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Elite FX Signals NL Review

Elite FX Signals NL is a new VIP signal provider that promises to be the “#1 choice of professionals.” They offer a trading Academy, a free telegram channel, and their signal service all with the gooal of helping traders take control of their charts in real time. Today we will be providing a review, and letting you know if this is the type of service that you should be utilizing on a daily basis.

The website introduces us to “Ricky,” the founder and CEO of the service. They don’t provide a last name, but on FPA they claim the service is owned by Ricky Bijland. Located at 4571 BH Axel, Walstraat 33, Nederland. Our further research brings us to the Market Masters Academy and On Point FX Signals run by Ricky Andrade. It’s apparent that this service and the Elite FX Signals( service utilize the exact same website design and the eerily similar logo. While we haven’t been able to connect these 2 services directly, it does seem like they are run using a very similar approach, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re under the same ownership group. This is neither a negative or positive, but just additional information that can help you with your purchasing decision.

To get in touch with support traders can send a message through telegram. There is no email address or phone number provided.


Elite FX Signals Review

Under the Elite FX brand are the signal service, the Elite FX Robot Trader and the Elite FX Training Academy. While there are multiple references to their automated service, it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere on the website. There was one page built for this section of the website, but it is not working at this time. The main service provided by this team is the Elite FX Signals service which they believe can free traders from their 9-to-5 jobs and give them more time to live the lives they’ve dreamed about.

So, let’s take a closer look at services and let you know if they will qualify for best Forex signals status.

Elite FX Training Academy

The Elite FX Training Academy is a Forex training program that provides traders with access to “theory and practical material” that the vendors consider the essential building blocks of becoming an independent trader. They claim to teach traders everything that they need to know about the Forex marketplace and the various techniques required in order to be successful.

With this service traders get weekly webinars by a “Forex expert” with 20 years of experience. They do not introduce us to this expert, so it’s not proven that the trader running these webinars is as experienced as they say.

The only way to access the trading Academy is to sign up with the Elite FX VIP Package which also includes access to the VIP channel, MT4 indicators, videos, daily signals, trading software and more. This package goes for €125, and the vendor claims it provides an 86% success rate to over 5100 clients world wide. We aren’t exactly sure where these numbers coming from, as they are not verified in any way.

Signal Strategy

Back to the review at hand, let’s take a look at the Elite FX Signals strategy. Sadly, the vendor provides little to no information about their trading methodology or strategic approach to the markets. We are told that the service emphasizes quality over quantity, and that’s the only reference to strategy at all.

We expect much more transparency when it comes to strategic analysis, especially when it comes to vendors like these the aren’t introducing us to any of their trade analysts. This issue is rampant in the Forex signal market as you can see in our recent reviews of Direct Forex Signals UK, NCR Trading and Signal Skyline.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: £35 per month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

In order to get access to the Elite FX Signals service, traders can choose between 3 packages. £35 for a single month, £80 for three months or £125 for six months. There is an increasing discount for traders that are interested in locking up for longer terms.

Sadly, the vendor does not provide any information about their strategy, signal frequency or the assets that they trade. We do see a couple of screenshots showing some EURUSD trades, so we know they provide signals for this pair.

Trading Results

The Elite FX Signals trading results are lacking transparency, like most of the presentation. The vendor provides a grasp showing the current pips by month, and a handful of mobile screenshots on their Instagram page, but neither of these methods are verified by any 3rd party. It’s easy for any vendor to claim they are making around 2000 pips per month, and then cherry pick positive traders in order to try and corroborate that information. It’s difficult to actually provide monthly data and have that they are verified by third-party like Myfxbook.

While the vendor claims to provide “100% full transparency,” we feel that they need to provide completely verified results.


While portions of the Elite FX Signals review may come across negative, that is not our intention. Are only intention is to ask questions, and have those questions answered by the vendor or the community. This service could very well be a real winner, but without providing information about the signal providers, the trading strategy and verified trading results, we’re in no position to make that assumption.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Elite FX Signals £35 per month
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Elite FX Signals is a Forex signal provider promising a win rate of 86%.

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  1. I bought their VIP membership and I got the bot. It worth nothing, I only lost money with them, the signals sometimes win, but you lose more. I really don’t recommend them!

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