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Signals Review: FX Premiere

Today I’m analyzing a signal provider that claims to be serving the marketplace since 2010, FX Premiere. The developers advertise their service as a way to make steady profits with “affordable Forex trading signals and crypto currency alerts.” In this review, I’ll be looking at their packages, trading results and client feedback so we know exactly what to expect moving forward.

It is unknown who is behind this service, and who is providing the signals to the community. Generally, with products like these, we want to know exactly who the trader is behind this service, to ensure that it’s a quality individual. Hopefully by asking this question in the review, we get an answer at some point in time. To get in touch with support, traders can fill out the contact form at the bottom of their webpage. The buttons for the risk disclosure, privacy policy, terms of service and contact us page are all broken.

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FX Premiere Review

The developers behind FX Premiere claim that they have over 50 years combined Forex trading experience, but there is no way for us to verify this fact. In multiple points throughout the website, they refer to themselves as “Forex and crypto currency professionals,” but this remains unproven. I don’t believe it’s a smart approach by the vendor to discuss the talent level of their traders, without actually providing us with some proof.

They do also provide Forex learning guides which are available for traders to acquire, and read in the members area.

The process for receiving signals is quite simple. Traders sign up with a package, activate SMS signals and then signals are sent with the asset that needs to be traded, the direction of the trade, the price, the take profit, and stop loss.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: £37/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: All

There are actually 4 FX Premiere packages available. The cheapest package is the trial version of the Forex trading signals which goes for £37/month. The regular Forex trading signals package goes for £99/4 months, the same package with crypto currency signals goes for £199/4 months and a longer version of this package goes for £379/11 months.

Each of these packages are pretty similar, in that they promise a 75% win ratio, and approximately the same amount of signal sent on a daily basis. The only main difference, is that they promise up to 8000 pips per month on the most expensive plan, and 1000 on the cheapest. These type of promises seemed way too aggressive and very unlikely to be met by any trader.

Trading Results

The trading results are presented in a strange way. FX Premiere puts up a blog post every single month that shows their daily trading signals. In each case, they show us the trades that were sent and whether or not they hit take profit or stoploss. This method of showing results can easily be manipulated by the vendors.

What I don’t understand here, is why the creators of this service aren’t using a statement sharing service like Myfxbook. They have results going back to 2015, and since they tell us that they place all of these trades themselves, they might as well connect their account to statement sharing service to verify the validity of their claims.

Client Feedback

The client feedback for this service is not very positive. There are quite a few one star reviews, but these reviews have recently been challenged by a comment in September by a man who claims that all of the old reviews are useless because the website changed ownership in 2016.

This could be an excuse, that there is no way of us knowing.

2020 Update

So what’s changed since we reviewed FXPremiere in 2017? Hopefully quite a bit, as we had more than a handful of questions the last time we reviewed the service.

Sadly, we’ve been waiting for their website to load on multiple different browsers for more than 5 minutes with no response. All we see is a red loading circle, which doesn’t seem to be leading to anything.

So, the website isn’t loading. This is not a good sign for the service, and certainly isn’t what we want from a best Forex signal provider. We’ll be back in another 3-4 months to check in and revise the review.

Until then, our conclusion remains the same.

2022 Update

Looks like the FXPremiere website is in working order.

The first thing I always do when I update a review is check the most recent client reviews.

I don’t know if my timing is just bad, but the last 4 reviews are all 1 star reviews, which is concerning.

Now, it is worth noting that FXPremiere did respond to two of these reviews claiming that they are spam, coming from a competitors IP. Though, I do have access to trustpilot business, and I’ve never seen a section for IP logging. So, I’m not sure where that information is coming from.

One of the negative reviews also claims that they are stealing signals from Learn 2 Trade. There is proof in the comments section that they have stolen images from L2T in the past, so I can’t deny that it’s possible.

There is also a comment attacking the 5 star trustpilot reviews:

This reviewer claims that FXPremiere only has a bunch of 5 star reviews because they promise a free week of signals in exchange for 5 star reviews. I would like to see proof of this somewhere as well before commenting on it myself.

