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Signal Detector 47 Review (Signals & EA)

Signal Detector 47 is a new Forex signal and expert advisor service that’s focused on providing “lower cost” options in a rather expensive market. They also offer managed account services, and claim to have over 4,500 clients. We will be analyzing each and every claim provided by this vendor, to let you know if it’s a viable investment opportunity. There …

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Standard FX Review (Managed Account)

Standard FX is a Forex managed account service that claims to “realize 20% weekly” through trading your Forex, bitcoin and binary options accounts on your behalf. This is obviously a significant return, which means we need to remain skeptical, because 80% per month is unrealistic. Today we will be providing a review, and letting you know if this service provider …

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Renko Scalper EA Review (NewsFX, Pro)

Renko Scalper is an automated robot provider offering multiple products including the Renko Scalper Pro +C, Renko Real Scalper, NewsFX and Newset Fix FX. The developer believes that these high quality products will help “you plan a bright future” in Forex trading. In today’s review, we will analyze each of these systems, and give a general analysis of the vendor. …

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Forex Blaster Review (

Forex Blaster 2.0 is a new indicator that “generates money on any pair.” We are unsure why it’s labeled V2 though, considering their website just hit the market 10 days ago. It’s hard to believe that during this week and a half they’ve done a major update to a new version. So, likely they are just trying to make it …

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FX-Neuro Bot Review (Robot Trading)

FX-Neuro Bot is a new automated expert advisor promising to offer investment opportunity that “can make lots of money very quickly.” The developers of the service understand that for many, Forex trading can come across as a gamble, but not for those that take advantage of proven Forex robots. They feel that they have the perfect trading system to minimize …

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Ruby Forex EA Review (

Ruby Forex EA is a new robot built to help traders automate profitable investment decisions. The development team’s goal is to help their clients “make the best decisions that enable them to be successful in their Forex trading endeavors from anywhere in the world.” They promise that experience isn’t necessary, and that their premium quality service is accessible to all …

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Xautoprofits Review (

Xautoprofits is a new automated trading software that claims to be the number one expert advisor on the market. This is a pretty aggressive claim considering they are just starting to get their feet wet, and it’s definitely something we won’t forget during the review process. The vendor also mentioned something about how their software gives traders access to “$826,619 …

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Forex Windwaker Review (Trading Indicator)

Forex Windwaker is an interesting new trading indicator that claims to be a “secret weapon traders have been using to make big profits in 2020.” This trading product is compatible with the Metatrader trading platform, and aims to provide accurate trading signals via sound alerts, email and push notifications to cell phones. Depending on the current market volatility, the creators …

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MetaTrader (MT4/5) vs cTrader (Best Platform)

Which platform gives you the best odds to win your Forex trades? It’s MetaTrader (MT4 /MT5) vs cTrader, a debate that is on-going, but we have used both platforms thoroughly, and have a conclusion. Choosing between MetaQuotes (MetaTrader) or Spotware (cTrader) is an important aspect of your trading journey, but not one that requires a whole lot of effort and …

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Robot Review: Forex Fastron

Forex Fastron is a new expert advisor promising a brilliant automated trading experience that help traders navigate the markets like a professional. The creators believe that they’ve created a software with cutting edge technology and advanced features that will help their clients “get consistent results in the form of higher profits.” Today we will be providing a review, and letting …

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