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Client Reviews: FX Profit Signals

Today I’m reviewing a new signal service promising traders the hottest market opportunities in real time, FX Profit Signals. The developers of the service believe that they can grow traders accounts quickly by providing trades through telegram messenger and email notifications. They provide free signals, VIP signals and platinum signals, so I’ll be going through every single different type of account to let you know what you can expect.

It’s unknown who the creators of this service are, as the about us page provides very little detail outside of a vague explanation that they “are a team of traders with more than 10 years experience in the financial markets.” Considering that this is a signal service, it’s very important that we know who the signal providers are, and what type of trading history they have in the Forex marketplace. In this case, we are not introduced to any of the traders, or given any information about the location of their corporate headquarters. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the sales page.


FX Profit Signals Review

The FX Profit Signals group provide traders with the best time for traders to trade, the best ways for traders to trade and which currency pair they should be focused on. Then, after gathering all this information the developers will “identify the best trading opportunity,” and send that trading signal with the exact “entry point, stoploss and possible targets.”

As for the strategy or trading approach of the signal provider, these aspects aren’t covered in any detail. Despite writing multiple articles on trader psychology, fundamental analysis and technical analysis, the creators of this service don’t tell us the specific methodology they are utilizing in determining new trade opportunities. So, this leaves us in a pretty conspicuous position, because we don’t know how the developers are approaching the market, and we don’t know if they have any experience in the Forex marketplace, because we haven’t been introduced to any of their traders.

There is a disconnect, or lack of transparency here that is concerning, which will put a lot of pressure on the trading results to make up for. This lack of transparency is rampant in the Forex signal marketplace, which is apparent in my past reviews of FX Premiere, Complete Forex Signals and FX Leaders.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: €45 – €310
  • Strategy: Short Term / Long Term Trend Reversal
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The pricing model for the FX Profit Signals can get quite convoluted as they have free signals, VIP signals and platinum signals. The free signals are pretty self-explanatory, as all you need to do is register to become a member on their website, and then you will get access to their free telegram channel. On the front page of their website you can monitor active free signals, and a list of latest closed free signals to show you how the freeze version of the software has been performing over a short period of time.

VIP Signals

The VIP signals are focused exclusively on short-term trade opportunities and go from €45 per month, up to €210 for an entire year. All of these signals are for currencies, provide signals by telegram or email with sound alerts and 24 7 email support. The developers of this plan claim that traders should be expecting 1000 – 2000 pips per month on average from 5-7 daily signals. This is a very lofty goal, and one that makes me skeptical as to the legitimacy of the service itself.

Platinum Signals

The Platinum FX Profit Signals are exclusively long-term signals, that use a trend reversal strategy and promise a positive gain between 2000 – 3500 pips per month. This plan provides 1 to 2 signals per day, for gold, silver, platinum, Brent, WTI and currencies. Some other additions include a built-in analysis for each signal, take profit and stoploss levels, as well as a preparation time for each signal so traders aren’t rushed.

FX Profit Trading Results

The most important portion of this FX Profit Signals review is definitely the trading results, because there is little information about the trading strategy or the traders providing the signals themselves. My first impression of the trading results isn’t very positive, because they provide us with images, and these images aren’t updated regularly. As we approach the end of June while I’m writing this review, the latest results on the FX Profit Signals web site are from May.

Although my largest concern isn’t the fact that the results are being updated regularly, it’s that the developers aren’t using any proven statement sharing service like Myfxbook or FX Blue to host their results. With the results as they stand, the developers could easily be cherry picking trades and modifying the trading results to suit their needs. Considering the results are being updated so infrequently, it only adds to my skepticism than the readily available opportunity for the developers to modify the trading results.


I’m really unsure whether or not I want to dive in with the FX Profit Signals, or sit on the sidelines and wait for more information. Currently, I’m leaning to the latter, because the developers of this service are not providing us with anything concrete in terms of strategy, trading results or trading history. I’ll consider changing my mind if I hear from some actual clients, so please feel free to leave a message at the bottom of this review with your experiences now.

FX Profit Signals €45 - €310
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Support


FX Profit Signals is a signal service promising 2000 to 3500 pips per day. This is not a very reasonable promise.

