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LamboRaul: Miami’s Audacious Wonder, a Millionaire Trader Shaking the Ground!

You’ve seen him online – flashy whips, designer threads, and a gorgeous family. LamboRaul stormed the Forex trading scene with his impressive skillset and dynamic charisma. However, behind the enviable glamor is an intriguing, self-driven youth, not everyone knows much about.

LamboRaul is a professional day trader that monitors several markets, including Forex, commodities, and indices. Breaking into the limelight in 2020, the auto buff has experienced remarkable growth, showing no signs of slowing down. He now boasts nearly a million followers across social media.

Continue reading this article to learn more about one of the biggest names in this industry, including LamboRaul net worth, courses, and student reviews. It’ll also discuss his winning strategies and novel prop firm.

LamboRaul sitting on a Ferrari SF90 Stradale in the outdoors.
LamboRaul preparing for 2023 FX Summit || Source: Instagram


Biography of LamboRaul

Raúl A. Gonzalez III, AKA LamboRaul, was born on 9 August 1998 in Miami, Florida, where he grew up. He is the oldest of three children of Dr. Raúl Gonzalez II (Dr. Smile), a celebrity dentist, and his estranged wife, Karol Gonzalez, a blogger and fashion icon.

16-year-old LamboRaul sitting on his first car, a Ford Mustang, in public.
Young LamboRaul with his first car – a Ford Mustang GT

From his paternal family tree, LamboRaul is of a proud Colombian heritage, despite avoiding speaking Spanish in public.😂

His father moved with his Christian family from Barranquilla at a young age to pursue his studies in New Jersey. Feeling homesick, he moved to Miami (due to its subtle likenesses with his native town) to start his dental clinic, DrGsmile, which would blossom exceedingly.

LamboRaul shares his parent’s boundless love with a brother, Cristhian (Kiki), and a sister, Sophie. The former is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, while the latter is a day trader (like Raúl) and social media influencer.

LamboRaul with his siblings and parents in a pink & white-themed background.
From left-right: Cristhian, Karol, Raúl III, Raúl II, and Sophie at Mia’s baby shower

Raul’s love life has also sparked the prying interests of followers for as long as it’s been in the spotlight.

The Latino trader dated Andrea Garibaldi, a content creator, until late 2021. It wasn’t until 9 August 2022 fans could confirm his new relationship with Nicole Garcia, a Venezuelan social media celeb.

LamboRaul and Nicole Garcia kissing in the scenic outdoors.
Nicole Garcia confirmed her relationship with LamboRaul on an IG birthday post.

Regardless, LamboRaul and Andrea welcomed baby Gianna on 2 September 2022 despite moving on romantically.

On 28 December 2022, Raúl and Nicole finally tied the knot and welcomed baby Mia in April of the following year.

With affectionate parents, a loving wife, awesome siblings, and two beautiful girls, material allures may be the least of LamboRaul’s blessings.

LamboRaul Net Worth and Assets

LamboRaul’s showy lifestyle is one of the main reasons for the attention he commands. He hardly holds back from sharing his acquisitions on social media, leading to speculations over his worth.

Unfortunately, we can’t know the absolute value without number-crunching assistance from top finance firms.

These are our estimations:

  • VIP Room: Approximately $100,000 per month
  • Prop firm: Approximately $80,000 per month
  • Trading: Not as clear..

Raúl’s trading journey began in 2017, having initial struggles like this generation’s finest traders. However, there’s no doubt he’s now a young millionaire, considering only three of his major assets in the breakdown below:

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Known for his obsession with autos, it’s not so far-fetched to presume they take a significant portion of LamboRaul’s net worth.

Many have spotted him with Ferraris, McLarens, and Rolls Royce. However, Lamborghini’s are hands-down his favorite (from his nickname & various admissions), culminating in a healthy relationship with the brand.

As of 12 February 2023, LamboRaul owned at least three vehicles:

  • A customized 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  • Ferrari SF90 Stradale
  • Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan
LamboRaul sitting on his Aventador with his Ferrari SF90 and Rolls Royce Cullinan in sight front of his Miami home.
LamboRaul & his autos on his front lawn

They are worth at least $1.5 million combined, and Raúl views them (like all his vehicles) as investments that can return their value plus profit over time.

So far, LamboRaul once acquired the following:

  • Lamborghini Revuelto
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  • Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
  • Nissan GT-R
  • McLaren 600LT
  • McLaren 720S
  • BMW M3 CS
  • Porche Gt3
  • Porsche Gt3 RS
  • Range Rover SvR
  • Urus Black on Black/Red


On 20 October 2020, Raúl finally moved into his first home in an upscale neighborhood in Miami. Sometime later, he moved into an even bigger home in the city’s North-western surburbs.

He committed $1.4 million to the acquisition, which is unsurprising for his status and the city’s high average housing cost.

The high-end amenities stashed in the intimidating duplex are worth noting. Any newbie trader would be super psyched about his trading station.

