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Signals Review: Pips Alert

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex signal service promising traders a steady gain of between 1000 – 9500 pips per month, Pips Alert. With multiple members packages, and the ability to use the software with any brokerage, the developers believe that they are providing me know stress solution for the Forex community.

According to the sales page, the service was founded by 2 traders, and since 2014 they’ve expanded to a team of 14 traders located in the US, Tokyo, Canada, as well as other parts of the world. None of this information is verifiable, as the vendors don’t provide us with any information as to who these traders are, or what type of experience they have in the Forex marketplace. There is also no information regarding the location of their head offices. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form located on the website.


Pips Alert Review

One of the most common themes on the Pips Alert website is the notion that their service is provided by professional traders. They tell us that they currently “have a team of 15 traders with a combined 98 years of experience in the Forex market.” This is really impressive, but there is no way for us to know if that is true or not, because the vendor does not introduce us to any of these traders, so we cannot verify their identities, and check their trading track records. The developers of this service could certainly have the high level of experience that they claim, but as a skeptic, I would like to see some proof of that in the near future. This is not a major drawback, but just something I would like to see to gain a little confidence.

Signals are provided to traders during the London and New York trading sessions. Each alert comes with the entry price, the take profit and potential exit prices to monitor during the duration of the trade. This type of information is common place in the Forex signal market as you can see in my recent reviews of FX Profit Signals, Royal Forex Signals and Signals Premium.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $17.95-124.95/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

While there is quite a bit of information on how the Pips Alert signals function, there is no real information about the strategy being implemented by the group of professional traders. In my reviews, I’m frequently analyzing who the developers of the service are, what type of trading approach they’re utilizing, and how transparent their trading results are. When it comes to signal services, it’s very important to know who the providers of the signals are, and what type of trading approach they have, so you know if that matches up with your trading philosophies. Sadly, this does not seem to be available with this service, but hopefully it’s something they add in the near future after reading my review.

Pips Alert Free Membership

A real positive of the Pips Alert signal service, is there inclusion of a free membership. This does take some pressure off of some of the earlier points that I was making, because it allows traders to utilize the service and test it without any real consequences. After registering, traders get access to the signals within 24 hours. The free service also comes with news and updates from the company, as well as the ability to track the weekly results from the premium membership.

Pips Alert Investor Membership

The premium membership goes from anywhere between $17.95-124.95/month based on the signals package you sign up for. In this membership, the investor membership, traders receive the full alert package which comes with the potential of 9500 pips per month. This service is also provided within 24 hours after initial account registration.

Trading Results

The trading results section is unorganized, and not up to date. There is a Pips Alert performance chart that hasn’t been updated since March, a couple of short videos without narration scrolling through alerts, a few testimonials and more screenshots randomly cherry-picked trades.

The performance chart is very impressive, showing that the signals of gained over 15,000 pips in the last 5 months, with an average 3000 pips per month. Yet, there is really no way of verifying these trades, because the developers are not utilizing any statement sharing services like Myfxbook or FX Blue. There is a PDF log, that shows the trades that occurred between January 28 in February 3, 2018, but this document could easily be modified by the vendor, which is why I prefer statement sharing services.

Review Update

It’s been around a year since we last visited with the Pips Alert Signal service. Since, it doesn’t seem much has changed which is why they haven’t moved up or down the best Forex signals list.

There have been 14 comments made here, and the feedback has been spotty. 2 of the commentators are positive, while the rest are negative, and despite my frequent assertion for verified trade results, the vendor has not complied.

For the most part, the service comes across reputable. Yet, it’s disconcerting that they have been unable after all this time to provide a Myfxbook account. It certainly remains the main red flag, and is something they could resolve in under 10 minutes.

A YouTube video series, is a step in the right direction, but it’s simply not enough.


While the review may come across as critical, I think that there are definitely positives to the Pips Alert service. The website is well put together, and the platform looks to be quite responsive. That being said, if this vendor wants the Forex robot nation seal of approval, they are going to have to introduce us to their traders, start using statement sharing services, and give us a brief explanation of their trading methodologies. I don’t believe that I am asking too much, and I hope that these additions can be made in the near future.

