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Signals Review: FX Leaders

Today I’m looking at a website that delves into Forex strategies, brokers, social trading but most importantly signals, FX Leaders. The creators of this service claim that they have the best Forex signals and that they have the ability to help traders make “critical decisions about their trades.”

Formally known as FX Market Leaders, Smart Financial Traffic LTD. is located at 168 1/5 Handelskai, Vienna, Austria, 1020. To get in contact with their support team, traders can email

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FX Leaders Review

In order to rope traders in, there are both short term and long term Forex signals offered for free directly from the website. If traders don’t want to miss any trades, and want alerts directly on their PC then they have to upgrade to FX Leaders premium. With the premium package, traders get access to a bunch of different options to help them access the signals and get the most out of the service.

  1. Mobile Alerts
  2. Sound Alerts
  3. Signals by Email
  4. 24/5 Technical Support


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $39.9/Month

The FX Leaders team has made some major adjustments to their website, and to their service since we last reviewed it. They now provide the pairs, and even show the stop loss / take profit levels to traders without a premium membership. Though, if you want to see the entry price, and actually use the signals, you will need to sign up.

The pricing model follows:

As for the price, the FX Leaders signals are going for nearly $40 a month on a month by month basis, but the price goes down drastically when you sign up for 12 months. The 12 month plan goes all the way down to $9.90 per month. There is also an option to get access to the signals for free, as long as you join through their affiliate link.

The signals are within the affordable range, which is always something we consider when reviewing signal providers.

Trading Results

As it stands, the FX Leaders team provides a complete signals report from the prior year. In this report their analysts go through the different pairs and commodities, breaking down their performance. They go through each type of signal, and the amount of signals provided in any given month in order to be as transparent as possible.

We do believe that they should consider verifying the results with Myfxbook, but we see no reason to feel they are hiding anything. The company is professional, and even shows significant losses in their litecoin signals, so they aren’t simply cherry picking positive results. Another consideration we recommend is having the results updated daily or monthly instead of yearly. This may allow their clients to compare and contrast their results. It is worth noting that after traders sign up they get access to a live report of all closed signals too.

All in all, the trading results are impressive, and we don’t see any real reason to doubt the vendor.

Customer Feedback

With 8 reviews on FPA, the FX Leaders signal service is currently getting a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This is a good number, and is certainly what we expect to see from more vendors int eh Forex signal market.

There are a few complaints from clients claiming that there aren’t enough signals, but this is hardly a complain as far as we are concerned. All that matters is quality, not quantity, and FXLeader has frequently been hitting that mark properly.

The client feedback appears to be sliding a bit in 2021, so I’m going to look more into this and see what’s going on. Please leave a comment letting me know your current thoughts on this service.

2021 Update

FX leaders continues to be one of the most popular Forex signal providers in the market. We really don’t see that changing in 2021.

They keep adding more analysts to their team, and finding more ways to succeed with their service, which is what we like to see. Stagnating companies bore me, and this certainly isn’t one of those.

Their premium account is now offering mobile notifications, email alerts, entry prices, full access to all their closed signals performance reports and more. On a yearly plan traders get access to all of this for just $9.90 per month, which is extremely low in comparison with their competitors.


The FX Leaders website is certainly well put together, and professional. In the future, I would like to learn more about their strategy, their trading logic and see a daily update of their wins and losses to get a better understanding of what they have to offer. That being said, it’s an impressive service, and one that is gathering a lot of positive attention in recent years.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

FX Leaders $39.9/Month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


FX Leaders is a very popular Forex signal service with thousands of active clients.

Comments Rating 2 (1 review)


Good support Low price Professional company


Average client feedback In need of daily results

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  1. hope we can find a great one guys

  2. Just can’t seem to get the same results that FX Leaders shows us.. I’m confused because I have to get the same results.

    What’s going on? Is anyone else using these?

  3. Hi! I have tried many signals before. Their signals are the best I have so far. I give them 5 stars, highly recommended.

