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Learn 2 Trade Review (#1 Forex Signals)

Learn 2 Trade are an impressive Forex signal provider, that offers free and paid trading signals. Their paid signal options are excellent, with a VIP telegram group, a VIP crypto signal telegram group, and a VIP swing trader telegram group. My experience so far is solely with the Forex signals, and I’m very happy with the result. They provide more than enough signals for me to make a profit, and provide complete analysis of each signal, so you know they aren’t going into anything blindly.

The operation is a professional service run by Gadget Geek Online Ltd. They provide their headquarter address, which is located at 20-22 Wenlock Road, Hoxton, London N1 7GU.

In addition, the creators of the service introduce us to their analysts, as each article written on the website is tagged with an author bio. This is important, because many Forex signal services don’t provide a high enough level of transparency. It’s also ideal, because it gives traders the ability to decide which analysts they most prefer, and follow their work. This transparency is likely why this service has been able to accumulate over 50,000 members.

To get in touch with support, traders can email or even call +44 (0) 203 146 8423.


Learn 2 Trade Review

After careful consideration, Learn 2 Trade is now ranked #1 in the Forex Robot Nation best Forex signals rankings. This is a title that took a very long time for me to award to any provider. As, since the creation of the best Forex signals page, I’ve had a place holder at #1 for approximately a years time.

There are a few main reasons why this provider is in the top spot:

  • The signals win at a high rate
  • The analysis provides detailed information about each opportunity
  • The VIP services are trusted by thousands of active traders
  • Each signal comes with the entry price, stoploss, target, recommend risk and a risk reward ratio
  • All signals come through telegram which makes them easy to utilize on your phone or PC

The above image shows a price analysis which resulted in a quick 20 pip gain from an 8 minute trade, provided in the VIP telegram channel just over 30 minutes ago. As I write this review, the telegram is active and providing more opportunities, which really makes me want to stop writing and trade instead.

I also appreciate that the Learn2Trade team are consistent in keeping up with their past signals. The example above is an effective illustration of this. I placed a trade on December 1st, and was able to exit out at just over 100 pips thanks to the clear direction.

Trading Strategy

From my experience, the Learn 2 Trade methodology is very effective, and comes from advanced market knowledge. The analysts’ “research process is supported by more than 60 technical indicators across each and every pair.”

The developers of the service utilize an underlying algorithm that uses the same research principles of any seasoned trader. This algorithm, allows for quick and effective trading opportunities without having to put in the same amount of research hours per day.

It’s a bit easier to understand their trading strategy if you look at their analysis. The analysis above led to the 103 pip gain I mentioned that I won just under a week ago.

With their analysis, they confirmed a long-term and short-term bullish trend, providing the trade alert opportunity. The analysis proved to be effective, and all the members were rewarded with a win.

It is important to use a signal service that can provide data like this, because it allows traders to learn while winning. It also provides us all with a higher level of confidence that each analyst knows what they’re doing.

Trading Course

I have also gained access to the Learn 2 Trade trading course, which is made up of 11 different chapters. The course is certainly effective at helping beginners get a better understanding of the Forex market, and preparing them to utilize their signals properly.

In terms of depth, I don’t really think it’s there. They do provide images, and the content meets my expectations, but this isn’t a manual trading course. It’s an overview of everything, so you know what you are doing, but it’s not going to give you a trading strategy that you’ll be able to implement in your own day trading.

The other flaw is that they don’t provide any videos, which is certainly a missing piece of the puzzle. All of that being said, the course simply isn’t the selling point of this service, it’s the signals.

Trading Results

While there is no Myfxbook page for their trading results, I’ve been following Learn 2 Trade long enough to know that they are a profitable signal provider.

You can scroll back through the telegram and see every opportunity that you missed by not signing up earlier.

I’m not going to bore you by posting every single signal, as you can go through them after you get access. I will post a losing signal though, as it’s important to know that they are transparent about their trading results.

While the losses are few and far between, they do happen, and the vendors don’t shy away or remove the losses from their trading record. You can go back to the analysis, see the thought process and determine if you feel it was the right decision or not.

In my experience, they are around the 82% success rate they promise, with 3-5 premium signals per dya.

Signing Up

In order to get the same signals I use, you will want to sign up with the VIP Forex Signals, located at the top right of your screen.

You can access the website to signup, going through my link here.

Signing up for the Learn 2 Trade signal service is very simple. All you have to do is choose the plan that you wish to utilize, and then you will be emailed immediate access to the telegram group.

Once you click select on the plan that you want to sign up with, you will be taken to a secure payment page. Here, you can use your credit or debit card to sign up with the service.


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to have settled on Learn 2 Trade as the #1 Forex signal provider in 2021 and beyond. As long as they keep providing stellar analysis, and easy to utilize trading signals, I’ll be placing trades with this company for many years.

