weekly signals, and economic calendar, the crypto calendar, Forex and Stock signals. The professional package comes with everything the standard package offers plus faster notifications, compatible with all brokers, 350-400 weekly signals, commodity and crypto signals.

We can find it quite odd this service offers anywhere between 60-400 signals per week. This is extremely high, as most other signal providers only provide 3-4 signals per week. It’s hard to believe that they have enough analysts to provide this many signals. You can see more common signal rates in our recent reviews of FX Price Signals, ThatFXTrader and KTFRX.

Trading Results

Despite making promises about a superb success rate, the Premium Trading Signals team doesn’t provide any trading results. There is a historical success rate section of the website which shows a graph of their winning percentage during the last 7 months, but none of this data is verified or correlated with any real data.

The vendor needs to open a Myfxbook account, so we can track their trades in a way that’s verified by a third party. Until they do so, it will be very difficult to trust their success rate claims.


The Premium Trading Signals service comes across as professional, but it’s missing almost all of the most important aspects. They don’t provide us with any detail of their methodology, they don’t provide us with any verified trading results and we haven’t been able to verify the reputations of either of the founders. We need these aspects to be resolved before we can provide a recommendation, and hope that the vendors listen to our critiques.

If you have anything you want to add to the review, please leave your comments now.

Premium Trading Signals £249-349
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Premium Trading Signals is a Forex signals service that focuses on trade alert quantity.

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