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2000-3500 pips per day guarantee


High price
No verified trading results

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  1. How can I join your telegram channel?

    • Did you end up joining? I’m thinking about it, but the prices are high and I’m not overly impressed with the feedback here.

  2. I have joined fx profit signals VIP group a couple of days back.They provide you 6-7 VIP calls daily.The worst part about them I’d no one is available for any support on trades.Even if the trade is loosing momentum there is no one from the group to guide new traders to exit and cut their losses..

    They usually give 3 to and 1 sl and that stop loss is huge 80 pips average.tp1-tp2-tp3 are 30-60-100 pips on average.So the thing when the price strikes tp1 they don’t suggest anything it’s upon.the trader whether he closes it or waits for tp2 and tp3.Now even if you use trail SL and it closes at tp1 you are +30 pips and you have 6 trades a day now if 2 hits SL AND 4 hit tp1 you will be +30X4=120 pips and loss 80*2=160 pips you will be in a loss of -40 pips.The reason they have got a good overall result is because they leave a trade running and see how low it can get or how high then in the end they say it hit tp3.

    It’s quite like they are fooling customrs.

  3. I once subscribed to their service early last year and it was my actual first time to make money in Forex. Their work is legit. I have been in their Telegram since then, and they post all trades, wins or losses, and I can testify that they match. They have recently started a service for copy trading to people who miss the signals and they are doing a fantastic job.
    Take your time and look into their signals before purchase. They win more than 75%

  4. I am a Vip customer from 10/10/19 and I must say that the last week was GREAT. А huge success rate:) almost every signal hit T-P
    They seem to be great at what are doing!

  5. I’m going to be honest with you – the PLATINUM one I have already is fantastic!!! Ok a loss or 2 but that’s Forex. Apart from that I’ve been seriously impressed with their signals!

  6. This is the PRIMARY source of the signals from the most of the smallest signal providers. Last week I saw at least 10 groups that stel and resell their signals. I joined in their VIP last month and I have very good results with them till now.

  7. I have subscribed their Platinum channel last month and I get more than $2000. Last week every signal in Platinum channel hit their TP 🙂 great work. I will resubscribed for sure because their signals help me a lot. Very good signals

  8. I am using their VIP signals from monday (03 June) and I am very happy! I gain more than 600 pips till today (07 June). They have results on their site back to 2016. The results from their site and mine are very promissing!

  9. Have paid since but yet to add me to their VIP group.
    I am afraid have not lost my money to fraud.

  10. I signed up for their VIP service. After a month, after following their service, I would NOT advise anybody to get this service. I wouldn’t go as far to say the signals are utter crap, but if you like to throw your money into the river, then do go and throw it into the river, at least someone else might benefit.

    They are not very transparent. They do not give a name or phone number out. The analysis of signals provided to me on the VIP channel is zero, while on the Free channel they sometimes provide how they arrived at the signals. There is a LOT of marketing on the free channels. They show pips gained, but believe that at your own risk. They keep very, very quiet about the bad days for their signals, and I couldn’t believe that ALL seven signals hit Stop Loss on some days.

    The VIP signals arrive in bulk, but usually the market has moved by the time the signals arrive on signals by a few pips. And this is on telegram. I asked them about the unreliability of their signals, and they were quite rude in their responses. “Even the best traders lose sometimes” they said (among other things), nice motto for someone selling signals, and possibly good enough for a novice, but to someone who has been around this smells really bad. REALLY bad. It’s almost as if someone learnt some basic patterns and are selling signals.

    They claim 80% of their signals hit TP1! Not my experience. In fact, if I had time I would like to calculate exactly what would have happened if I placed exactly the opposite order. I think I would have fared better. My results after 1 month are about 10% loss. And this is because I practice very severe money management. Anyone following their signals with larger lot sizes would have lost more.

    Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere for a reasonable provider. There are a lot of service providers whose FREE signals fare better than this ones paid “VIP” signal. BTW, they try to advise you to constantly buy their other signals as well…. ha ha

    I am not linked to any signal service provider or broker (except as a user) and have had no previous interaction with fxprofitsignals before testing their signals this time….. I think the money lost is a good lesson learnt

    • you are right brother, When I ask for refund in just 3 days they denied in any condition they dont refund money. I paid 3 months fees that is my biggest mistake. Their All signal hit stoploss in platinum signal pack also. STAY AWAY.