Facade of LamboRaul's Miami home with his vehicles parked on the drive way.
LamboRaul’s Home In Miami Home

Also, LamboRaul hosts LeveledUp Society meetings at a nearby warehouse. It holds several valuables, including the annual giveaway car worth thousands of dollars.

Inferably, Raúl invests no less than $2 million in housing and related facilities.

Trading Accounts

Eye-popping screenshots of Raul’s trading accounts on MT4 usually reveal their sizes in 6 and 7 digits. His winning days generate 5- to 6-digit profits, with payouts in that range.

Thus, fans deduce a sizeable amount of his worth is safe with his brokers to amplify them on trading days. From shared images, his equity varies from $410k to $1.4 million, usually in profit.

Those in his loop (Telegram groups & Day Trading Institution) can dish out more info about this in the exciting convo below this article (comment section).

Regardless, his trading account alone screams that he’s likely in the exclusive 1% club.

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LamboRaul Trading Strategy: Why Do the Markets Bend to His Will?

Despite his birth into affluence, the third generation Raúl Gonzalez has pushed himself beyond limits in his trading career. Novices are always mind-blown by the insane profits he nails with every trade. But how does he work the magic in the charts?

LamboRaul is & has always promoted himself as a day trader. Hence, conceptually, he ensures all his positions are open and closed within a trading day. With a solid pre-market analysis before the sessions, he highlights key levels, expecting the price’s reaction to them for a trading opportunity.

Like most top-notch traders, Raúl has a whole bag of tricks in his toolkit, and the prevailing market conditions influence how he attacks it.

Therefore, there is no all-in-all technique from the genius.

LamboRaul in his trading station with a wide-screen monitor revealing market charts.
LamboRaul killing it in his trading station

We only catch glimpses of LamboRaul trading strategy from his Youtube videos. Here are some of their most salient characteristics discovered after serious digging:

They Work in Several Instruments

Impressively, LamboRaul trades across several markets and asset classes based on the most promising opportunities.

The prices always respect key levels highlighted in a pre-market analysis. Hence, the concepts learned in any of his videos are likely applicable in all the major markets.

There Are Confluences To Anticipate

In Raúl’s lessons, the most profitable trades agree to all his laid-down confluences (over 5). Again, they mainly depend on the key levels drawn out early enough.

For example, breaking a significant swing high or low in higher timeframes is a confluence that potentially signals a short- or long-term reversal.

The Charts Are Usually Clean

The LamboRaul strategy hardly depends on technical indicators and patterns. It’s all about how the price perceives and responds to sensitive areas in the charts.

In rare cases, he has used the RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. Nothing too complicated.

Top-Down Analysis is Vital

Raúl never forgets his top-down analysis before taking trades, even if he sometimes forgets to mention it in videos. It’s a logical approach common among top traders because shorter timeframes fail to give the bigger picture.

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LamboRaul Social Media: From Modest Origins to Global Stardom

Social media has played a massive role in LamboRaul’s fame. Otherwise, he’d be kicking back and enjoying his millions quietly.

He first burst into the online scene with Instagram, but his activity on other platforms has built his total following to nearly a million.

Let’s dive deeper into his major social media profiles:

LamboRaul Instagram

LamboRaul’s Instagram profile is the most active of the lot, with the first post created on 12 February 2017.

Screenshot of Lamboraul Instagram page.
Lamboraul Instagram

Starting by sharing motivational updates and trading tips, he’s now proudly flaunting his family in posts and stories. Luxury cars have, are, & will always find their way to his page too.

According to InsTrack, the account with at least 500k followers has a follower growth rate of 18.57% as of 29 June 2023. Each post has an average like of 166,306 and 429 comments.

An engaging one-million following is on the cards at this rate.

LamboRaul Youtube

Almost three years later, Raúl created his Youtube channel – LamboRaul, already boasting 100k+ subscribers.

Most uploads are for developing traders aiming to sharpen their trading skills with post-trade analyses and chart commentaries. However, they still enjoy his occasional show-offs.

Most of his metrics, from subscriber growth to video views, seem to be blossoming despite the relatively low attention he gives the channel.

We believe he earns around $3,000-$5,000 per month from YouTube ads.

LamboRaul Telegram

Like other trading pros, LamboRaul has an inner circle on Telegram enjoying his trade signals. The popular channel is free and easy to join, with thousands of followers already, but there’s likely another enclosed one for VIPs.

Being a decentralized messaging platform, one must have a Telegram account to know what happens there. If you’re in, visit the comment section below this article for an engaging discussion.

The link to the group is available on his Youtube channel and Linktree page.

LamboRaul Tiktok

LamboRaul’s Tiktok page is the most inactive, despite gaining 90k+ followers. There are only three massively-viewed posts flexing some of his famous rides.

LamboRaul Social Media Screenshot.
LamboRaul Tiktok

Notably, his two past relationships have been from the platform’s leading accounts. Hence, he may have still been active enough for personal reasons.

The account’s bio is all about the Instagram page he holds near and dear.

Lamboraul’s Discord community is another honorable mention among his socials.

