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Trade with Pat VIP Signal: End of Week Report #2

Hey guys! It’s time for the weekly trading report. The second week of July comes to an end and continuing the hot streak we crushed it in VIP. Trading strategy has been fire and chart has been just working perfectly for me.

For this week I had a bearish bias for the US Dollar and was bullish on the Canadian dollar, I capitalized on it with three huge wins shorting USD pairs and two great trades in CAD pairs. 

Tuesday was an incredible day and I made +4.00% in NZD/USD and USD/CAD using a simple supply/demand strategy I have been teaching on my YouTube watch how I called these traded here:

This NZD/USD trade is a classic example of supply/demand trading with support/resistance. I was looking at 4Hr. chart and the price clearly showed me a bullish bias now it was time for me to identify ideal zones for long trades. The 0.6159 level looked pretty strong and price had pushed pretty hard from that zone so I waited for the price to enter that zone in a structure and that is when I went long and get you the Forex Signal. It works out perfectly for a quick 38 pips.

This USD/CAD trade banked me a +2R result on the same day betting on the bearish bias of the US dollar. Again I was looking at the overall trend of this pair and 1.32850 was a really strong level. Price took out that level to grab liquidity before smashing to the downside. Now I’m waiting for my ideal entry at the supply zone of 1.32800 the price tests the zone and it just crashes from there. I targeted a recent swing low of a +2R but it went all the way to a major level of 1.32040

Had another huge trade in EUR/CAD on Thursday banking me over $3500 and 42.8 pips for the VIP members within a few hours. Again just repeating the same simple strategy of looking at the trend and trading off key levels. The 1.46480 level was really strong and after it was broken I quickly went long at the liquidity grab.

Closed the week on a positive note with this beauty trade in GBP/USD banking me a quick 1:1 win of 15 pips. Maintaining the bearish bias on the US dollar i decided to trade off key level. Targeted the recent swing high for a quick and easy win. 


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As usual, its just simple strategies that I’ve been teaching you that’s giving me these wins. Keeping the momentum of last week going we made +6.00% for the week securing over 100 pips and we are up +12.57% for the month. we have a win rate of 72% for this month and I’m back to giving you the flexibility of 2 take profits. Join now to win with me. 

Also, watch this awesome ICT Unicorn strategy that i traded last week which made me more than $13,000 with 80% win in one week. I make it simply simple so it works for everyone whether scalpers or long-term traders.

Going ahead on the upcoming week I do not see any major trend change, US Dollar is still bearish and EURO is still bullish. My levels are set, zones are identified I have plotted the trades already. Have a lovely weekend and join us as we keep crushing it in VIP.

Much Love!

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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