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Rocket 21 Challenge Review ($300,000 Prop Firm Funding)

Hey, you! Yes, you, are you here to get an HONEST Rocket 21 Challenge REVIEW?

There is BUZZ in the air, and it is all because of the Rocket 21 challenge. It is a special evaluation system that consists of two stages, that when you pass can get you up to $300,000 of trading capital.

Now you will be like, what does this evaluation system actually do, and do they actually pay out? Well, it’s not rocket science! Pass the challenge, and get access to a fully funded account, with an 80/20% profit split in your favor.

I’ll uncover all the details so you know if this is a a good challenge, a scam, or something in between.

Having a $300,000 funded account is a DREAM, but you should know that passing a funding challenge isn’t always as easy as it seems. You have to know how to trade, or at the very least have a rule-based strategy that you can stick to. Here’s a strategy that I’ve used in the past to pass funding challenges, and the review continues below, enjoy.

Get ready for the trading adventure of a lifetime because Forex Robot Nation is about to drop a truth bomb REVIEW that’s as exciting as finding a unicorn in your backyard! 


Evaluation Procedure of the Rocket 21 Challenge REVIEW

Challenge R2

Oh, FEARLESS investors! This challenge refers to the first step of the evaluation, which means you need to make 8% returns of the total balance, and for doing this, you get a month. Tick-tock goes the clock, and I can feel the excitement building.

It is the perfect opportunity to take control of your finances and make a real difference. With the stage set and the challenge on, are you ready to seize the day and skyrocket your earnings by a massive 8%? 

I know it won’t be easy. The journey begins now, and I’m determined to reach the destination of pure financial victory. Let’s break down exactly how this works:


In this stage, your goal is to make 5% returns of the total balance in two months. (Yes, A THRILLING ROLLER COASTER RIDE)

R21 Trader

CONGRATULATIONS! You have conquered the first two stages. Now, it’s EASY and POSSIBLE to join the official trading team of the Rocket 21 challenge.


If your account has $2000,000, then it is important to scale the amount. Also, if you want to earn the title of Rocket 21 trading merchant, then violate no rules!

ROCKET 21 Review: Pricing

You can get your hands on this cheapest offer for just $79. Now, you will be thinking, what does it include? 

Hold on to your Hats! 

You will get an account size of $5000 which supports MT5. Afterward, you can easily join the challenge to become a pro trader in no time!

  • $10K costs $139
  • $25K costs $249
  • $50K costs $349
  • $100K costs $549
  • $200K costs $939
  • $300K costs $1399

ROCKET 21 Review: Benefits

Below you will be able to get the following benefits from the Rocket 21 challenge! Let’s take a look at them!

  • Customer Support: The best part about this challenge is customer support which means whenever you get stuck with anything, you can seek help from the customer support team to solve your problems in time. 
  • Risk: You get complete risk insurance after joining the challenge, which means you don’t have to pay for any hidden charges and debts. 
  • Instruments: You get a wide range of instruments under this challenge, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and much more!
  • Payment methods: There are no restrictions on payment methods. Use your crypto, visa, and Mastercard as you like!
  • Good for swing traders: Traders can easily trade during the week and even on weekends.
  • Scale your account: After three months of your joining, you will have to scale your account, which means you have another step toward amazing trading opportunities!

Understanding the Challenge 

Rocket21 Challenge is remarkable because of its features which mean a safe and transparent trading environment. Also, everyone gets expert opinions and learns from the experiences of other traders. Such a challenge puts the trading skills of the people to the test. There are also different amenities for traders, like 24/7 customer support, risk insurance, and much more. 

Rules and Requirements

It will be better to complete all the requirements of trading to join the challenge. It is important because, in this way, only eligible traders will be able to join the challenge, which reduces the chances of complications. Requirements of this challenge can be trade volume targets, timeframes, and minimum account balances. 

Payout Reliability

You can easily rely on this challenge for the payouts. There have been many positive remarks from former traders in this regard. The success rate of payouts of the Rocket 21 challenge goes up to 70% as well. Also, the company is devising ways to reduce the challenges of trading that people often struggle with after joining it. 

Features of the Rocket21 Challenge

Unique Learning Opportunities

  • Intriguing challenges to polish trading skills.
  • One-on-one consultation with trading experts to maximize the returns.
  • Chances to collaborate with other traders to better learn from their experience.

Real-World Experience

  • Hands-on projects that train for coping with trading challenges.
  • Sessions for trading demonstration and training.
  • Opportunity to learn about different career paths in trading.

Skill Development

  • A better way to infuse soft skills in critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Traders get a chance to trade with confidence.
  • Maximizes the trading knowledge and keeps them updated with the latest trends.

Networking and Connections

  • Easy access to trading experts and decision-makers.
  • Traders get a chance to strengthen their trading networks through professional connections development.
  • Interacting with traders for successful future trading collaborations.

Recognition and Rewards

  • A better way to use trading skills and showcasing to help others.
  • Easy recognition in the trading world through former certificates and awards.
  • This a great opportunity for tapping into a trading career in the future.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

  • More familiarity with personal growth and interests.
  • Identifying the hidden talents within through trading. 
  • A good way to overcome trading complications with skills and confidence.

Addressing Concerns of Scams or Non-Payment

There also have been different concerns regarding the ambiguous nature of the Rocket 21 company. Due to this reason, if you are willing to join the challenge, it will be better to completely look for the reviews and discuss them with the former traders as well. In this way, you will be able to clear your doubts before making any kind of investment in this challenge. 


  1. Exceptional Prop Trading Firm: Despite Mistakes in Funded Account, I’m Eager for Another Shot at Funding. While the journey may have had its challenges, I see each misstep as an opportunity to learn and grow as a trader.

2. Great Customer Support: Top-Notch Support: Shoutout to Eduardo and Patricio for Exceptional Assistance! Their support was not only quick and efficient but also incredibly comprehensive, addressing all my inquiries and concerns with utmost professionalism.


  1. Problem with Pay Orders: You may face problems with pay orders for a long time. These challenges have been frustrating and concerning, impacting my ability to conduct smooth and timely financial transactions.

2. Delayed Delivery Woes: Lengthy Wait for Paid Challenges: You may encounter extended delays in receiving challenges once payment is made. These extended delays left me both frustrated & disappointed, especially considering my initial excitement and anticipation.

Rocket 21 Challenge
  • Passability
  • Profit Split
  • Trading Capital
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Rocket 21 Challenge is a prop firm that offers up to $300,000 in funding.



80/20% profit split

Up to $300,000 in funding

Rules are easy to follow


Challenges aren’t sent immediately after paying

Some accounts terminated due to KYC issues

Some support complaints


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