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LamboRaul Course: Breeding Ground for the Next Generation

Over time, various successful traders have devised educational resources to bring newbies up to speed. LamboRaul isn’t left out, with his programs having earned massive props.

LamboRaul markets a trading course under his company’s name – Day Trading Institution. It is exclusive to DTI Course Members, which is only sometimes open for enrollment. Hence, interested folks can visit the official website or follow DTI’s socials to receive updates during such periods.

The tatted maestro also provides a live trading & coaching mentorship with limited admissions.

LamboRaul’s DTI Course

Admittedly, there isn’t much public info about Raúl’s DTI course because the tight, enclosed circle keeps “unserious” folks out. However, testimonials, interviews, and social media posts paint a blurry picture for outsiders.

Logo of LamboRaul's Day Trading Insitution
LamboRaul’s Day Trading Institution

The course contains exhaustive lessons on trading basics, technical analysis, ideal psychology, money management, etc. Each video is 20-30 minutes long, with Lamboraul speaking in most presentations.

Moreover, Raúl regularly hosts live sessions/webinars where students can watch him apply the concepts discussed in the lectures.

Previous students also couldn’t stop raving about the private Discord community, where they share ideas to improve their trading skills. Apparently, their tutor also makes time for any discussion under the moon, which they appreciate dearly.

LamboRaul’s War Room

As discussed, LamboRaul hosts a different mentorship program in “The War Room.”

Unlike the DTI course, the Room (on Discord) is more practical with live trading and coaching classes. Also, it is not a “signals room” like Raúl’s Telegram channel.

Screenshot of LamboRaul's Discord community known as The War Room.
The War Room with LamboRaul

It first aims to empower students with enough background knowledge of trading, accompanied by all the necessary educational resources. Then, they will receive a “Risk Management Blueprint” before learning about trading psychology.

The first registration costs $597 to access the trading room for three months, but interested folks can continuously renew the plan at $199/month. Subscribers who feel let down within the first five days can demand a full refund.

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LamboRaul Reviews: The Good, Bad, & The Mediocre

Credit to Raúl’s entrepreneurship drive and solid support system, he’s successfully founded several trading-related startups in the last few years. Lamboraul Trade Services and Day Trading Institution are two examples that gained a sizeable following.

However, the Gonzalez’s seem to channel their PR campaigns to his new prop firm – Leveled Up Society.

Leveled Up rocked the scene on 27 May 2022, but its astonishing growth might make you think it’s been around for ages.

LamboRaul and his family promoting Leveled Up Society.
Leveled Up Society

It’s become the go-to topic whenever you research or discuss LamboRaul, the founder. Hence, examining the company’s reviews can share valuable insights.

Leveled Up Society Positive Review

On 22 June 2023, one Lunga Sithole from South Africa had nothing but praises and thanksgivings for the firm.

One of his main points was on spreads, which are “very low,” allowing traders to secure most of their profits.

It is lowkey mind-blowing because the firm doesn’t boast about this enough. In their promises, traders are in for simple challenges and no time limits, but they wouldn’t expect tight spreads.

The execution speeds are reportedly “rapid,” ensuring no one misses profitable opportunities or records massive drawdowns.

Moreover, Lunga appreciated the higher profit splits, which are more than most established prop firms. They range from 80-85 percent.

Overall, he says it is a “worthy prop firm that needs the respect and trust of any individual who wants an opportunity to make capital!”

Leveled Up Society Average Review

Wisdom1987 from Ghana seemed discontent with the company, despite giving it three stars on Trustpilot.

Lamboraul review screenshot on
Leveled Up Society Review on Trustpilot

He admitted the platform is “okay” but asserted there should be more leniency for those who passed phase 1 and failed the second.

In addition, Wisdom believes the 5 percent commission per lot size is “too much.”

LamboRaul’s staff replied, sharing the range of challenge options available and admitting the commission is beyond the firm’s control.

Leveled Up Society Negative Review

Resentful Jiscard Pierre Louis from the US was most upset with Leveled Up’s payout processing, claiming he had a “horrible” experience. He said he passed the challenges successfully but didn’t receive his $500 profit.

Moreover, he also swore the company’s customer service is substandard, contradicting other positive reviewers.

Jiscard will never “take any other prop firm challenge again” to avoid such a heartbreaking experience.

Final Thoughts

As far as most wannabe traders are concerned, LamboRaul is living the dream. His fashionista vibes, captivating personality, and passion for automobiles are a few of the many factors that draw the most attention.

However, family has always been his most cherished aspect of life. They’ve been there, driving him to the potential he arguably enjoys today, but we can’t help but think there’s more to come.

Photo of LamboRaul with his Ferrari.

To most, Raúl is like the living, breathing reason for never giving up on that trading goal.

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  1. Are you aware that he also advertises an investment plan through his Telegram but it seems like a total scam.

    • I’m sure that he does not. There are tons of fake investment plans on telegram, owned by people who pretend to be LamboRaul. There are many fake telegram channels that pretend to be me, and do the same thing. Don’t go searching on telegram yourself. Only go to links directly from the trader website or social.

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