If you are currently testing the service, or you just want to leave your impressions of my review, please do so below.

Pips Alert $17.95-$124.95/month
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Pips Alert is a Forex signal service that claims to make 3000 pips per month for their clients.

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Good support
YouTube video series


No verified trading results

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  1. Been using them for about a month and I’m losing more than I’m winning but the process seems ok, so I’m going to stick it out a bit longer.

  2. Speaking as a fanboy for Pips Alert cuz they’re the only honest company I can find.. Why?
    #1 – They actually let traders report claims on any miss reported trade
    #2 – They have a YouTube series that back-tests the signals weekly on youtube by showing actual trading view charts, entering the signals in.

    I did not come to state this and that.. just facts.

  3. I have been a member with these guys for a couple of months but now just under the break even point. They do not take the trades themselves as they have to correct their tally at the end of the week.
    Some of their trades hit their stop loss and they do not realise as they message that a particular trade has gone to +25 – please move your stop to breakeven etc. but really it hit the Stop and only realise once a member has opened a support ticket to let them know,as I have in the past. Why would they correct trades later if they take the trades and can see what has been profitable and what has not on the trading terminal…?

    Another problem is although they post that e.g. EUR/JPY made 260 pips, you have to remember at 20 pips – close half move stop to B/E, then at 65 pips close half move to B/E. By the time you have hit 260 pips, you are trading at about 10-20 of the opening lot size. maybe less. You might be able to make it slightly profitable, if you do not miss any signals or updates. Some arrive at 3 or 4AM (GMT)

    When you do hit stop losses it obviously hit you at full size so can make a big hit on your balance. Also when they say +25, its actually only +10 (sometimes) at the time you open your platform up so not always time efficient imo.

    I ask the question, if these guys are making thousands of pips, do they need a following? or are they simply doing it to build up their own trading bank, maybe their intentions are good but I think for us subscribers, you have to be alert to the telegram messages at all times. Not sure their strategy will work long term. But I am only couple month in after all.

    • I get what you’re saying and understand it.. but sounds to me you did not follow the guidelines they give in the free course.

      Scalper, long-term or hybrid trader. They clearly mention if you’re long-term trader close the trades at 70-150+ pips whichever you pick, scalpers close at 25+ pips running or 40 pips.

      You have to use the signals as analysis and then mix with your trading style. They offer a 2-hour free course that goes over this….

      I can’t complain if a company gives signals that actually move in the right direction, as a trader that is already the holly grail, the rest is honestly up to you.

      Although I still get what you’re saying, but got to put in work as well… can’t expect them to carry entire team on the back haha

  4. This is just another scam. I can tell you that their results are 100% fake. Here’s what they do:
    They have a bunch of trades and let run forever, telling you to remove SL and hold so every week they have the ability to close any trade they need to make it plus pips even if they are floating major losses. After, the losing trades are left behind and forgotten. Do not waste your money here.

    • This is actually a really really false statement, sounds like a competitor trying to spread rumors.
      I used signals and they have stop loses, like dude do you not even see public reports? We can enter them on trading view right now and back test.

      The other major false thing is, the trades normally close by end of the week.. like come on;
      one thing giving review and another plain out lying.. smh bro

  5. I’ve been a subscriber to their Investor X service for 2 weeks now (month of August) and so far the signals have been absolute crap.

    Yeah there are a few winning trades, but there’s also a ton of losing trades. Not sure if this is a year-round thing or is just because of August being a tough trading month. Will continue and see how it goes, but so far I am disappointed.

  6. Was also looking around to get reviews..

    What I dont like is that they have 4 diff subscriptions, each promising a specific pip count per month. Why not just have one subscription instead of having different tiers based on how much you can pay? That’s my complaint.

    As for the quality and truth about the signals, I have no clue. Would love to get feedback.

    Also admin, could you tell us who your #1 recommended signal provider is?

  7. I enjoy pips alert signals, first honest provider I have found that is willing to correct pips count when they make a mistake. Thanks for review, I recommend them personally, worth the try at least

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