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Multi Strategist EA Review (Julian Jäger)

Multi Strategist EA is the first automated expert advisor developed by Julian Jäger. This robot is a multi-currency trading system that aims to “achieve profits by trading with low DD and high win rates.” It first launched on September 14th, 2019, and is now on version 4.301 with the most recent update coming at the beginning of July. This shows …

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FX Blaster Pro Review (Automated Trading)

FX Blaster Pro is a new Forex robot that aims to be “consistent and profitable” in all market conditions. They provide a couple Myfxbook accounts that started in late March, which is a good first step. Today we will be analyzing these accounts, and providing a complete review to let the community know if this is a viable system or …

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EA Tech Review ( Robot)

EA Tech is a new Forex robot developer claiming to provide the most powerful systems in 2020. The robots come with built in money management and advanced trading strategies to make for a very low drawdown potential. Today we will be providing a review and letting the community know if we feel this is a viable service or not. The …

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Service Review: FX Blue

Today I’m looking at a popular Forex statement sharing service built to help their clients analyze trades from multiple platforms, FX Blue. There are quite a few statement sharing services in the Forex marketplace, and today I’ll be reviewing what this service has to offer, and where they stack up against their competitors. This isn’t my favorite service, but I’ll …

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DepyFX Review (Daily Trading Signals)

DepyFX is a new Forex signal service offering 10-15 alerts on a daily basis. The vendors claims that with them traders “can reach high levels of amounts!” We aren’t exactly sure what this means, but we have to assume it is in reference to the potential profits. Today we will be providing a complete review and giving the community a …

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FX Classic Trader Review (Trading Bot)

FX Classic Trader is a new creative Forex expert advisor that wants to provide the best business solutions. The system is built with the intention of being both quick and powerful. It works exclusively with MT4 compatible brokers, and will trade 100% on autopilot. Today we will be providing a review, and letting you know if it’s a tool worth …

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K2 Trades Review (Signals, Indicators & More)

K2 Trades is the creator of a new proprietary trading system, built to allow “anyone from any background to learn how to trade profitably and consistently grow their account.” Their system consists of video courses, indicators, signals, webinars and a telegram community. Access to all of these services is currently going for $150 per month, which is one of the …

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Alpha Pips Review (

Alpha Pips ( is a new Forex signals service that wants their clients to think smarter, and trade smarter in order to have more success. They provide traders with 6-10 signals per day, and have multiple subscription options. Today we will be providing a complete review and letting the community understand if this is a viable trading opportunity. The vendor …

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Forex Lush Review (Expert Advisors)

Forex Lush is a Forex developer that claims “building Forex EA’s” is their passion. They are currently selling the Aurora Expert Advisor, and including the Tsunami Expert Advisor as a free bonus. Today we will be looking at both of these robots, and letting you know if this vendor is ready to compete in this market. The service is owned …

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Fly Higher Nova Review (Trading Bot)

Fly Higher Nova is a new Forex robot built to help traders increase their “wealth in such a short period of time.” The developers claim that their robot is currently being used by over 5000 traders to grow their trading accounts. Today we will be providing a review, analyzing all of the vendor’s claims and letting the community know if …

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