  11. I have signed up for their vip program and I want to say STAY AWAY they have fix time when they send signal and they send signal in bulk, I mean they send 5 to 7 signal at a same time, can anyone tell me at a same time how can all currency pair show buy or sell opportunity? I loss my account 10% already and ask for refund but they are not ready to refund my money , than I ask to charge me 1 month fee and refund other amount as I paid 3 months fee but they are not ready for that , which shows they are not transparent and genuine so guys stay away. they also remove losing trade from their history.

    • Hi Sachin , The same comment you have given in FPA about Profit forex signals,may I know you are referring to which as both FX ProfitT and Profit forex signals are different compamies

  12. I’m really annoying with fx profit. I’m a VIP member and follow the signals everyday and I must say that 1000 pip per month is in the best of cases. In addition, in my case my profits are the same than when I started with them, a good day is followed by a bad day everytime. I tryed different strategies than appear in their web and never work, even if I stay in front of my computer watching the evolution of the market.

    In the other hand, I wrote a mail to them last week and never answered.

    They say “Increase your profits by getting the hottest market opportunities before everyone else” at homepage, but them read their disclaimer and they contradict themselves.

    I don’t recommend this service

  13. I’ve bought plan from them last week. They add me in their VIP CHANNEL in Telegram messenger and the signals was great! I can’t wait to see this week signals!

  14. Great service with ease of access. I have been following VIP and Platinum both FXprofit channels and the results are the real i say real because yes we wait keep patience the results talk and show theirself real trading, and my suggestion to everybody who just joins their signal services will be that keep patience. Forex is like a business its not a get quick rich scheme and thanks to all the FXprofit team for working so hard and letting us relax, i’m not going anywhere always i will always stick with their website and be a loyal customer because their signals are really good

  15. I subscribed to FX Profit VIP service for a month last year but I did not have much time to open the trades and monitor them. However my subscription expired and I decided that now I am around more so I started trading FX profit free signals and hands down they are the best ever. Allowing me to make $250 to sometimes $400 a week my account has grown significantly I am going to subscribe for VIP this December and keep making money with this provider. I can say that they are the best. Good work Fx Profit

  16. I have a small account with justforex so i decided to follow Fxprofit signals for free. I managed to make at least $200-$450 profit every week for the first month with 0.20 lot size so now i will subscribe because it seems it is a good service they offer. I only wish they had a live chat platform for easier communiction and faster response because emails can take long at times. Binary options is not my thing so i cannot comment on that service but for forex trading i am currently happy and satisfied with the service


      Hi Roman,

      May I know how you are going with FX PRofit as of now? As I would like to join if the feedback is good.

  17. I will probably need help to write an honest review so feel free to contact me with any probing questions any of you reading this might have. I purchased a 6 month service in the summer of 2017 after learning about the forex market from a friend. I had very little money to invest and didnt do much with the service. I believe I lost more than I gained for a number of reasons:

    1) The signals came in at 3am while I was sleeping and sometimes the signals come through the telegram app as early as 1:30am, so naturally if I went to bed at 11:30pm there is no way Im going to hear my phone ring at 01:30am as I will be in deep sleep.

    2) As other reviewers have stated you need to apply all the signals as you never know which signals are good or not.

    3) Its been my unfortunate experience that every time I try to follow their signals its a bad week of trading and the losses discourage me.

    I recently purchased another 6 month service with ProFxSignals in July 2018. I was hoping things would be different as I realized I needed to change my sleep patterns among other things in order for the trading signals to benefit me. Needless to say I encountered some more issues this time around:

    4) My particular ringtone was not loud enough to wake me out of my sleep (Im yet to change my sleep pattern and start going to bed in the early evening to wake up early). I recently fixed the ringtone issue.

    5) I had to watch the charts all day to ensure profits are locked in when the targets are hit or move my stops as suggested by ProFx. Let me hasten to say I am still a novice and I know now that I can always set alarms in my trading platform but I still find it easier said than done and I would sincerely like someone to reach out to me with specifically how they use the signals and if they still have a life while using these signals.