All in all, there’s a lot of skepticism around the service in 2022. A bit too much drama for me, so I won’t be testing the service until this is all cleared up. I’d like to see more transparency in the responses from the FXPremiere team. As there are real concerns being brought up, and they should be addressed. Even if these concerns are being brought up by competitors, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real concerns.


There’s a lot of good information, and the overall method of how FX Premiere send signals is very clear. Yet, I’m not ready to sign up and test these signals on my own. I believe that the developers need to do a better job providing verified trading results, and they also need to do something about the negative reviews. Yes, it’s possible that ownership has changed hands, but I’d like to see some more positive reviews the backup that position, not just one.

Thank you for stopping by, and please leave a comment or question if you’ve anything you would like to add.

FXPremiere £37/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


FX Premiere is a long running signal service with a large audience.

Comments Rating 2.57 (7 reviews)


Signals in Forex and Crypto Multiple packages


No verified trading results No strategy insight Poor client feedback

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  1. Escrocs

    Après un alléchant abonnement à vie de 500 dollars, je me suis malheureusement laissé tenté . Après 2 jours de signaux vraiment bidons – 200€. Étant novices mais pas trop bête leurs signaux sont vraiment nulllll. J’ai demandé un remboursement pour services qui ne me convenait pas. Leur seul réponse suppression du compte telegram sans aucun REMBOURSEMENT en plus d être des escrocs ce sont des voleurs. J espère que de nombreuses personnes verront ce commmataire pour éviter de ce faire arnaquer ou voler par FXPREMIERE

  2. I subscribed the signal service of both PriceAction and FX premier at the same time, found that the FX premier usually post same signals after PriceAction post their signals.

  3. I got scammed as well..

  4. Please can you conduct a review on pionex cryptocurrency trading platform?

  5. they actually took 480$ from me for VIP group and wouldn’t give it back!
    when I said that I am on them they refused to give service! took 480$ and deleted the telegram contact!

  6. So all and all ,after putting it in best signals category then saying that they steal images from learn2trade its kinda blury if they are ok or not.Looking at other sites reviews some state they are complere scam some say that they are the best but im curios how you would tag it all things is consideration?

    • Hi, be careful when looking at my best Forex signals list. There are 15 providers on that list, that doesn’t mean all 15 are the best. Obviously, as you get lower on that list, they are no longer the best. There’s just only so many providers to review.

      The client reviews here aren’t very positive, which is the main indicator for me to stay away at this time.

  7. Khalil L Davis

    Complete scam, they send out trades that obviously go against the trend. One of their rules is to not ask for weekly pip gains or what trades were won. Like this trades is so ass, I was in a EURUSD trade that had hella drawdown. They have huge ass stop losses too. You’ll prolly win like 3 trades out of 10 with them. They truly suck. Stay far far away from these goofy ass mfs. Save ur money.

  8. Scammers. They fill trustpilot with good reviews, insult those who criticize. I spent $ 30 for a month of service and after they found out I put a star on trustpilot they blocked me on telegram and removed me from the signal group. They are affiliated with the griffith corporate center of saint vincent and the grenadines, a search on the internet is enough to understand that it is an unreliable group that includes all the fraudulent brokers under an international company. Their trustpilot is full of fake reviews created by them, for example it can happen that for a week there are no reviews and as soon as someone puts 1 star they create 10 in an hour to cover it

  9. Any service that begs it’s subscribers to make a good review by offering a free week can’t be doing a great job. That immediately made me suspicious of them. My first two trades very clearly ran against the market trends. Happy to cop the loss but not prepared to trust them.

  10. Our FX Premiere review is getting spammed by 5 star reviews this morning.

    If you feel I am not making valid points, please argue the points. Show me your verified trading results with these signals.

    • results

      hi Patrick

      FxPremiere clearly state they are intermediary marketing aggregators and you receive signals from 50 sources for a small fee

      thats why no verified results. thats why im subscribed to them as i know im paying $37 per month for lots of sources in one telegram channel

  11. It's great

    So, there is some people don’t know how to read and react to this service signals , they are always 70% lose so generally wen you want to secced with there signals you should have an experience in trading and moving your stop lose and always follow market move , in the and I am saying. Those are pro’s you should follow there moves in free signals at first for some time the upgrade to vip . And you will gain profits .

