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Gold Signals is a trading signal application built to help traders by providing trade alerts for currencies, precious metals, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The developers of the service believe they provide “the most dynamic and the most complete resource to get you prepared in the world of online trading.” They consistently aim to help traders grow and learn by providing analysis of their signals and different videos through their application. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this application is worth your time and money.

The creator of the software is Hasan Almarzooqi, the CEO of the Hasan Almarzooqi Management Consultancy. Hasan tells us that he has extensive experience in fund management, asset allocation and high level technical analysis which he is now using to better his signal application. He doesn’t provide any specific address, but claims to be located in Dubai, UAE.

To get in touch with support traders can email or call +971 50 188 1776.


Gold Signals Review

The Gold Signals service appears to be packed full of different features, which is quite surprising given the low monthly price of just $5. The service promises full consultancy through email and the application where traders can take part in an online chat with all of the other signal providers. This is a nice touch, because you can go through the progress of the signal provider with your actual peers.

The vendor also claims to provide news, market updates, technical analysis reports, technical analysis videos, signal performance reports, video lectures, free online trading, and unique signals. It’s really difficult to believe that a vendor is able to provide all of these features for the low price of just $5 per month. It almost seems too good to be true, as is often the case when working through the best Forex signal providers available.

In addition to the other features, the vendor also claims to provide 100% transparency, advanced technology, and signal performance reports to make sure the services performing to your expectations.


Despite listing off many different features, the Gold Signals app creators failed to provide any distinct information about their trading methodology. They definitely should provide some sort of information about their strategy, and what they are looking for in the market when providing trading opportunities.

They mention that they are “a multinational team of skilled, competent and professional analysts,” but failed to introduce us to any of them. It’s easy for a vendor to make claims, and when none of these claims are substantiated, it becomes worrisome.

The outline of the website is there, but when you dig a little deeper, you are finding the gold, forgive the pun. This type of approach is common in the signal marketplace as you can see in our recent reviews of ITPFX and Elite FX Signals NL.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $5/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

There are 3 plans available for traders interested in using the Gold Signals service. A one day free trial, a monthly plan for $5, and a yearly plan for just $18. The price point for this service is extremely low especially considering all of the different features they claim to provide. Most signal services range anywhere from $25-$50 per month, anything below that is really unheard of.

That being said, the vendor fails to provide us any information about their strategy, signal frequency or pairs traded.

Client Feedback

There are both positives and negative reviews for the Gold Signals app, with a 3.8 star rating in the Google Play store. The majority of the 5 star reviews come across as bland, or uneventful, but the 1 star reviews of which there are quite a few seem much more detailed. This often means that the positive reviews are falsified, but we nave nothing to prove that is the case.

Trading Results

There are multiple places on the Gold Signals website where the vendor discusses transparency, and signal performance reports, but they are nowhere to be found. As it stands, the vendor provides no verified results, which makes the service very difficult to trust.

The vendor should certainly take whatever results they have, and put them somewhere on the website.


As it stands, we don’t have a lot of interest in the Gold Signals app, mainly because they are missing the main aspects we are looking for. Before we sign up to any service, we always want to know basic details about the strategy, who the trade analysts are and see some verified trading results too. Where the vendor provides these elements, we will revisit this review and reconsider our position.

Until then, if you have anything you would like to contribute to the review, please do so now.

Gold Signals $5/month
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Gold Signals is a Forex signal service that provides technical analysis reports and video lectures as part of their offering.

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Market updates
Video lectures
Technical analysis reports
Cost efficient


No strategy insight
No verified results
Shaky client feedback

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