  4. Excellent accurate signals. Very pleased with my membership I have purchased.

  5. I want to add that fxleaders does not allow you to view their past records and trades unless you pay them a 1 year membership fee first.

  6. I don’t recommend this to anyone!

    • please angel provide details why you did not recommend?
      And please FRN team also update their review about this signal provider.


  7. I would like to know how to share my experience with Fx Leaders or to copy my results? Any idea? I am not a big fan of signal provider but after trying Fx Leaders, all I can say whoever their analyst is…he’s doing a damn good job so far. Many thanks for the review

    I personally would give it an 8.5 overall. I was hoping they have SMS on their premium.

    By the way, who is Fx Leader?

  8. I also saw some negative reviews online by searching their name but it looks like it was meant for fx leader, not fx leaders. A friend of mine recommend reading your post as it is very detailed and fair to traders and to Fx Leaders. I just registered on their website for free for now and will observe until I decide to get their premium subscription though it is tempting because of the features and for 39.9 a month is not that huge of a deal. I will definitely get back in here and provide a much more detailed result.

  9. I used their signals for a couple months, and it was OK.

    Didn’t lose much, didn’t gain much.

    Maybe I’ll try again, but it wasn’t really what I expected out of a Forex signal service.

  10. I don’t know why people are blaming a free tool if their call is accurate. I know they are trying their best but for me I am looking at the long run so I think Fx Leaders are okay and I can see that they keep on improving. And at the end of the day it is our decision to make and just look at fx leaders as a guide.

    • Yes it is. They have free version (and actually a good one) and a premium one, that costs money. Signals are the same is both free and paid versions, but paid version offers also live notifications and history report. I have tried the premium for 3 months, and went back to the free.

  11. I tried FX Leaders out for around 20-25 trades, approximately 60% ended up at Stop Loss. I would have had more luck flipping a coin on Buy/Sell. No real skill behind the company at all, not saying its a scam, but they aren’t particularly talented. I wouldn’t recommend!

  12. Christopher R Mills

    *Be warned I am not proof reading this post – I have $ to make but there is nothing but truth here!
    My test – 1 lot bets for a month – .10 lots on gold, indices, commodities

    I have been trading with FX leaders for about a month now and the results are overall negative. I have spreadsheet data that includes times of trades – The length of time the trade stayed green/red – The average pips gained/lossed – The difference between their call “entry price” and the real price – Currency pair notes (volatility – time of day volume) – The whole shebang.

    OKAY – So here is the deal – Their gold, index, commodity calls are absolute garbage. They are WAY late (up to an hr when referencing their entry price) and they are more scalps than actual TA/ fundamental plays. STAY AWAY unless your betting small (0.10 lots) just to play around and get warmed up for the EUR market open.

    Their currencies calls – 50/50 – The main problem is they fudge the entry prices!!! I trade the EUR market and I am at my terminals and can place a bet in 5sec – I have my tablet open to their app and I get alerts as soon as they go live (I have the paid service) – There is no delay and I can verify their entry price compared to the real prices…. WAY OFF – Sometimes 10-15 pips OR better yet the price NEVER made it to the entry point! I have on multiple occasions called them out over email – Facebook and twitter – They did actually did change the prices one time, but deleted my comment on their webpage.
    Now to risk – Well, you are on average 5-15 pips below the call due to whatever reason – Then they have a 1:2 (win/loss). So this means on average my wins were $280.00 USD positive or $420.00 USD loss. If you go through and average their posted call (80ish) – they have a 64-68% win rate…. But that’s not good enough to be profitable at a 1:2 win/loss rate!
    Ending note – I encourage you to try out the service and use it as a tool for the toolbox! When they make a call don’t immediately jump on the call – Remember that once things break, they usually go back up/down to re-test the support/resistance. Be patient. Don’t buy ANY calls right at 3:00AM(ish) OR 8:00AM(ish) EST!!!! Those are YOLO news plays are gambling – YES – FX leaders does this! SHAME.
    Let FX leaders put you on plays but don’t let them turn you into a robot. Until they start time stamping their calls and attaching an analysist name to the call they cannot be trusted! Also, they cannot be fudging their entry points! RED FLAG

    Good luck out there people – I gotta bet back to making $

  13. I saw one negative review as well but it was not for them. They got caught up with Fx Leader (broker) and Fx Leaders as signal provider, they are both different but end up getting their name mixed up.

