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Signals Review: Binary Strategy

It’s a good day today, because I have a new addition to the binary options lab that is perfect for all levels of traders, Binary Strategy. This trading software provides traders with frequent low risk trading signals with default out-of-the-box settings. The creators have done everything they can to be inclusive, and ensure that their entire process is easy while consistently trading at a win rate over 70%.

Unlike most binary options systems that we see, the developers of this software are actually real traders and coders. It’s quite simple to see how they set themselves apart from the rest of the binary options community, because they don’t promise thousands of dollars in returns, and they actually discuss their trading methodologies.


Binary Strategy Review

While I spend very little time in the binary options market myself, from time to time I come across a gem like Binary Strategy. I find that the majority of the products in the binary options market are total scams, and it’s often difficult to find a trustworthy binary options broker as well. This leaves us with very few opportunities to succeed, and way more opportunities to fail. For those obvious reasons, I spend the majority of my time focused on what is currently the Best Forex Robot, and how can I automate my trading process.

With all that being said, it is quite clear that this binary options software is different from the rest. It comes with 2 unique strategies both built around divergence. The spirit strategy, and the valor strategy. The vendors easily could’ve sold to separate systems, but they decided to double down and provide traders with a system that’s going to put the binary options market back on the map.

It’s also worth being said, that the signals are compatible with every single broker, so you can use your current broker. This keeps you away from the brokers that you can’t trust, and I’m sure it gives everyone piece of mind that they don’t have to sign up with another unregulated company they can’t trust.


  • Type: Binary Options Signal Software
  • Price: $189.99 (20% coupon below)
  • Strategy: Divergence
  • Compatibility: All Brokers
  • Pairs: All Pairs (I’m only testing majors)
  • Timeframe: M15 (15 minute expiry times)

Different Strategies

As I mentioned above, there are 2 unique trading strategies being utilized to create trading signals.

  1. Valor
  2. Spirit

While the Binary Strategy is similar for each, you will notice that the Valor method provides fewer trading signals because it focuses on very strict divergence principles. The spirit is very similar, but has different rules which allow for more trades to come your way.

The way I’m currently using it, is that I run around 18 charts, with Spirit on 9, and Valor on 9. So far, the Valor strategy is over 80% ITM, and the Spirit strategy is around 73% ITM. my test. For these results is approximately 3 weeks, and I’ll update these numbers in a couple of months to let you know if they changed or not.

Trading Results

One of the main issues I have with the binary options market, is the product developers don’t feel the need to provide any trading results. Part of this issue is because the binary options broker platform doesn’t allow for an independent web-site like Myfxbook to host their results. However, this is not an excuse for developers not to provide results. If you are selling a trading product, you have to provide results.

In the case of Binary Strategy, the creators provide results on a daily basis by updating a chart on their website. Since inception they’ve had over 1300 trades and are sitting at a 74.2% win rate. This is a great win rate for the binary options market, because winning every 3 out of 4 trades can surely increase your accounts at a steady rate. If you use the correct money management with this type of winning percentage, you can do very well for yourself.

On top of the chart, the developers of actually utilized in depth meta-trader 4 back testing techniques to ensure that the system has worked for multiple years before they even started trading at themselves. With this data they project that they’ll be hitting 80% ITM in 2018. Honestly, I’m happy with 74% but I’m not going to stop a confident development team from reaching for the stars.


I think it’s quite clear to everyone that I feel very positive about this binary options trading system. Obviously, I’m still Forex first, but if you are a binary options trader or you are interested in binary options at all, then this is the total package for you.

For the first few months or so there will be a large 20% discount, so make sure you use the coupon below.

COUPON: Binary15 (15% off)

Binary Strategy $189.99
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A 15 minute binary options signal service, that works with any broker. This indicator connects to the MT4 platform, and provides effective trading signals all hours of the day. It’s been on the market multiple years, and is used by hundreds of traders on a daily basis.

Comments Rating 3 (2 reviews)


Multiple strategies
Frequent signals
Works all brokers
High win rate
All pairs


Valor signals infrequent
Average support

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