  12. Fx premier is one of the best signal provider
    You guys are amazing 👏👏

  13. FX Premiere appears to be stealing images directly from Learn 2 Trade (, in an attempt to make it seem like their service provided the trades.

    learn 2 trade stolen image

  14. Not impressed

    I’ve tried FX Premiere now for around 2 weeks and have decided not to continue with them.

    At first when joining their Telegram free signals, I tried up to two signals and both lost. That should have been enough to be a no-go, but figured I’d give a months try of the paid product and see if results were better.

    Unfortunately, the above has not been a positive experience.

    When you pay, one of the first things the company does is declare that they are not traders and are just forwarding signals from a variety of partner traders, whoever they are. FX Premiere therefore claims no responsibility for results etc.

    The premium Telegrams group is to put it quite frankly, a right mess. Pictures of graphs and predictions, and significant over the top forecast descriptions that a rookie trader like me just felt overwhelmed by.

    Granted, there were several simple text signals scattered within all other graphics posts, but sadly none have been profitable for me. I don’t know if it’s just a bad trading month, but all the same not impressed with their lack of empathy or accountability for the signals posted.

    For all we know, this might work for you, but if you’re a newbie trader, I’d steer clear of FX Premiere. Good luck!

  15. Is this any better now? The customer feedback here is horrible, and I was really considering signing up.

  16. guys i promise you and i can show you proof, they are a complete scam, they renew my subscription automatically and get money every month without giving me signals, i have asked them to stop it and never answer me back, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THEM PLEASE !!!

  17. One of the worse signal provider, I ´ve ever seen!

  18. Mohammed Al-baiti

    Very very bad service guys,

    First of all there signals are really complicated
    you can easily get confused for example:

    Buy gbpaud 1.7913
    Sl 1.7883
    Tp 1.7934
    Tp 1.7963
    They provided this signal when the market is closed without explaining how to execute it and they say its just a forecasted ..

    When the market opened, the price was waaay under the buy @ value so i asked what the hell you want me to do with signal?? Hes like you buy at that price! Im like you guys are not totally clear with signals you provide at all!

    Secondly they have different ways of providing signals some times its this ..
    BUY GBPCHF @1.22239
    TP @1.22472
    Re buy @ 1.21702
    TP 2 @ 1.22003
    SL @1.21111
    Some times this …
    BUY GBPUSD 1.2345
    TP 1.2375
    Tp 1.2450
    SL 1.2300
    Some times this ..
    Entry Price0.89482
    Stop Loss0.89683

    Way tooo confusing, and btw all the trades are in loss, and there entry levels are not true at all i have zero spread account, and immediately when i get the signal i check the price and its not true at all!!


    And i bet everyone that all those positive feedback are from them begging customers to write, coz they not even close to a two star

    And guys i have a screen shot of the way they are insulting people saying f*** words and bad stuff in indian.

    He tried to delete it asap, but i took a screen shot of him saying bad words.

    They are just copying signals from others and posting them in there account this is what they are.

    Good luck gents

    Reply to what they answer,

    First of all i did not try your free signal, second of all i got removed from the signal because of my 1 star post, thridly i have subscribed yesterday and i wanted my refund back, you said you dont provide refund and in the mean time 1 gentlemen just before me posted a bad review about you and you claimed that you will refund him, but you didnt and you did not accept to refund me, anyways dont try to be polite infront of people i have a screen shot of our conversation before you blocked and im willing to upload to prove to all of the subscribers who you really are, claiming to be polite and diplomatic with clients but in real you are a total scam thats what you are!

  19. Proof of results? They clearly state education signals. . It’s amazing the negativity of competitors

  20. They r all Fake
    they hit sl and say that TP1 achieved
    I had taken their service
    Wasted money

  21. i think these review of thes site needs to be removed as your just being negative.. i reads your review 3 months ago tested this site and they are good.

    • Hi Drew, if you read the review in full you will find there is no slant towards negative or positive. We question, and we ask for proof where proof should be provided by the vendor. Please feel free to upload your trading results using this service.

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