    I personally use their service and I don’t see how they get that much since they only charge for Premium subscription. Anyways, glad that you’ve made this review and hoping people will realize the difference between fxleader and fxleaders.

  14. I found a lot of negative comments, yet it really caught my curiosity so I think to see is to believe, I think I will do the research about these two sites right now and see what is the real one.

  15. 2 comments from this exact same IP, with similar emails, both positive within 5 minutes. This review is suspicious to say the least.

  16. I think that the way to look at fxleaders is by following them as advisers, as professionals. We need as traders to decide when to copy and when not to agree with their signals ideas.
    And they are free, which for me is amazing service.
    Being said that, i think that fxleaders are by far the best signals providers i have followed, and i am trading for more than 3 years already.
    Also, they have other great tools, such newsfeed and unique economic calendar.

  17. From their free signal upto their premium, I like how they’re doing their job. For me FxLeaders is one of the best signal providers, they may not be the number one but at least they’re not a scam. What matters the most is that you won’t be spending your money just for something that isn’t going to give you something in return.

  18. I took advantage of their promotions and got my free 1 year subscription. There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day the application gave me a huge advantage. So far this is the best and almost near to perfection, as a signal provider that I have tested.

  19. You will not know if you believe the negative ones, just see it for yourself cause I found it good and really decent app, it’s up to you if you will be contented on their free signals or you will pay for their premium account, me, I pay for it to experience their premium services and I can say that it was great, although it’s risky but I’m doing it well.

  20. Thank you for yoir share.
    I find these formula permit money management. AndIt profits some people lol

  21. I have used their signal and I found them pretty decent, as no one should blindly trust anyone and do some research on its own. I do copy some of their signals and tune them to get decent profit per day.
    I first copy them to my demo account so as to track the progress of signal and and tune them out to maximize the winning rate and set my Take Profit to low as calculated by formula:-profit=lot size * 300(ex. if I select lot size of 0.1 then i will set the profit to 300*0.1=$30 Max).And I enter in trade when my demo account shows max opposite trend and not moves further in that trend(Like if fxleader shows a sell signal in a particular type of pair, I simply will put the sell order in my demo account with fxleader stop loss and take profit details and when the sell order turns into the direction of buy trend and shows max loosing pips max negative profit then I enter in trade in my real account and set my take profit according to formula, and if I loose the lose is minimum and there is a good chance of getting profit in loosing trades also). That’s it, If the signal turns around then we have no tension as we have got our profit previously, so no tension of loosing any trade.

    • Actually it was too risky about the formula I have given above so I re evaluated the formula as:- lot size * 150 = Set Take Profit. And one thing more do not go more than two trades per day with them as what I do is if I have $500 in my real account then I just do two trades of 1 lot size per one trade and I take profit of $150 per trade and $300 profit in all day. Formula for lots per day according to your balance is :- Lots to trade in a day = 2
      Lot for single trade = Money in your account * 0.002

  22. I used their free signals and I bought premium. Their win rate is pretty decent .

    After they updated their trade name I can see that their is an explanation for their entries that is based on their analysis. On FPA the reviews are old, and yes I have to say previously they had a bad risk reward ration but as I can see now their risk reward is 1:1 on most trades.

    I feel safe following their signals, I do not copy every signal they enter but I do at least two trades per day and if both winners I’ll close the day. On the other hand you barely can see 5 consecutive losses.

    They updated their 2016 results and I personally confirm the pips they made as I have been following most of their signals.

  23. Some good some bad, looks like we may have to see for ourselves!

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