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FX Binary Bot Review (95% Win Rate?)

FX Binary Bot is a new Forex and binary options service, that want to provide traders with efficient ways to trade the markets. They claim to provide both expert advisors and indicators that deliver positive results on a multitude of different platforms. According to the website, the developers have traded with “MT4, IQ Option, XM, and Binary thus succeeded and profited with the strategy.” We aren’t exactly sure what this means, because it is worded poorly, but we believe they are trying to say that their services are compatible. Today will be providing review and letting the community understand the good and bad aspects of this service.

The developers of the service claim to have 10 years of experience in both trading and developing new technologies in this market. They make reference multiple times to the fact that they are a group of successful experienced traders with win rates over 90%, but they fail to back that up. They do not prove their identity anywhere on the website, which makes it very difficult to believe they are producing they are. Generally, when purchasing a trading product, we want to know who we are getting in bed with. It is never wise to invest money with a trader who doesn’t have a reputation, or is unable to prove their identity.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form or contact via Whatsapp, +8801748447520.


FX Binary Bot Review

The FX Binary Bot website is very simple and not the most professional in terms of the aesthetic design. There are only 2 pages on the entire website, which makes the amount of overall information limited. On the front page the developers go over there skills that and tell us that they have adequate abilities in binary options, Forex trading, stock trading and in crypto currency.

They go on to tell us there are 3 main reasons why traders should sign up with their premium services. Here are those reasons:

  1. They promise a 90% win rate with any trading brokerage.
  2. Their 24/7 support team are always available for instant assistance.
  3. Payment can be made easily, although the client does have to provide screenshot proof of the payment via the live chat on their website. This is a bit unprofessional, as they should have a payment processing system that automatically provides access like any other service in this market.

Trading Strategy

According to the sales page, the FX Binary Bot software uses multiple technical indicators in order to “determine the best time to buy or sell a Forex cross rate.” The software is built to analyze the trend, trading pattern and determine the strength of any market movement. While they believe in the software, they do recommend that traders using their system still rely on their common sense, especially when trading on a live account.

They provide a bunch of screenshots as well, showing the different systems that they offer action, but overall it’s quite disjointed and hard to understand. The sales page promises many different indicators and automated trading products, so it’s really difficult to decipher between them all and then figure out the strategy for any of them. We believe that this is whythe vendor is providing such a loose description of their strategy, because they are providing so many different systems that work so many different ways.

This type of approach is common in Forex market as you can see in our recent reviews of other indicators like Super EZ Forex, Forex Gump and Onyx Scalper.


  • Type: Forex Indicators & Robots
  • Owner: Undisclosed
  • Strategy: Multiple (indicator based)safety right and you will
  • Founded: 2020
  • Price: $49.99

For traders interested in purchasing the FX Binary Bot premium package, it is being sold for $49.99. The website shows that the package was originally being sold for $575, but has been deeply discounted since. This is obviously a marketing technique, and we never believe that the software was priced at nearly $600 considering the fact that the product just hit the market over a month ago. So, there really was no time for the product to be sold at a different price.

Trading Results

At this point in time, there are no trading results for the FX Binary Bot systems. There are a a few screenshots of the trading software and promises of the service being 100% profitable with a 90% win rate, but nowhere are those numbers proven.

If they want to be taken seriously in this market, they will have to provide some verified trading results near future.


It’s clear that the FX Binary Bot is new to the market, because they are making a lot of mistakes the new vendors make when first selling a Forex product. The overall presentation is poorly put together, disjointed and fails to give us a clear picture of the services that we are actually receiving. We hope that they will read our review and make the necessary adjustments in order to provide a better service.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

FX Binary Bot $49.99
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FX Binary Bot is a service that provides an automated robot, indicators, e-book and trading videos. The vendors claim a 90% win rate, but this is not proven by any verified results.

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Multiple indicators
Ebook with strategies
Trading videos


No strategy insight
No verified results
Unprofessional website

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