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XFX Hunter is a Forex EA developed by the team. The hunter is their most popular system, going for €350,00, built in conjunction with over 16 different indicators to better determine market movements. Today we will be providing a full review and analysis to inform the community of this software’s potential profitability.

The service is owned by the XFX Group, which is a relatively new developer in the Forex marketplace. They first launched just over a year ago at the start of 2019, and have since produced 3 expert advisors, 1 indicator, and plan to offer copy trading in the near future.

The XFX group does not provide an address for their headquarters, but they are listed as a Russian company in Myfxbook. There doesn’t appear to be an email address to contact support either. Both of these aspects need to be cleared up quickly.


XFX Hunter EA Review

The XFX Hunter EA creators claim to be “group of investors, traders and software developers associated with a European Marketing Team.” They have worked on different systems in the MT4 market for more than 5 years.

We would like to see more transparency about the project XFX group, as they don’t verify any of their claims. It’s unclear who is part of this team, and while they tell us that they have been working in this market for 5 years, this website has only been active for one.

The vendor should be providing more details about who they are, so that we can verify this information. Are they developers, traders, or just marketers? This is an important question we ask about any service provider to ensure they can qualify for our best Forex robot rankings.


Getting back to the task at hand, let’s take a closer look at the XFX Hunter trading strategy. According to the limited sales page, the system uses 16 different indicators, 8 of which are proprietary indicators created by the XFX Project team. The “indicators detect parallel trends within different time ranges which becomes market executions taking advantage of these changes.

Then when rules are met, the software will group the operations into different “segments.” These segments include Impact of Reversals, Trend Strength, Price Action, Candle Patterns, Market Volume and Technical Analysis. These are many different trading approaches and methodologies, and it’s unclear how all of them come together to define the expert advisor trading strategy.

It is a better explanation than most, albeit short, as you can see in our recent reviews of PipBolt and Jet Trader Pro.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €350
  • Strategy: Multiple
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

For traders interested in the XFX Hunter EA, the software is currently going for €350. This is quite the expensive proposition.

The software comes with a PDF manual, different set files and software updates.


The software also comes with a set of requirements that must be followed in order to be successful. Traders must have a VPS, the MT4 platform, and start with a deposit of at least $1000-$2000 to use the software on a standard account.

Client Feedback

As this is a very new system, there is little to no client feedback available at this time. We expect this to change as they start to reach more traders in the Forex community.

Trading Results

While the XFX Hunter EA team does not provide a Myfxbook account on their sales page, we did find one in our additional research.

Their live Myfxbook account with the FBS brokerage is showing a gain of 159%, with a drawdown of 45%. The account is just over 12 months old, and has taken over 10,000 trades with an average trade length of 22 hours, and 28 minutes. It trades with a risk reward ratio of 3.2 to 1, with the average win coming in at 10 pips, and average loss at -32.15 pips.

In looking at the account, it appears to have gained steadily since launching, with months landing anywhere from 1.67% to 16.01%. Though, despite the impressive gain numbers, it’s strange to see that the account is down -15804 pips. We would really like to see why this is, by analyzing their trading history, but this portion of the Myfxbook account is hidden. It’s also worth noting that a 45% drawdown is on the large side, and while we do trade larger drawdowns at times, we hope to keep this number below 30% for long-term growth.


There are aspects of the XFX Hunter EA that are impressive, but the Project XFX team does need to make quite a few adjustments to meet our expectations. We would like more information about who they are, the specifics of their trading strategy, and access to the trading history tab in their Myfxbook accounts.

If you have anything you want to comment, you can do so now.

XFX Hunter EA €350
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XFX Hunter EA is a Forex robot that includes free set files and multiple trading approaches.

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Different set files
Multiple strategies
Free updates


High price
No information about devs
Results showing -15000 in lost pips

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