    This is pretty long so let me end by saying that forex trading demands consistency and in all honesty I have not traded these signals longer than 2 weeks to write an honest long term review. The results posted by ProFxSignals and my own checks have revealed that the signals are good but the process of capturing those pips is very arduous. I look forward to others reaching out to me in a constructive manner as I continue my journey on this forex path.

  18. Hey,

    will start testing this provider tomorrow till end of august with myfxbook tracking .. I’ll keep you updated.

    So long

  19. I have been a client for several months with their VIP forex signals and I can say that I am extremely satisfied. They had some very good series of winning signals that I managed to trade on my real account and made a good profit for the time I spent with them.
    Yesterday 17.07 I decided to join their VIP BINARY channel and the result today 18.07 is just stunning – the trading day ended with 12 winnings and 0 losses :))))

    • Can you show us your results Stani?

    • Their forex vip signals ARE THE WORST Kind people so stay away in weeks of demo ing it wasn one that was good stupid random signals with movement in oposite direction a lot of signals around 10 a day which is enormous in forex NONE wining and tha next day or following day same pairs but signal in oposite direction JESUS CHRIST that is a a very bad robot or a trader on drugs. If you call siganls in binary 10 OTM 12 ITM that lets say normal day succesful than you are way out. The most succesful day was that with a difference of 6 between itm s and otm s it was like otm to 12 itm Single day succesful the signals are fast with the stupid method Go so you can not analyze it on your mt4. I mean after that who dares betting his money on that. Their Forex is the worst one

    • am also following the group . i was planning to join VIP binary . but still hesitated but do u suggest that i can join ?

  20. Hello,

    I wanted to give a signal service a try and I found FX Profit Signals,by a Google search and I must say its been 3 days now and i’m in 10% profit of my overall trading bank,in any business where you invest a capital,expect drawdowns. I am prepared to manage this with my money management system that I learnt in forex. I practice struck money management.The analysis has been very good,I can believe the history is real now by being a VIP member.Also the free signals are good as well.They send you via telegram,a chart analysis about how they prepared each try for FREE.I am satisfied,i think that this company does good service for client.they always post on telegram group and update results daily,nothing is fake.I needed to build a bank consistently over time and I would say the way its going for now,this could happen.I’m not the type of person to come here review and waste time with false information,time is money for me I an an IT professional. Kepp good and thanks for having this forum available,jeep good and All the best to you guys FRB and FXPS 🙂 The big thing in making profits you need to be up and around and get all the trade signals,put them on your MT4 or whatever platform you got. You miss 1,you may be in losses or vice versa.

    • Hi Bas, if you can provide us with your personal Myfxbook account, that would be great.

      • If you need proof you should pay for a month and test it,isn’t that a great idea?

        • Hi BAS, it’s 2018, the vendor has easily to use free tools at their disposal to provide adequate transparency. It is not the customers job to prove a service is viable. This is the responsibility of the company. Is there a reason why you don’t want to share your results?

          • If I have bad experience you will be informed,if you only read positive results then you know what that means.My trading data is personal.I have the right not to share it.I really don’t care if its 1906 and i’m in a time machine or 2199 and trading on a flying saucer,still my business.I wrote a review and thats good enough for me.Anything else you need to know,ask someone else or go find out yourself,so you won’t be in doubt of believing the truth.

          • You are an interesting trader. Good luck.

    • Ya ya be sure you catch all their signals – loosers their signals are a lot bad the only good thing they came at a certain time dont waste a lot of your dayley time but in rest THEY SUCK

  21. I signed up for their binary signal service telegram based – it was so low quality after 2 weeks of very bad trading extremly bad signals it feels like someone is throwing food to pigs – that was the feeling i got about those awful signals. After those really bad 2 weeks i asked Paypal for refund and they offer 3 months membership for VIP forex i took it OH GEES SUCH b…s… signals you can not belive is like throwing a lot of signals and when they make like 100 pips of course in opposite direction they throw the reverse signals. They have no idea what they are doing PEOPLE STAY AWAY

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