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KTFRX Review (Trading Signals)

KTFRX is a Forex signal service and trade copier provider that aims to gain 5% per week for their clients. The team believes the traders need to experience losses in order to know how, and they’ve gone through that process and now have perfected trading methods they want to share community. They feel that taking advantage of experience expert traders is the best way to proceed Forex marketplace, while limiting risk effectively. Today we will provide a review and let you know if this is a worthwhile trading product.

The creator’s of the service are “thetechnicaltrader123” and “tylerpsmalone.” Both claim to be students of the thatFXtrader trading course, that have used this knowledge to develop their own signal service. There is no location of their head office, but it is mentioned that Tyler “was a leading figure in the Canadian fitness industry,” so it’s safe to assume they’re located somewhere in Canada.

To get in touch with support, traders can email


KTFRX Review

The main purpose of the KTFRX service is to give their clients freedom. The website mentions helping traders escape their 9 to 5 and giving them more time to focus their true passions. They feel that way too many people waste thousands of hours trying to learn the charts or figure out which system suits their trading style best, instead of simply relying on signals or copy trading programs.

It’s their belief that traders don’t need to waste time, considering they can simply rely on proven Forex experts to guide the way.

The website is aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t provide much detail information, which immediately sense this vendor behind the best Forex signal providers available. They need to write a little more information about what they are trying to achieve, and how they are going to achieve it.


The lack of information is apparent in the KTFRX strategy section, as there is very little detail provided about their methodological approach to the Forex markets. In the blog, there is a single winning trade example, which does give some insight into how the analysts look at the market, but it’s over year old so it’s hard to say if they are utilizing a similar strategy now.

The good thing is that we know who the analysts are, is something many other signal services fail to provide. Traders can also access the Instagram accounts of the owners, Tyrone Jermaine and Tyler Malone to see if they connect with the message being put out. Both of the accounts are filled with shirtless selfies, which doesn’t exactly make the signal providers come across very professional, but we shouldn’t really hold this against them.

The vendor needs to provide much more trading strategy, so we know what they are looking for when they are providing signals to the their clients.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $75/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 8-12/month

For traders interested in the KTFRX signals, there are 3 plans available. All of the plans provide the exact same service, except with increased discounts for longer-term subscriptions. Traders can purchase the software for $75 per month, $200 for 3 months or $750 for 12 months. There is also a free group available that provides 1 to 4 signals per month for traders that want to test the service before they pay for it. We definitely recommend the free option to start, since there is not a whole lot of information about the service website.

Trading Results

The KTFRX team does not provide any verified trading results. On one of their pages they have a client results section which consists of scrolling cell phone screenshots, but the results can’t be trusted. These results can easily be cherry picked by the vendor to show whatever trades they want to show. In addition, the only results provided in this section seem to be from 2018, which makes it seem like this service isn’t very active anymore.

In order to see transparent, signal services need to provide Myfxbook accounts, so that we can verify every signal being sent. This is not a difficult thing to do, and it’s the exact same advice we give to every other signal service, as you can see in our recent reviews of Gold Signals, ITPFX and Elite FX Signals NL.


While we appreciate certain elements of the KTFRX service, like their introductions, and overall profesionallism, they are missing key aspects. They don’t provide detailed strategy insight, verified trading results, and lack transparency in general. Once these elements are addressed, we will certainly return to this review and reconsider our position.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

KTFRX $75/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
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KTFRX is a Forex signal service that provides free signals for clients to test.

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Free signals to test
Introduced to analysts


Little strategy insight
No verified results
Unproven claims

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