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Forex Blaster 2.0 is a new indicator that “generates money on any pair.” We are unsure why it’s labeled V2 though, considering their website just hit the market 10 days ago. It’s hard to believe that during this week and a half they’ve done a major update to a new version. So, likely they are just trying to make it seem like they’ve been around a bit longer than they have. This isn’t overly deceptive, so it’s not really a concern, but we’ll consider this, and every other element during our review today.

The developers don’t introduce themselves, provide a location, or give us any history of their experience in the Forex market. We expect more transparency in all of these aspects, and always want to know the reputation of a vendor, before we consider using their products on our live accounts. Hopefully, the vendor will read this review and give us some sort of about us page that answers these questions.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email


Forex Blaster Review

There are certainly some numbers being presented by the Forex Blaster team that concern us. If you click on the profits page, or even the contact page, you’ll see that they claim to have generated over 3.2 million in profits for over 500 new clients in February. These numbers are exorbitant, and not proven in any way. It’s really difficult to believe that a new vendor, just getting their feet in this market, with a single ad, is making 50 sales a day. From our experience in this market, we know without a shadow of a doubt that these numbers are being fabricated to make the product seem more sought after, and valuable than it is.

While we understand there are some marketing tactics used to sell Forex systems, this level of deception is too unbelievable to gloss over. In order to qualify as a best Forex indicator candidate, the developer will need to prove the numbers that they are leaning on in their sales presentation.

In terms of features, they mention that it’s easy to setup with a friendly user interface, provides highly accurate signals on all time frames, and comes with a unique strategy.


So, let’s take a look at the unique Forex Blaster strategy, and break it down.

The vendors tell us that the software uses three indicators to calculate potential signals, MACD, RSI and moving average. These are all very basic indicators, but if used properly, and coded by experts, they can be effective. The system will look to see “if all time frames are in a bullish convergence, then the panel will give you a strong bullish signal written in green text.”

There are short instructions for scalping, day trading, and evne binary options trading through IQ Options. Each of these methods comes with a single example, showing what traders can expect from the generated signals. The creators of the service want traders to receive the signal, then analyze the on chart data to determine whether or not they should move forward with the trade. This type of approach is common, as you can see in our other Forex indicator reviews of the Forex Windwaker, FX Vortex and Velocity Finder Neural Trader.


  • Type: Forex indicator
  • Price: $98
  • Strategy: Indicator based
  • Timeframe: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1
  • Pairs: All pairs

Traders interested in the Forex Blaster indicator can purchase it for $98. This package contains a step by step user guide, the software, screenshots of the software in action and sample trades to learn from. There is a 14 day money back guarantee which appears to come with no strings attached.

Trading Results

The Forex Blaster trading results are rudimentary, consisting of screen shots, trade examples, and short videos. While we appreciate the attempt, this type of trading result is acceptable in conjunction with verified third party results, but not on their own. There is no demonstration by the vendor to show the community that the service is a consistent winner.

In order to truly compete in the Forex market in 2020, this vendor needs to provide verified trading results, ideally on Myfxbook. We want them to prove to us that they can trade with their Forex indicator and turn a profit.

This is not an outlandish ask.


The majority of the Forex Blaster presentation is well put together and thought out. Their strategy analysis is above average, the price is right, and their trade examples make it easy to understand how the software works. On the other hand, they are missing any company information, don’t provide any verified trading results, and claim some aggressive statistics that we believe are deceptive.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave a comment below.

Forex Blaster $98
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Forex Blaster is a Forex indicator that provides trend-based trade alerts.

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  1. I have use this is very good the program does the reading and tells u the entry point. The whole idea would be get use to one robot and master and study the angle with other u tube programs that’s what I did teach myself. Don’t spread yo to thin with information. Trading like going to school study with what you can afford.

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