If you have never used a signal service before, this is a great place to start. Everything is put forward in an easy to digest manner, with multiple opportunities each day for earning more pips.

Thanks for reading the review, and please leave your own personal rating below the article now.

Learn 2 Trade £35
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Learn 2 Trade is a Forex signal provider that offers up to 5 premium signals per day with an 82% win rate.

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3-5 signals per day Professional company Transparent about wins and losses Provides clear analysis


Trading course doesn’t have videos There is no Myfxbook account

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  1. You say their losses are few and far between but this month they have won exactly ONE trade.

    • Hi Leon, I haven’t been using Learn 2 Trade much in 2022. The time period when I used them, they were a very good service with good analysis. So, I’m sure it’s just a small setback.

  2. Hello partric do learn 2trade provide signals inform of pending orders or market execution.kindly let me Know.i found out execution very tricky you can be bypassed by time and make losses.

  3. Hello Patrick, Well Wishes.
    Re: the VIP Forex group of Learn2Trade that you subscribed to, it’s not clear if the signals are Pending Orders or Market Execution requiring immediate attention, please?
    > Kindly confirm, either way.
    > As I am based in Melbourne, Australia; and, am aware Learn2Trade sends out signals during the UK & US trading hours, I need the grace period (validity period, after which the signal is invalid) of a few hours to decide if it is sensible to trade the signals(s).

    Kind Regards & Much Thanks,
    Clinton Lee. Melbourne, Australia.

  4. How will I sign up ?

  5. Hello there. I want to learn and start trading please guide me accordingly and am an entrepreneur and a Student , So like to learn new things quickly.

  6. Why did you remove my note do you want to hear praise for rhese false signal larn2 trade

  7. About experience with them ido not recommendation these recommendations especially swing trading I pay 50 pounds to watch an hour-long video daily to extract may be unsuccessful or successful

  8. Hi Patrick, how are you! I been using L2T service for a month now. I had lost some amount of my account with their trades. I wonder if they really are profitable or not. As you had mentioned in your review, they are transparent and share their opinions on each trade but with profitability, they are not that much. So, I would like to know whether you still recommend them or not? Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

    • Hi Alex, I still like the work that Learn 2 Trade does. But when using any signal service, I only take the trades that I like. I pay for the trade ideas, but still pick and choose based on my own knowledge.

  9. Hi Patrick, do you continue to use their signals?

  10. This brand is interesting. There’s another called “” also based in the UK… are they affiliated with one another? You never know in this world!! I have seen reviews regarding a guy called Greg Secker and they are not very flattering at all. Seems like this guy actually trades though!

  11. Hey so i recently noticed an overwhelming amount of negative reviews on trustpilot. Just wanted to get your verdict since im a novice trader do you think they are still the best? And should i go for them despite the negative reviews? Thank you

    • Hi Donat, I’m still using the signals despite a recent cold streak, I have faith that they’ll return to profitability. They’ve been transparent about the recent losses, so I’m not very concerned. I’m more worried when a vendor is trying to hide their losses, or try to massage their results.

  12. Hi Patrick, am a novice and I would love to subscribe for your VIP platform, I really want to know how many pips you give out per trade

  13. Hi Patrick, just want to get your opinion on Legacy FX, currently using their free signals before signing up?

  14. Hi I am wondering if you have a review regarding London fx signals they promote over 7000 pips per month I am taking some free signals which have gone into profit but they don’t seem to answer emails thanks.

  15. Hello, i watched your video on youtube about Learn 2 trade. I’m a beginner in trading, and i would like to know what results i can have thanks to them ? On this video, you tell we can win 30 – 40 percent profit from our account. So with a account of 5000$ we can win 1500$ – 2000$ on 1 month ? I ask to you, cause i already lost a lot of money with a bad signals provider. Thanks for your futur answer.

    • Hi Giovanni, I am not going to promise future results based on past performance. That being said, I am very happy with their signals, overall analysis and I’m confident in the service.

      • Hi Patrick. Thanks for your answer. I understand you can’t promise futur results. But for to know the eventual futur results, i must to know the past. As a customer, can you tell me what results you had the last month or 3 months. I know it’s not a garantee or a promess. No worries. But it’s so difficult to get goods signals. Thanks.

        • Hi Giovanni, I’ve had very positive results with the Learn 2 Trade signal service. The analysis is good, and I’m winning the majority of the trades that I take. I do not have a Myfxbook for this, like I do for all my robot accounts as I use the signals in multiple multi-purpose accounts. I will look to see if I can provide some sort of verified account where I use these signals in the near future.

  16. Learn 2 Trade just hit a +750 pip winner on FR40.

    Hope everyone caught this win.

    learn 2 trade win

  17. Thanks for doing this review. This is really helpful for new traders like me.

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