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Life Changer Bot (EA) Review

Life Changer Bot or EA is an automated trading robot that promises account growth anywhere from 15% to 30% per month. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if they are meeting these lofty goals.

The software is developed by Mark Claire, Riba San and Seza Bent. Despite our efforts, we have found little to no information about these traders anywhere outside of this website. It looks like these are aliases, associated with stock photos, and not actual traders.

This group claims to be made up of artificial intelligence scientists, that have been providing this robot to the market since 2015. This is a bit confusing, as their WHOIS data shows that they just launched the website 6 days ago (as we write this).

In order to get in touch with support traders can email, or telegram +44 7575 254508.


Life Changer Bot EA Review

The developers of the Life Changer Bot claim that they understand that risk is everywhere, and they are obsessed with it. They feel that being comfortable with risk, sets them apart from other robot developers. The team also mentions that “if someone promises you crazy huge profits without risk you should consider you are about to be scammed.” This is good advice, but the vendor doesn’t exactly tell us the level of risk we should expect from their software. In addition, they promise a gain of 15-30% per month, which is certainly in the “crazy huge profits” range that they told us to worry about.

Almost comes across like they are telling on themselves.

The website is poorly put together, and not very professional, which is not in line with the best Forex robots in this market. If they truly want to compete in this marketplace they will have to hire someone to re-write their website.


The Life Changer Bot / EA team don’t go into their trading strategy. They tell us that they have many adjustable parameters, system flexibility, and different trade times, but don’t offer real insight.

The software comes with risk management, trailing stop loss, and take profit. There is a hidden break open and equity controller option, and it’s built to take into account a safe risk reward ratio.

There is no real information about their methodology and overall trade approach. Again, if this vendor wants to compete in this market, they are going to have to offer much more information than they are providing.

You can see in our recent reviews of Forex Enigma EA, News Scope EA Pro and InstantEA that this new developer is far behind.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $229-$569
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

Traders interested in the Life Changer Bot can purchase the EA from anywhere between $229 to $569 depending on how many licenses they want to acquire. The silver package costs $229 and provides a single user license. The gold package costs $349 and provides two user licenses. Lastly, the platinum package costs $569 for “multiple” user licenses. The multiple licenses isn’t explained in any detail, so we really don’t know how many users this is for.

Trading Results

The Life Changer EA trading results are in line with the rest of the website. They are incomplete, and fail to meet the current standards of the Forex robot marketplace.

They do not provide any verified trading results, and instead rely on screenshots from their telegram account. Results like these can easily be cherry picked or manipulated. So, they cannot be trusted.

If this vendor wants to truly compete with other robot developers, they will need to upload their results to Myfxbook. Without verified trading results, there is no way that traders are going to purchase the software.


It’s a valiant effort by the Life Changer Bot team, but they have a long way to go before this is a program we can consider recommending to the public. The vendor does not provide any strategy insight or any verified results, despite promising 15-30% gains per month.

Hopefully this vendor will listen to our critiques and make the necessary adjustments. Until then, we will not be purchasing or recommending the robot to any of our readers.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

Life Changer Bot (EA) $229-$569
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Life Changer Bot (EA) is an automated trading system at a high price, with no verified trading results.

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Multiple setting options
Lifetime access
Three pricing plans


No verified results
No strategy insight

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  1. Used it for a few weeks so I don’t have a true vision of its workings yet but I’m not very impressed either. It’s been losing some trades and not growing my account at the rate that the Life Changer EA team says it would.

    • Set grid to 1 to avoid marti function.
      It has SL and trails at 12pips what else could you want.
      MM is the key and keeps it safe .
      Is making steady profit you have to be patient .
      Sometimes it catches a good trend and trails it to your surprise when you see balance jump.
      alot of these types of grid EA’s dont have SL and trail options and you can just use SL if you want to.

      • Hi there the LIFE CHANGER EA use to be a good EA but the seller scams people on account management then shot of the official website meaning no more updates so I don’t I the people selling this life changer ea are refurbished

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